Voices in the walls

I grew up in an old house in Woodglen Road in Glen Eden and would often feel things and see flashes of light by mirrors as a kid. I just felt stuff and am still sensitive to energies as an adult.

My bedroom was right next to my parents room so when someone was talking in there I could hear muffled voices through the wall. One night when I was around 12 my parents were out and I was looking after my twin brothers. We were all in our beds reading (I could see them in the room opposite mine).

All of a sudden I heard a woman singing in my parents room. I knew this was not my imagination and I knew my brothers and I were alone in the house. I totally freaked out told my brothers to turn their light off and go to sleep and tried to sleep myself. I told my Mum about it the next day. We just called her our friendly lady ghost from then on. I know there was someone other than my family residing there!!

Story contributed by: Leanne G


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