YMCA Hostel – Pitt St, Auckland City

The YMCA Backpackers Hostel in Pitt St, in the bustling Auckland CBD has had its share of spooky occurrences through the years. Whether the stories are fact based or just urban myth, only those that have had experiences really know. I remember as a teen, hearing stories of a couple of alleged suicides in the rooms. This was before it was upgraded and went under some much-needed renovations. I was also told of a person tragically falling to their death from a high-level balcony one night. Landing on the footpath below.

There are stories of voices heard coming from rooms where no one is staying. The sound of someone running down corridors in the early hours. The sound of loud and purposeful hard shoed heel-toe walking on hard floors, when the hallways are fully carpeted.

Mysterious disappearing shadow-like ‘’people’’ seen on stairwells and walking along corridors.

I heard of one person entering their room to see a person standing at the window looking out. At an eye blink the ‘’person’’ vanished. The stories seem to come from the bottom few floors. I as yet haven’t heard of anything being experienced in the top levels.

Have any of our readers had any experiences whilst staying at the Pitt St YMCA, or know of anyone that has? Keen to hear your views.


  1. Indiah-rei watene

    Hi please help me my brother died at the auckland ymca hostel and wasnt found for 4 days,his cause of death was un identified.i have infomation and stored data that i please need your help to get this out there.please help me

  2. Alex

    Currently staying here. Last night at around 1.30am, I was about to fall asleep when the door knob started rattling as if someone was trying to get in. I lept from my bed and rushed the door to see through the peep hole. Nothing in sight. I assumed, as my friend did in the bed adjacent to mine, it was a confused drunk or something. A few hours passed, and I was in a deep sleep, but my friend was awoken by further attempts to open our door.
    Very creepy.

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