The Footsteps

My partner and I used to live with her Brother for a few years while we were saving for a house. He told us that weird things had been seen and heard there.

Shadow ManI had a week away from work. On the Monday morning I woke up and snoozed while my partner and her brother went off to their jobs. While I was laying in bed I heard from the lounge a loud patter/running across the lounge. I got up and had a look. Nothing was there. I quickly had a shower and headed into town!

Another time was around Christmas / New year. I was laying on the bed watching TV when I saw what looked like someone going to the front door from my side vision.

I thought it was my partner taking the dogs out. I waited for the door to open, but it didn’t…

My partner said it wasn’t her.

Story contributed by: Andrew C

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