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Hear what our past and present clients, fellow researchers and various organisations have to say about Haunted Auckland & Paranormal NZ in these client testimonials.


Pioneers in the field…. Leading the way with Paranormal Research in New Zealand

Connor Biddle, Paranormal Encounters.

Investigation Locations


“Eerie tours hosted the crew from Paranormal New Zealand for a seven-hour session recently at Aradale lunatic asylum. A wonderful crew who came in with a quiet and calm manner which is perfect in a place that has seen some of the worse horrors in psychiatric treatment from the 1800’s. Able to work their way though the large complex with minimal supervision this team was professional. A breath of fresh air when we have investigators come though that don’t spend all night screaming and running around, but rather taking in the vibe looking to find evidence. We would have these guys back again any time, not a spirit was hurt with their presence, not a cobweb out of place. Thanks you guys/ladies.”Di Delong. Aradale Lunatic Asylum, Melbourne. Australia

Mark Wallbank and Bruce Mahalski spent a night investigating our hotel (Dunback Inn). Bruce has stayed before, so was aware of our wishes regarding the history of our site. Bruce & Mark were totally professional in their approach to what they wanted. They kept us informed of any tests they wanted to perform, were totally respectful of what we had asked, and most of all are welcome back any time they want. Our property was left in a calm and happy state, which is the only thing we asked of them. Thank you Haunted Auckland. – Liz Moir, The Dunback Inn.

I don’t even know where to begin describing the amazing team at Paranormal NZ/Haunted Auckland! As the curator of the Waiuku Museum, we at first hesitantly welcomed the team in and they were so respectful and professional in a place filled with precious treasure and Taonga. They also helped the museum by bringing in new curious visitors. Since the initial visit we have happily had the team back for research events both big and small and look forward to more in the future!  Jane Thorne – Curator.  Waiuku Museum

Lake House Arts wish to recommend the Haunted Auckland team to anyone wanting to explore the paranormal arts and sciences. Mark and his team are careful, considerate, fun and engaging and really try to do the most thorough investigations and engagements they can. We are so happy with the relationship we have built up over the last two years. Haunted Auckland have an open invitation to come and explore Lake House Arts any time. They also added tremendous value to our Halloween events, through their animatronic prop ghosts and ghouls, coordinating our special guests like Kitt from KnightRider and being available onsite during the event to provide talks and demonstrate their investigation techniques and equipment. If you have the chance to experience Haunted Auckland and Paranormal NZ, go for it!  Grae Burton.  Kaiwhakahaere – Lake House Arts

The PumpHouse Theatre has been delighted to host the team from Haunted Auckland on a number of occasions over the last few years. In addition to their own investigations, the team as hosted members of the public for escorted ‘ghost hunts’ and educational workshops. On each visit the Haunted Auckland team have been professional and shown respect for the building and our community. They have undertaken a large amount of research into the history of The PumpHouse building and the surrounding area which has enhanced our own records considerably. We would have no hesitation in recommending the team from Haunted Auckland.     James Bell – The PumpHouse Theatre

”To whom it may concern, We would like to thank Mark for making time to visit our workshop to try and answer a few of our concerns over possible paranormal activity that has been happening here recently. Some of the staff had been a bit too scared to work the late shifts as they felt things were happening. Mark found a few reasons to why things were moving and the sounds that have been heard. I was very impressed at his knowledge and ability to track down the causes and show us how they were made. He told us that not every noise or movement is paranormal and that logical answers are often found. In our case he was spot on. Thank you for putting our minds at ease. Kindest regards” – Mike Sotherby
”The Haunted Auckland team have spent quite a bit of time at the village doing their research and have proven themselves to be very professional, trustworthy, responsible and friendly. They have conducted some very thorough investigation sessions during the past few years; with some very interesting results. They have held presentation evenings, public investigations, are a big help with our Halloween events and have been wonderful in helping us raise the village profile. Village attendance has certainly been elevated since this team took an interest, something we are more than grateful for. We are also more than happy to work with them further and would have no hesitation in recommending the Haunted Auckland team to anyone that is experiencing strange occurrences in their home, or feel they might have a haunting.”

