Sam Collier

I can’t really remember a time that I wasn’t interested in the paranormal.
It has always been one of those things I couldn’t read enough about or see enough of on TV, however, I think my earliest memories would be of sneaking out of bed on a Friday night (at a very early age) with my two older brothers to watch the late night horror movies. Seeing the movies themselves is what has made me the horror fan that I am today – but it was the “Did you know it’s based on a true story” tales that my brothers would tell (probably in s failed attempt to scare me even more) that gave me that hunger to know more and to do my own research into the unknown.

And in my own opinion I believe – whether it can be explained by science or not, there is a world of unknown out there that is waiting to be explored. I like to consider myself a bit of a thinker or an “ideas” sort of person which I think is a good quality to have when it comes to paranormal investigations. I think it’s important to consider all possibilities and scenarios and stay open-minded to exploring new techniques to achieve the best results.

Other than the paranormal my interests are in Music (listening to it rather than actually playing) My heart is with Rock and heavy metal but I’ll dance to anything.

I’m also very much into film and television, horror films, The Walking Dead, breaking bad and The Game of Thrones are my favorites at the moment.

Being part of a paranormal investigations team is one of those things that I’ve dreamt of doing and seems like a natural step in the right direction at this time of my life.


Sam has written various published articles on the paranormal subject, has been featured in many interviews and podcasts, and has given talks at public events around the country.