Paranormal Investigation procedure

Whether you’ve been following us since 2010, or just recently discovering us, welcome and thanks for joining in the fun, learning and adventures.

We’re always learning new things, so hope to pass that knowledge on to you all so that you might learn as we do, in this crazy but fascinating world of the paranormal.

Firstly a few things you should know about Haunted Auckland. We’re a small Auckland based team of friendly, well seasoned and enthusiastic researchers with differing levels of experience, knowledge, skills and expertise. Our investigators are intelligent, honest, compassionate and possess critically thinking (yet wide open) minds. We’re also very good listeners.

What we aren’t:

  • We aren’t Ghost Busters, Ghost Hunters, Exorcists, Mediums, Clairvoyants or Psychics.
  • We don’t really do private home visits anymore and we don’t do clearings, blessings or the ridding homes of alleged demons.
  • We don’t do prayers, rituals, or bring in any religious elements into our work.
  • We aren’t mental health experts or sleep disorder professionals.
  • We aren’t ‘’Believers’’.
  • We also aren’t blinkered, close-minded and staunch sceptics.

While we are sceptical and doubtful of certain cases and ideas, we have seen and experienced enough in our time to realise that dedication to the research is definitely a worthwhile cause. Instead of blindly believing (or disbelieving), or just accepting what we are told is true and real, we prefer to seek out the answers ourselves through first-hand, ‘boots on the ground’ investigation. Experimentation, observation and documentation.

  • We don’t have all the answers and we don’t consider ourselves experts.
  • We don’t make claims we can’t back up with evidence or reliable data.
  • We don’t charge anything for what we do. The opportunity to investigate a location and hopefully further our research is its own great reward.
  • We don’t use equipment or gadgets that have been proven to not work or don’t offer anything useful in our research. We don’t waste our time using gimmicky and long since debunked paranormal fad toys like Spirit Boxes, random word generators, phone apps, Echovox / Geoport/ Portal boxes and other fake ‘’communication’’ devices.

We like to use our research time wisely, so refrain from wasting our time with equipment that has been trialled (by us or others), researched and analysed and proven as no benefit at all and only fit for entertainment purposes.

What we are, is ‘real world’ researchers. Learning by doing. Walking the talk. Substance over fluff.

We follow the Scientific Method as closely as we are able to; though it’s not always easy to create a fully controlled environment and the fact that true paranormal activity is sporadic and very rare means we don’t always have alot to go on. Still, we do our best with what we have to work with at the time and go wherever it takes us.

We go to where the stories are coming from in order to see for ourselves. We talk to the people involved to get their sides to the occurrences.

Our conclusions are never really final and we find multiple return visits yield the best results; so have built up trusting relationships with quite a few locations within the historical communities in this country. Our clean and respected reputation within historical circles is something the team prides itself on, as it has grown over the last decade and is based on well over 200 investigation sessions within that time.

If you would like to have the team visit your building to look into unusual activity that you feel might be paranormal in nature, we’d love to hear from you. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”, as they say. Please check out our website and don’t hesitate to make contact if you have any queries or would like to know more about what we do.

We’re always happy to talk about spooks!

Getting Started

We usually begin with either an email or phone request from the client wanting information or a visit, or a reply to a request from us to investigate a premises.

Sometimes we are able to offer solutions via email or phone without having to go to a location, as the activity can sometimes be explained away as being a common natural occurrence. Much seemingly paranormal activity can be attributed to house movement, climate and atmospheric change or even possible health problems.

We advise that you seek professional assistance from your GP if you or someone in your family is behaving seemingly unusual, before contacting us.

We are not qualified Mental Health experts; nor are we trained to assist in child behavioural issues.

Again, please seek help first from those that are qualified, before jumping to any wild Paranormal / “Demons have taken over my child!” conclusions. – Thanks.

We try to gather as much background information of the property and alleged activity before entering a premises.

When details have been gathered and terms have been agreed upon, we set a date and time to visit.

Haunted Auckland uses three classes of paranormal investigation methods designed to suit the client’s personal life schedules or preferences.


A class one visit is usually quite brief, about THREE hours only.

We come in, ask some basic questions, walk around taking photos and video footage, do some basic atmospheric monitoring and data logging to see if any unusual fluctuations or anomalies might be recorded in our time there. This is for clients that do not wish to have any disruptions to their daily routine and just can’t allow much time. While these are brief, they don’t tend to be very helpful in ascertaining whether a premises might be haunted. In fact, the chances of us being able to document and assess the situation in this short time are pretty much non existent. To try to find answers to alleged activity, time is needed to search and gather data. Our preferred options are classes two or three.


A class two investigation will usually take a minimum of  FIVE hours (We prefer more though, if you can allow it. However it’s entirely up to you)

After we have sat and talked for a bit with the client and have been given a tour of the home, we then set up a number of video cameras on tripods in the target areas. Audio recording devices and atmospheric data logging devices are also set up in these rooms. Hand held recorders and photo cameras are used to document as we walk from room to room.

We spend time checking the interior and exterior of the premises looking for possible reasons for the alleged activity. Atmospheric, electrical field and temperature data is logged continuously throughout the session. This style of investigation is preferred by us as we can research a little deeper and, of course, more time spent recording means the chance of capturing something or finding answers, is greater.


Involves the group being allowed to do an all night ‘vigil’. Usually from late evening through to the morning. We lock ourselves securely inside the building and begin our investigation.

As we have a full night allowed to us we can bring along more equipment to cover more ground and collect more data. We can use a DV-R multi camera system (up to 16 cameras) plus more static cameras on tripods, meaning a greater chance of capturing potential evidence to hopefully answer a few of your questions. More time allowed in a quiet premises leaves us a good amount of time to try to interact with whatever might ‘reside’ at the troubled location. We usually start these all night sessions at around 8pm and finish at approx 8am the next morning.

As residential situations are a little more sensitive and intimate, we keep team attendance down to only 2 – 3 members depending on the situation.

Larger buildings or multi roomed complexes will mean more team members attending to cover more distance and gather more data in the time we have in the premises.

We have so far held investigations within private homes, community halls, theatres and cinemas, historical buildings, businesses, churches, cemeteries and museums all around New Zealand as well as a few places internationally.

We do not charge anything for our services, we do this purely to further our research.

All details of the investigation and any captured audio, video and photo evidence will be compiled into a full investigation report, given to the client to keep after we have finished our analysis.

Of course we can make no guarantees that actual paranormal activity will be experienced or documented. This is certainly not an exact science and is based on chance, luck, trial and error.

We are always looking for new locations to visit and investigate, so if you live, work in, or know of a place that could potentially have paranormal activity then please feel free to make contact and we will see how we can help you.