Hunua Falls

The Hunua Falls are located on the Wairoa River in the Hunua Ranges Regional Park in Auckland. The 30 metre waterfall is a popular point of interest for hikers visiting the Hunua Ranges. It is known for its idyllic and picturesque beauty. The small lake below the falls is also a popular swimming spot for visitors.

Hunua Falls, on the Wairoa River, near Auckland, New Zealand
Hunua Falls | Wikimedia Commons – Licence CC-BY-SA-3.0

Beautiful but deadly

Despite its tranquil setting, there have been an unfortunate number of drownings which have occurred Hunua Falls. As of 2019, at least 16 people are known to have drowned while swimming at the falls. The swimming hole, formed by volcanic activity, falls away steeply underwater. There is a series of ledges at depths of five metres, eight metres and 15 metres down to the bottom at 30 metres. Visitors are warned that inexperienced swimmers can get into difficulty if not supervised. Several of the deaths have occurred when thrill-seekers attempted to dive off the top of the falls. This can prove to be very hazardous if you hit the water at the wrong angle, as the height is equivalent to an 10 storey building.

Paranormal activity at Hunua Falls

There have been various reports of unusual occurrences at Hunua Falls. Some people report strange feelings or energies at the location, and some visitors have reported odd voices being captured when filming video at the location. Whether these reports can be linked back to the tragic deaths at the location, the presence of moving water or some natural phenomenon, we may never know. The nearby YMCA Camp Adair also has many ghost stories associated with it. Could it be there is a paranormal hot-spot in the Hunua Ranges?

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  1. ikram malek

    Hi i am a average swimmer .it is a dangerous place to swim.i was almost drowned but after a struggle and with the help of two people who pulled me out and saved my life.i recommend pls go for a picnic but not for swim especially kids.

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