Otira Tunnel Ghost

I heard an intriguing story while doing the Transalpine Rail trip between Christchurch and Greymouth recently.

The onboard commentary tells of a ghost who is sometimes seen on the Old Coach Road. Apparently the male ghost walks with his swag along the road beside the tracks. It is considered that the man was a Scotsman who was one of the workers killed during the construction of the 8.5km Otira Tunnel. He is always seen travelling east on the Old Coach Road and is thought to be trying to get to reach Littleton so he can catch a ship home.

The Old Coach Road was once a Cobb & Co coach track and can still be seen running alongside the railway tracks for part of the Transalpine rail journey.

Various people have reportedly spotted the ghost on the road between Arthurs Pass, Bealey and Cass over the years.

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