Camp Adair

Camp Adair - Aerial PhotographYMCA Camp Adair is located in Hunua, south of Auckland. It was first established in 1913 and encompasses over 100 acres, the camp was later purchased by the YMCA in 1938. The camp currently provides outdoor recreational facilities, including farmland and native bush. The historic School House located on the property can be hired for events and functions. Camp Adair is a popular location for camping trips for schools in the wider Auckland area and boasts a wide variety of outdoor activities including orienteering, wall climbing, archery, air rifle shooting, kayaking, along with a confidence course and mudslide. There are three self-contained villages on site; the Main Lodge, the Hugh Lambie village and the Graham Glaister village, each of which have campfire areas.

It is around these campfires that the legend of a tragic event which occurred at Camp Adair have been told to children for many years.

Camp Adair Urban Legend

The legend surrounding Camp Adair centers on the historic School House, which is often the center of gathering at the camp. Generations of children who have stayed at the camp have been told the tale of a group of children who while staying at the camp were murdered by their teacher in the School House building. The legend states that the murderous teacher, who is said to have had a fiery red beard, can be seen through lurking the windows of the school house late at night, waiting for his next victim…


Camp Adair - Caretakers Cottage
Often captioned as the “Camp Adair School House”, this building is in fact a caretakers cottage on the property. The actual School House is a much larger building which seats 45 people.
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Camp Adair - Entrance Sign
Entrance sign at Camp Adair in Hunua, Auckland.
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More information on YMCA Camp Adair can be found on the camp’s website.


  1. hairy butt

    I went to this camp about 18 years ago and as kids we tried to call the spirits using the finger method, i actually belive it worked as my finger would move in directs by them selves as if some sort of force its hard to explain

    1. Samantha

      I just got Back from there three days ago with my school . A girl in the same cabin as me said she heard a piano playing at night as well , we all thought it was our music teacher but when we asked her she said she had fallen asleep straight after dinner time . The next day me and my friends did a scavenger hunt I think was called the orienteering activity , I’m not sure . one of our clues where on A tree right beside the school house , a girl I was with walked over to the house . We all didn’t believe in the stories the staff members were telling us but we all still decided to take a look . The house was locked up (obviously) you could tell that there was an attic but they got rid of it . It made us question as to why they got rid of it and what happened there . We all had to leave because one my friends said she could feel something there which made me more confused.

      1. Karen

        The old school house was moved down from Hunua School sometime in the late 1970’s or 1980’s. No one actually had lived in the house. It was the first school classrooms. It was built in 1875 or 6. There were never any murders in the School House/Classroom. I was taught in the classroom for a couple of years before it was moved. The attic was just the ceiling space, like most houses have nowadays. Camp Adair has lots of ghost stories, all of which are just Campfire stories, that grow like Pinocchio’s nose!!

  2. Aniese

    Omg we just went there today to drop off some stuff for my nephew whos caming there right now, and we drove past this school house. I honestly felt like something was watching me

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  4. Anonymous

    i went there in year 7 for my school camp, my dad came along as well. but i feel like I’ve been haunted for a while and i felt a bit nervous while there so i need to ask my dad if he felt or saw anything while on the trip

  5. Teaira

    i made freinds with girl she was white with long white hair and she had red eyes i remmbier her saying that the black sprits are bad and white ones are good but some times you will see kids running around

    1. Anonymous

      So theres a boy in my school that saw a girl with black eyes white dress and when she turned around she had rope around her neck
      also at the climbing i saw another ghost he had a hoodie on i guess he died around the rock climb

  6. teaira

    i do remember when i was doing the oriterring or however u spell it ther was a bule rope hanging around a tree it had red blood around it and webs i gusse uts what i saw that day..

  7. OML a lot of people said they heard a piano at night, before the teachers even told us the story. ohh and at my school there was this girl who started crying so hard, because after the teachers told us the story she remembered seeing a mans face through her cabin window, a lot of other girls were seeing the same thing too. Also my cousin was about to go for a shower in the boys bathroom (cause he’s a boy), but then he ran out saying that he saw a creepy girl in a white hoodie with a rope in her hands, then when she turned around she had a hole in her neck with blood dripping out. This is also a creepy part, Because no one else could see what they were seeing, and one of staff members said, if anyone can see creepy things around the camp then they were probably the next victims…

    1. Anonymous

      Hi, have read the many posts here today and seeing what most of the kids have experienced while on camp, I have found this very interesting, as I am a part of the YMCA fitness center in Northcote, I would only say that if this continues to happened then this place definitely needs to be blessed if it hasn’t already, because its so obvious that these souls have not passed over and need to rest. So sad. I hope they will one day rest in peace.

  8. Anonymous

    my friend she was singing and she also heard someone sing but every girl in our cabin was asleep inculding me and when she stopped it just continued..

  9. Anonymous

    so my friend she woke up and she saw a man face and it was just staring at her then she started to cry and i think most of the girl saw it and i think i was one of the girls that didnt believe it :)
    and when i first went there i had so many bad feelings that was gonna happen

  10. Anonymous

    the first day of camp someone got hirt not bad .the 2 day it was BAd.the 3rd Day It was REally Bad. BUt i did notice that the little girl said that she has sended help for us… I dont know why cabin X was safer then the others but NO ONE slept by the dark coner. but i did and i was the only one who did I woke up from someone opeing my door it was scary no one was there then the door sundeley SLambed it was bad then i saw something in the corner….

  11. Anonymous

    lol i had to sleep in the school house one night cause we were meant to be camping but it was too wet. it was fine i mean everyone was a bit freaked out but only cause i told them on the bus it was meant to be haunted whoops. i mean id been there before and nothing happened plus i thought it would be funny to scare them but i didnt know we would have to sleep in there so i did feel kinda bad. the only kinda weird thing that did happen was there was a bit of scratching and knocking late at night but i wouldnt be suprised if it was those year 7 and 8 boys who were staying in the big cabin area they were so annoying and thought itd be funny to try and scare us. tho i did hate going to the bathroom at night it was freaky not cause of ghosts but more serial killers but otherwise it was pretty chill.

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