The Man With No Eyes

Devonport Home

Together with my partner and son the 3 of us moved to an old villa in Devonport about 12 years ago. We were planning to do some light renovating work in the house and did so during the following months. It was a lovely house with lots of original features and we quite enjoyed being there at first. The only thing I wasn’t keen on was being in the study at night. I mostly worked late on my computer doing Photoshop editing. That study, which in the daytime was sunny and bright took on a different feel late at night. It felt as if I wasn’t alone in that room, it made that room feel oppressive somehow, a place you’d rather not be in at all. I put that feeling down to my tiredness, we were working all day and under stress to do the job right, I should have been sleeping instead of burning the midnight oil.

One night while concentrating on the computer I felt something tickling my neck, ever so lightly. I brushed it away, thinking a small spider may have been hiding in my hair and now crawling on my neck. A few moments later I felt it again, but then I became aware that I felt there was a presence right behind me that made the tickling happening. I turned around but couldn’t see anything, it sent chills down my spine. I turned off the computer and left the room in a hurry. A few days later when I worked late again I remembered what had happened and I felt more alert that I might expect something similar. Whilst working I became aware there was indeed something or someone just by the door, quietly watching me. It wasn’t a bad feeling, just disconcerting, as I couldn’t see anything. After that I decided I had enough and stopped working late at night.

A little time later my teenage son told me he thought there was something strange going on in the house. He had been working on the computer and had seen someone walking past the study, the door was wide open. It was very late at night, we were already asleep by then. It was not his imagination he told me, it was a dark, tall shape of a man. When he went investigating there was no one else around. Afterwards he had this dream. He saw himself sleeping in his bed and woke up as a dark figure came into his room and dragged the chair away from his desk. The figure then put the chair in front of my son’s bed and went to sit on it. He looked at my son intently, even bent over to him. My son then returned his gaze and realized the dark figure had no eyes, just black holes. He woke up in a panic, but then felt totally relieved that it had only been a dream. He turned around and went back to sleep. The next morning he woke up with the light flooding the room but then totally freaked out to find the chair of his desk standing right next to his bed!

A few months later we finished the renovations and sold the house.

It is a fact that in hindsight while living at that address all 3 of us became gradually more unhappy and developed serious health issues as well until we finally left. My son told me years later that he never forgot the experience with that chair as none of us could find a logical explanation for it…

Story contributed by: Erica


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