Charmaine Chapman – Events and Marketing Team Leader – Howick Historical Village

“The team came to our house in Whangarei… they were very professional, and very helpful, friendly and willing to answer any questions I had, at first it was only myself with the team, later my daughter joined us and that was good to see as she had been really scared with all the things going on in our house, but with the team she was relaxed and found the whole experience great as did I. Before the team turned up our house was not very nice, and we had experienced many different things. The team had helped us to understand a lot more about the paranormal side of things and now we are no longer afraid. The team was very professional, we enjoyed their company very much and even one of our cats was very happy as well! Thank you so much for everything you did, will definitely recommend to anyone who may need your help.” – Shiree, Whangarei

“I wish to submit some feedback on the recent investigation we had done of our historic and iconic building in the heart of Auckland City. Mark and his team were lovely to deal with the entire process, understandably it took a while to submit a report but it was very interesting when it did come through. We want to thank you for your professionalism and cooperation with access times into our venue and wish you all the best. Thanks” – Chelsea Kingsford, Functions Manager – The Bluestone Room.

“TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN : I confirm that Mark Wallbank and his Paranormal team have visited Massey Homestead numerous times, starting from the night of 11 April 2014. The team were onsite for a period of five or more hours each time. The team were careful to ensure that nothing was misplaced or mistreated during their time there and they arrived and left at times as agreed. I am happy to confirm that the group acted professionally and I would have no hesitation in allowing them access to other buildings in which they may be interested.” – Maureen Sheldon | Property Portfolio Co-ordinator South Property Operations

On July 26th 2014, the Haunted Auckland Team investigated the possibility of paranormal activity in our Centennial Hall in Puhoi.  We were excited to have them show an interest in our beautiful hall which holds a lot of local history and memories for our community. The team of five people arrived and spent quite a few hours on a Saturday night in the hall conducting their investigation.  They were all very friendly and we felt we were able to trust them to take care of our hall and leave it as they found it, which they did. About a month after their visit our committee received a long detailed report of their findings.  It was really interesting to read about how their investigations were conducted and we found it fantastic that the whole team had contributed their thoughts and feelings into the report.  We would have liked there to have been a presence found but although there was some strange unexplained incidents, nothing was conclusive at this stage. Thanks to Mark Wallbank and the Haunted Auckland Team for checking out our hall and treating it with the respect it deserves. Fran Endemann – Puhoi Centennial Hall Committee

“All I can say is, thank you to Haunted Auckland for all their help they have  given me over these last 7 months. I invited them into my home to investigate my ghostly goings on and to try and help me get rid of what has been annoying me. They didnt judge me, they took me at face value, where a lot of other people think I may have lost the plot. They didnt and they took my fears into great consideration. They were professional in every way possible. Mine is still an ongoing investigation and they are still willing to help me try and get through this experience.  Other people, like clairvoyants etc  have been and gone and haven’t been able to help me, but Haunted Auckland are still here with me and are prepared to go that extra mile.  Thank you so very much. I would highly recommend them.” – Sue, Devonport

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to the Haunted Auckland team for taking the time out of your busy lives to investigate our house. I’m sorry that you guys didnt get much activity, but least there were bits and pieces that Ants and I felt, saw and heard. We are extremely grateful and appreciate the hours you guys have put in going through everything!! I know what it’s like going through hours of footage with not much of anything going on. You guys are awesome! When you guys are up here next, give us a call and i’ll try and suss out some baking. This time i’ll try not to burn the top of the cake. hahahaha! Thank you guys so much!” – Sam and Ants – Whangarei

