True New Zealand Ghost Stories

Noises in the House

Fantastic stories of the paranormal from around New Zealand, contributed by our friends, family and members of the public. If you have your own real-life New Zealand ghost stories you want to share, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Omakau's Mysterious Newly-wed Corpse
The Man at the End of the Hallway
Mysterious Occurrences in Butchers Gully
The Cryptid in the Sky
Happy Birthday – Love, Grandma.
The ghost with no name
The Huntly Ghost Bride
My first Experience - by Mark Wallbank
Haunted by Shadows
Ghosts at Hotel Shangri La, Fiji
At Night at the Vulcan Hotel
The House from Hell
Sophie & the Boy without a face - A True Story by Sophie Collier, Age 8.
Otira Tunnel Ghost
The Man With No Eyes
Stanmore Bay Spirits
Willard Street Will-o'-the-wisp
The love of Tabby
Noises in the house
The Soldiers of Selwyn Street
The Disappearing Keys
The Crying Child
Russell Police House Haunting
The Intruder
A father's visit
Voices in the walls
The Visitor
Scratch Scratch...
There's something in the house...
The Footsteps
His Favourite Movies
Disturbances at a Waikato Farmhouse
The Echoes of Carlile House
A mother's message
Renovations stir activity in Mangere
The Moving Bed
A Haunting at Gwendoline Street
The Siren of the Cardrona Hotel
A Visit from a Friend
A Watchful Presence
Do you want to meet my Mum?