A haunted work toilet? – Mark’s story

So, here’s my story. It happened to me at work and for the life of me, I can’t figure it out!
I told my wife about my little incident. She has already concluded I’m obviously in the early stages of Dementia, being old ‘n all. Delusional and heading for Crazy Town.
I don’t agree with her assessment. I’ll let you decide.

Warning: This is the story, of a journey into a toilet – and what occurred in said toilet.
There might be details that some of the more sensitive readers might find offensive.

So…… I’m at work and needed a poo. (Told you!)
Headed to the Men’s Toilets / Bathroom. Let me set the scene.
To get to the toilet there are two doors. One leading from the factory, down a few meter-long short corridor to another door, leading into the Men’s Bathroom / Toilet complex.
I entered the Bathroom. (See photo below to get the idea)
There was no one in any of the three cubicles. The doors were all open, as in the photo. I was alone.
I went into the third cubicle (the right one), downed my pants and sat down in preparation. (Told you it’s heavy stuff!)
I had sat down for about 5 seconds only when I heard movement in the cubicle beside me. I jumped in surprise, in fact!

“Someone” adjusted their position on the seat and started pulling toilet paper from the dispenser on the wall. Looking down I could see shadow movement on the floor; exactly as there would be if someone had been having a poo beside me.
Said ‘’Someone” then (I assume) wiped, shuffled around some more and flushed the toilet. They then opened the cubicle door; walked to the sink (footsteps heard), the sound of running water….the tap stopped. Then nothing.
No pulling paper towels from the dispenser. No hand drying in the newly installed blower. No walking to the door to leave. Nothing.

I then finished my business and exited the cubicle.
The room was still empty as it was when I had entered.
Keep in mind there are two doors to leave the area and back into the factory. Neither doors were heard opening. No footsteps leading up to the doors were heard either.
I am 100% certain the three cubicles were vacant and wide open on entering.
I am 100% certain no one followed behind me. I would’ve heard them clearly.

The photo below was taken just before leaving the bathroom. (Hands washed and dried before taking photo on phone, of course).

I’m not going to say it was a GHOST; but I certainly don’t want to think I’m going mad either!
Did I fall asleep briefly and miss a minute or so of time before waking?
Do ghosts poo?
If they do, does that mean that ghosts also eat?
If they do; what would they eat? The same food they enjoyed when alive?
Do ghosts have a digestive system?
Would food; if being eaten by a ghost, then become ghost food?!
Does food have an afterlife?!!!!
I have so many questions!

On my first day there, on hearing of what I do after hours….I was told by a couple of people that the factory is haunted and that many staff have seen, heard and felt things through the years.
…..aaaaand discuss.

– Mark

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