We had a few mediums and a ghost hunting team visit our home to look into the activity we have been experiencing here since we moved in. After they left I felt that things were getting worse.  Mark responded to my message on a Facebook group and it was lucky he lived close by.  He came around that evening and spent a few hours listening to me and offered some very helpful advice. I am happy to say we no longer have any problems in my house and the negative energy seems to have gone. I really appreciated Mark’s calm manner and logical approach. Thank you for your time and listening to me. It really helped! – Caroline C 

“We requested Haunted Auckland come to our place for a look into some activity we have been having. What really struck me was the openness in that our story was taken. You know when people listen with an open mind, even if some are sceptics? I found them all to be very genuine, open people and although our particular problem didn’t feel like making an appearance, I never felt that I’d wasted their time. They were very professional throughout the night. I’d be happy to recommend them for future investigations. Haunted Auckland was completely trustworthy and competent and thorough throughout the whole process and took us seriously. That to me meant a whole lot. Thank you Mark and Team for coming to our place, you’re welcome back at anytime.” — K & L – Henderson, Auckland

“I have received your reports of your investigation of “Laishley House” and the “Blockhouse” in Jellicoe Park, and after our members have read them they will be added to our archive information on the houses. I found your group polite, professional, respectful, friendly and interesting causing no troubles to our houses or organisation and have no problem recommending you to owners or custodians of other buildings that you would like to investigate.” — C.L. Skilton (Secretary – Onehunga, Fencible & Historical Society Inc.)

“Having had involvement in Playhouse Theatre for 28 years in a variety of roles, I have often heard rumours over the years regarding a ghost named Ernie.  I have been in the theatre at all hours and cannot say I have ever met or been aware of the phantom gentleman but when approached by Haunted Auckland, I  do admit to being curious as to how one goes about ‘ghost-busting’ and what sort of people are engaged in this sort of investigation.  Having a great passion for the theatre I was happy to show the Haunted Auckland group around Playhouse and relate some of the building’s colourful past history.  I am not sure what I expected ghost hunters to be like but found the group to be very friendly, sincere and open-minded to possibilities of paranormal activity while also trying to balance their thoughts with logical and more earthly reasons for their observations.  It was an interesting evening!” — Sheryl Watson (Manager – Playhouse Theatre, Glen Eden)

Haunted Auckland has visited Spookers Haunted Attractions on 4 occasions over the last 6 months. On each visit they have conducted their investigations in a professional and focused manner. The members of Haunted Auckland have been respectful of our business and property, and have been pleasant and interesting to have in the building and to work with. — Beth Watson (Director of Spookers Haunted Attractions)

“I want to thank the team from Haunted Auckland. I have been living in a new house for about 8 months now and have been having odd things happen around the house from lights and a bathroom fan ‘switching itself on’ to footsteps like children running and banging upstairs. I found Haunted Auckland online and asked them to come to my house. I felt so at ease when they arrived, they were very light-hearted and created a very calm and happy atmosphere. On arrival i showed them around and we talked about all of the things going on in the house and they set to work with the EMF meters, cameras and other equipment. We were talked through everything that was being done and we were able to ask any questions we had without feeling like we were crazy! At the end of the night a cleansing was done in the house and i can honestly say it worked. I haven’t heard one bump, footstep, or bang since and have slept soundly every single night without waking at all. I highly recommend Haunted Auckland to anyone that is experiencing unexplained activity in their home.” Aileen, Pukekohe

“Haunted Auckland approached us and requested to visit the Smith and Caughey building in the Auckland CBD, to investigate and determine whether there was any truth behind rumours of apparitions that have been seen within the building. The team was extremely passionate about their work, professional in their approach and thorough in their research process. After their analysis was done they provided an interesting and comprehensive report on their findings. They were friendly and respectful of their surroundings and I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.” Grant Marvin, Operations manager Smith and Caughey’s

“For years now we have had problems with our house. Noises in the night, dark shadows and other strange happenings that myself and my father have witnessed. We asked the Haunted Auckland team to help us out. Initially they came for a few hours listened carefully to everything my father and I had to say and were very respectful and polite. They then came a second time, to do an overnight investigation. We trusted them to stay in our home for the night to investigate. The reports we received were very thorough and the E.V.P findings were amazing. Great Job! You guys are more than welcome to come back again.” — Lynnice and Colin, New Lynn

