The Intruder

I had my first experience as a young child in the house in Hamilton where I grew up.

I was in bed awake and unable to sleep as I kept hearing shuffling footsteps in the hallway. I got up to look who was out there but there was no one there. I got back into bed trying to make out the shapes of the objects in my bedroom.

After my eyes had fully adjusted I noticed a dark spot in the middle of my doorway that shouldn’t be there, I sat up to look at it more closely and realized it was getting bigger. As I watched it grew and grew into the shape of a man who I could see very clearly.

It was made of a black smoke that swirled like a tornado would but remained in the man like shape. It was at this point that I became a frightened and hid under my blanket. All of a sudden my blankets were pulled off me onto the floor. I could see the man shape still standing at the foot of my bed with my blankets on the floor in front of it.

For what felt like ages I lay there too scared to move until I finally built up the nerve to quickly reach down and grab my blankets and hide under them again. After pinning my blankets down to keep myself covered I could sense the figure move around to the side of the bed and lay down beside me and I felt an arm reach around me to hug me as a lay there.

Story contributed by: SJ Thompson

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