A mother’s message

My mother was a very spiritual woman and passed her passion of all that is paranormal onto my sister and I.
We grew up in a haunted house where ghost and spirits were often discussed and séances were common. We would discuss dying and death and our mother would promise to find a way to let my sister and I know if there was anything after death. As we grew up we continued with our fascination with anything spiritual or paranormal.

It came as a terrible shock when our healthy mother was admitted to hospital at 7am one morning and had passed away by lunchtime!! As we did not realize how dire her situation was we had no chance to talk with her or say good-bye before she was gone.

Once my sister and I came out of the inevitable haze of gut wrenching grief we started to wonder, and then discuss, if and when our mother would get a message to us. It turned out that my sister and mother had had a conversation a few months before her death and had discussed how to get a message through to each other if one of them died. The agreement was that the one who was in spirit would leave something in a strange place so the other would know it had been left for them. The example given at the time was that they would do something like leave a wine glass in the washing basket.

Years passed and our desperation to receive a message from our mother was replaced with the knowledge that either time was irrelevant to the spirit world, our mother was unable to get any message to us, or that there was nothing after death! We had all but given up on receiving the promised message. My sister came to stay a couple of nights at my house. During this time she told me sadly about having to have her favourite old sick cat put down. The cat had loved sitting on her sheepskin mat in front of the pot-bellied stove and had spent many hours there as her age progressed. The cat had also been much-loved by my mother and we laughed as we talked and commented that as the cat was being put to sleep my sister asked my mother to “Please look after Mattie for me”. We talked about if they would actually be together and decided that we hoped so. This conversation happened while my sister and I were alone in my house and our children and partners were not present at the time.

A couple of weeks after this my sister rang me and sounded rather strange.

Her first question to me was “Did you tell anyone about what we talked about when I told you about the cat?”.

I told her that I hadn’t said anything to anyone and she was shocked!!

It turned out that she had been the last person to leave her house that morning and that all was in order when she left.

She finished work early that day and got home before anyone else.

Lying on the cats sheepskin rug (which was still in its place in front of the pot belly stove) was an empty wineglass!! It had not been there when she left in the morning, no one had been home during the day (She did ask), but somehow a wineglass had been put there!! We believe that it was our mother fulfilling her promise “to leave something in a strange place, like a wineglass in the washing basket”. In this case it was to leave a wineglass on the cats mat, and very possibly a double message to let us know that she does have Mattie and is looking after her. (That’s what we like to think anyway!)

Story contributed by: Barbara


  1. Diandra

    woaw this made me teary. What a lovely story. and yes this does give me hope as well that our loved animals that have pasted will be waiting for us as well with our family.

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