“Recently we had a problem in my house, where my teenaged daughter felt uncomfortable in her room, had difficulty getting to sleep, suffered from nightmares and her room always felt colder than the rest of the house. I contacted Haunted Auckland to see if the problems that we were experiencing were of a paranormal nature or not. The investigation team offered me a possible non-paranormal suggestion, but I was also offered the option of a cleansing to remove any possible entities, which I agreed to. I would highly recommend Haunted Auckland to anyone in a similar situation – even if you are not sure if the problem is of a paranormal nature or not. Haunted Auckland provided me with support and guidance in dealing with the problems that we were experiencing in my home in a professional manner.” – Hayley, Titirangi

A huge thank you to Mark from Haunted Auckland for all his help and advice in the past. Mark has been very welcoming and sympathetic to our household problems and has been around twice now to talk and listen which really helped put us at ease. We really appreciate your understanding and knowledge in these matters. The boys now want to be ghost hunters when they get older! – Kathy & Colin – Mt Albert.

“For quite some time I had felt uncomfortable in our house. Strange noises and the feeling that someone was watching me as I was in bed. Also our animals would stare at different parts of our house as if they were watching and following something. I contacted Haunted Auckland. They did their investigation and followed with a cleansing. It has now been two weeks since the investigation and I definitely feel that our house is more settled and the feelings I had are now gone. Haunted Auckland were very friendly and professional. If anyone has been experiencing problems or feel uncomfortable in their home I would highly recommend you get in touch with them.” – Richard, Howick

“Thank you Haunted Auckland, it was a pleasure meeting you all. We were delighted to accommodate your team and I was impressed with how they just got on quietly and respectfully with the task. Thank you also for sending such a wonderful summary of your investigation. The report demonstrated an excellent, professional and balanced approach to your investigations; I liked the inclusion of the historic background on the hotel buildings and the site. We have had a number of enquiries recently for similar investigations after hearing of yours and so I feel encouraged by my experience with your team to allow access to others.” — Richard Howard, Manager, Waitomo Caves Hotel

“The Haunted Auckland team were considerate, co-operative and friendly. They worked around the opening hours of Queen’s Ferry Hotel and cleaned up after themselves. It was fascinating to have them investigate our building, as the many staff members and patrons that have had their own eerie experiences, believe that the place is haunted. Thank you also for the very comprehensive report.” — Rose Rees-Owen, Duty manager, Queens Ferry Hotel

“Not only do the team at Haunted Auckland put you at ease with their friendly and warm manner, they are also courteous and respectful. It was a pleasure and a joy to have them investigate the strange goings-on that have been reported for years in the shop. Their report was great to read – very informative. I would highly recommend Haunted Auckland if you are wanting a psychic disturbance investigated.” — Cat Veen, Hard to Find Bookshop, Auckland

“The crew of Haunted Auckland were absolutely outstanding in making me feel comfortable and understood with the happenings in my home. For a long time I’d felt I must have had a runaway imagination, and that the presence my children and I kept feeling was something due to here-say and actively trying to explain the unexplainable. Since we had moved in, there was a vibe of unrest about the house. One room was distinctly colder than the others, strange smells, and noises that were more than those of a typical “settling” during the night. We endured for nearly two years, then thought to contact Mark and his team. When they arrived, they were unobtrusive and welcoming. They were always professional and explained everything, every gadget they were using and what they hoped to accomplish for the investigation. I felt relieved that the crew heard what I was trying to say and did not discount anything, from the chills to the nightmares we had all experienced from living in the house. Haunted Auckland were very thorough. They went through each room, the ceiling crawl space, and took a trip under the house (which someone would quite honestly have to PAY me to do myself). They understood my concerns of not wanting to offend a wayward spirit and took that into consideration when offering to cleanse the house and help “it” move on. After cleansing – the energy in our place was noticeably lighter. When my children came back after the weekend – and settled in for the rest of the week, they were sleeping soundly without night terrors each night. I didn’t tell them Haunted Auckland had come, nor that there had been a cleansing. My young son is now quite capable of sleeping without his massive stuffed animal “guarding” his window and can go from the lounge to his room without requiring every light in the house to be on. The report I have received on the findings was very well put together and easy to follow. Highly recommended! Thank you very much to the entire team” — Mikayla, Titirangi, Auckland

