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Request Help

Do you need help with paranormal activity in your home or business? We have a team of paranormal investigators who can privately assist.

  • We do paranormal research, so the goal is to capture evidence of the paranormal.
  • We do not charge for our services, so our “pay-off” is recording evidence of unusual or unexplained activity.
  • We may be able to find rational explanations for the activity you are experiencing in your home. If we cannot, we will provide you with information to help you to feel more comfortable.
  • We cannot guarantee that we will be able to confirm, document any perceived sources of paranormal activity from a location.

Note on Clearings and banishings

Our primary reason for existing as a team is to experience first-hand and document any perceived paranormal activity so that we may learn to better understand the phenomena and the misconceptions surrounding it. Our aim as a research team is to study these phenomena as closely as possible to form more educated opinions via experimentation, documentation, and simply being present at the moment to record and respond accordingly to it and wherever it may lead us.

We decided many years ago to stop offering clearings and cleansings, as the more we learned, the more unethical (even damaging) we could see it was on a few levels.
We wanted to experience and observe these ”beings” and learn about them. Learn from them directly.
To hopefully interact and communicate, if such a thing is possible and document as much as we could of it to advance the study of the paranormal.
If the theories on spirits are correct, then clearing, or ”banishing” becomes nothing more than a punishment, an eviction from a home, or even a death. Death to a person (possibly living in an alternative dimension we are yet to even understand or comprehend), that has as much right to exist as ourselves.

Until ghosts, spirits, negative energies, and demons have been sufficiently verified to actually exist, (to which they as yet haven’t, outside of belief, possible misinterpretation, and superstition) it would be unethical to assume a position of knowledge and superiority enough to think we have rights that far outweigh theirs. That we may enter their home and try to evict or eradicate them as if they were cockroaches or some other household pest.

After submitting the form below, a member of the team will be in touch via email to discuss your case. Any information you provide will be kept private. However, we will seek your permission to document any findings on our website or via other online media. Specific names and details of your location will either be removed from the report or changed to maintain your privacy. In addition, we may need to consult with trusted external experts regarding details on some cases.

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