The Moving Bed

In 2009 my daughter was in Year 13 at school and was thinking about attending university the following year in Palmerston North. As it was many years since I had visited Palmerston North and we both wanted to look at the university campus we decided to fly down for a couple of days to meet with university staff, have a look at the facilities and accommodation, and have a look at the general area.

We arrived in Palmerston North early one September Friday morning and immediately set about inspecting the campus, meeting with lecturers and looking at accommodation options.

It was an extremely long and busy day and we were both pleased when we had finished our tasks and could go to our hotel! (Kingsgate Hotel, Fitzherbert Ave )

It was about 5pm when we arrived to book in. The hotel had obviously been quite nice about 20 years ago but now looked a little tired and worn around the edges. It was a large complex within easy walking distance to the city.

After a quick break we headed out to have a look at the nearby mall for a couple of hours. Later, back in our room, we decided to watch a video and eat the cupcakes we had purchased on our outing. Our room was a standard hotel type room with two beds (with a dresser in between them), a small table and kitchen chairs and a TV. We lay on our beds with drinks and cupcakes and settled down to watch the movie.

We had been in the room for about an hour when I looked over at my daughter and thought it was a bit strange that her bed now seemed further away than it had been earlier. I lay looking at her bed (noting that it was not on wheels) and wondering if I was imagining that it was now further away than it had been when we started watching the movie. I then dismissed the thought, told myself that I was just tired, and went back to watching the movie. A few minutes later I looked at my daughter and noticed a bright pink vertical line going down her face from just under her eye right down to her jaw. It looked like someone had drawn on her using a pink vivid marker.

I commented to her that she must have touched something and transferred it onto her face and we laughed about it and commented that she would have to get it off in the shower later that night. We continued watching the movie and when it finished my daughter sat up, reached over to the dresser to get her drink and found that she couldn’t reach it any more! The bed had moved!

By now I was starting to get a little concerned that there was something odd happening in our room. I knew the bed had been closer to the dresser when the movie had started and that it had somehow moved while my daughter had been lying quietly on it watching the movie but told her the bed would have moved as she moved around on it. She decided to go and take a shower so I took that opportunity to check just how easily the bed moved. It was actually very hard to move! There was no way that bed had moved by her sitting and lying on it! I moved it back to where it had started and just to be careful, put a protection ring around both my daughter and I and the room we were in. When my daughter came out of the shower the line on her face was much brighter. She had tried to wash it off but it wouldn’t budge!

The rest of the night passed uneventfully but in the morning the pink line on my daughters face had darkened to a long purple bruise that looked exactly as if someone had drawn on her with a purple marker! It got darker over the next day or so and then took about a week to slowly fade out. She had done nothing to cause such a bruise and it seems to have started about the time the bed would have moved while we were watching a movie in the hotel room!!!

Story contributed by: Barbara


  1. Blair

    We stayed there last night and have video footage of what we think is a female ghost from one of the rooms – 253. Seriously… This is what got me to this site. I have it in my drop box if anyone is interested.

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