“These guys did such an amazing job of checking out Mokena – it is the question on everybody’s lips; ‘Do you have a ghost?’, so its wonderful to be able to give an answer – verified by someone else. What a great team – easy to have around, non intrusive, organised. Easy to cater to, as well! Would love to have them back for some more paranormal investigation any time” — Diane, Manager at Mokena Boutique Hotel & Restaurant, Te Aroha

“On the 1st December 2012 there was a fire at the old Guy Homestead. The fire, which was apparently deliberately lit, caused extensive damage to the building, and its future is in doubt. As an investigator who attended the incident to work out the cause of fire, I used the Haunted Auckland website as part of my research. Then I relied heavily on the photos on this site to give me a clear idea of what the building looked like beforehand, and the brief history of the homestead has given me insight into the history of the property. Mark from Haunted Auckland was very helpful and informative and his assistance, together with his pictures, aided my investigation greatly. Thanks Mark and the team from Haunted Auckland.” — Phil, New Zealand Fire Service Investigator, Counties-Manukau Fire Area

“Mark had been to look at our house after we seemed to be having some unusual activity. My son was having horrible nightmares every night and claimed that people would come into his room and scare him. Mark told us about electrical fields and the effects they can have on people that are close to them. He suggested we should move the bed to the other side of the room as there were wires in the walls. We did this and it worked! Mark was very helpful in educating us as well as assuring my son that there was nothing to be afraid of. He has slept soundly ever since.  We were impressed by Mark’s knowledge and how quickly the problem was solved. Thank you.”  Kathryn – Beachhaven, Auckland

Various high praise from research affiliates 

I have much respect for the level of study Mark and his team have put into the paranormal phenomenon through the years. His work is interesting and very well researched. – Murray Bott, U.F.O Researcher & NZ MUFON representative.

Investigating alleged paranormal activity with a good dose of scepticism and critical thinking has made Haunted Auckland one of New Zealand’s (and the world’s) premier paranormal investigation teams. Haunted Auckland are more than just mere ‘ghost hunters’, they know their equipment and how and why it works, and they follow through with investigation reports. – Allen Tiller. Historian/Paranormal Researcher/Writer/Lecturer – Eidolon Paranormal, Australia.

Normally I find paranormal events frightening. A bit like watching a train crash, but I just can’t look away. I love following the posts on Paranormal New Zealand, because they demystify the investigation process. I freely admit I couldn’t do what that crew do. Brown stains would magically appear in my underwear! I’m so glad they are doing it because these things need to be researched; with an open, fearless & rational mind. It is the essence of science, to explore the unknown. – Yarree Denamundinna, Australia.

Haunted Auckland truly are the real deal with their research. I’ve met many investigators and teams from all over the world and have to say, after investigating with him while he was over here, Mark and his team are a refreshing change. – Steve Riley. Entering the Dark. (UK) 

In a field that is full of egos and glory hunters, it is refreshing to find a group of people who are down to earth, knowledgeable, passionate and happy to help and support others in the field. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Mark and his team, they raise a high standard that we all aim to achieve. – Liam Shand. Highland Paranormal, Scotland.

