True New Zealand Ghost Stories

Fantastic stories of the paranormal from around New Zealand, contributed by our friends, family and members of the public. If you have your own real-life New Zealand ghost stories you want to share, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Lyttelton ghost girl
The House on Cressy Terrace - Lyttelton
Sarita, is that you? The intriguing Puhinui Homestead.
YMCA Hostel - Pitt St, Auckland City
The white woman of the Carlton.
Dilworth Building - Queen Street, Auckland.
Omakau's Mysterious Newly-wed Corpse
The Man at the End of the Hallway
Mysterious Occurrences in Butchers Gully
The Cryptid in the Sky
Happy Birthday – Love, Grandma.
The ghost with no name
The Huntly Ghost Bride
My first Experience - by Mark Wallbank
Haunted by Shadows
Ghosts at Hotel Shangri La, Fiji
A Night at the Vulcan Hotel
The House from Hell
The Newton Ghost
A haunted work toilet? - Mark's story
Sophie & the Boy without a face - A True Story by Sophie Collier, Age 8.
Otira Tunnel Ghost
The Man With No Eyes
Stanmore Bay Spirits
Willard Street Will-o'-the-wisp
The love of Tabby
Noises in the house
The Soldiers of Selwyn Street
The Disappearing Keys
The Crying Child
Russell Police House Haunting
The Intruder
A father's visit
Voices in the walls
The Visitor
Scratch Scratch...
There's something in the house...
The Footsteps
His Favourite Movies
Disturbances at a Waikato Farmhouse
The Echoes of Carlile House
A mother's message
Renovations stir activity in Mangere
The Moving Bed
A Haunting at Gwendoline Street
The Siren of the Cardrona Hotel
A Visit from a Friend
A Watchful Presence
Do you want to meet my Mum?