Abbey Leigh

Paranormal Investigator Abby LeighHi, I’m Abbey. Born and raised in Auckland. I’m quite new to the team but have been on a few investigations, which have been a great learning experience. I love being in Haunted Auckland, as they are such a professional, dedicated and fun bunch of people.

I have attended a couple of their public events in the past which really fuelled my passion for the paranormal. That and my love of horror movies and watching endless episodes of paranormal YouTubers, like Omargosh.

I’m studying at the University of Auckland at the moment but have dreams of getting into a more physical career, such as the Police.

I love travelling (when I get the chance), cars and cooking. I love to try my hand at cooking new things; experiment and challenge myself. I’ve also done a bit of urban exploration which is always a fun experience.

I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a little girl, due to my own experiences which started around age 11. One time that really stuck with me was when I was sleeping on the couch at a friend’s house. I awoke to the sound of little girls talking loudly by my ear and making a ruckus. At that moment I assumed it was my friend’s kids; and that it was morning.

On opening my eyes, I saw it was only 4am and there was no one around. Then the saltshaker on the table tipped over. Let us just say I don’t sleep-over there anymore. Another time when I was younger, that my close friends still go on about… We were home after school and were making noodles. As we were waiting for them to cook, the bowl moved, right in front of us and then the home phone flew off the wall.

Being in the team, I am hoping to have a bit of fun, experience some paranormal activity and hopefully understand it all a little better.