Having been in the field of paranormal research for over three and a half decades, you come across a great deal of different types of people that you find yourself dealing with. In all my dealings with Mark and his team from Haunted Auckland, I have always found them to be very professional investigators and always looking to advance the great field of paranormal research. – Bill Tabone – Director. Australian Paranormal Society

Mark Wallbank from Haunted Auckland is a balanced and well-educated anomalies researcher who takes a common sense approach to his investigations, using the latest findings of Parapsychology, UFOlogy and science-based Cryptozoology to inform his methods. – Scott Mardis, Cryptozoologist. (U.S)

I have had the privilege of working with Mark and have heard him speak about his paranormal theories and experiences. Mark’s knowledgeable, common sense approach to investigating is exactly what this industry needs. Peta Banks – Owner. APPI Ghost Hunts & Tours (Australia)

Through the years I have found that Haunted Auckland are highly professional and well respected, not just in NZ and Australia, but all around the world. Mark has been a huge support to myself and my research through the years. I have found their no-nonsense rational approach to the paranormal refreshing to see. Intelligent and thoughtful discussions are the norm while asking honest questions. There is a reason they are so well respected. From books, to lectures and a comprehensive informative and educational website, I recommend Haunted Auckland to all paranormal enthusiasts and investigators.  Sarah Chumacero – Living Life In Full Spectrum Paranormal Blog

I have worked with several research groups around the country over the years, and there are only 2 that I highly recommend, and 1 of those is Haunted Auckland. Professional, knowledgeable and caring. The approach that Mark and his team take to any investigation is very methodical. Everything is triple checked and taken seriously. THIS is the team that I would want at my back, any day of the week. – Clint Lawson – MUSE 3D

An extremely professional team. They investigate and research through a scientific approach, lead by a great team leader Mark Wallbank. A team I would definitely work with! – Soula Raven Vaitsis. Paranormal Adventures Australia

Refreshing to see solid and innovative investigation work, done with passion and honesty. Haunted Auckland stand out in the crowd and don’t fit any typical mould. This is a very good thing. – Paranormal Review newsletter

Love this team, so professional and the work they do to raise money for locations is admirable. I particularly like that they are helping to bring critical thinking to a field that sincerely needs this at times! Keep up the good work! – Alison Oborn

Very professional and have an immense depth of knowledge – Jen Kamper van Genderen

Various praise and feedback from events, books & social media

Really admire what these guys do, they are professional and level-headed people who don’t jump to conclusions. Keep up the good work! – Luke Burnet

I’ve never come across a group more passionate and dedicated than Haunted Auckland. Their investigations are thorough, well executed and carried out with the upmost respect for the locations and community. I’m a huge fan and will continue to be an avid follower. Thanks for being awesome guys! – Anna de Klerk

I was lucky enough to win a signed copy of Haunted New Zealand Roadtrip – by Mark Wallbank. An interesting and informative book about the paranormal activity around New Zealand. Mark and his team carry out honest and thorough in -depth investigations covering the North and South of New Zealand. An easy read. Felt like you were actually on the investigations with the team. Any fan of the paranormal will absolutely enjoy reading Marks book. – Kelly Waaka

These guys are very professional and have really done their background work when they take you on a ghost tour. They mix some fun in with the serious stuff and it’s always about respecting the dead and trying to take that next scientific step. I really enjoy that there’s no sensationalism or orchestrated scares – I have a genuine interest in the experience without all the rubbish that modern ghost hunt TV seems to advocate. These guys feel the same and it’s good to be a part of. They do an amazing supper too and can write a good book I might add. – Marian Anderson

A genuine paranormal investigation team. Excellent live streams, but most of all, their love and passion for the paranormal and its community, keep up the great work – Martin Simpson

I was lucky enough to spend an evening recently with my dear old friend Mark, we’ve known each other for years and have worked together on many music industry projects over the years. I had never seen him work in his capacity as a paranormal investigator however, until a month ago. I was given a first hand tour of a secret haunted location and it was spine tingling. I highly recommend to everybody the Haunted Auckland experience. Mark’s views are very balanced and he is one of the most honest and trustworthy people I know. Keep up the great work, you are truly an inspiration! – John Mason

A team that uses critical thinking and logic. What more do you want from a paranormal team? – Dan McMath