Russell Police House Haunting

Ever since I was little I’ve been really intrigued by the paranormal and over time have realized this is probably because I lived in some pretty active places, Russell Police House being the more dominant one. Just thought I’d write in and say if the opportunity every arises, you should definitely investigate here!

Russell Police Station
The Russell Police Station / Image: © 2013 Google

I used to stay in one of the upstairs bedrooms and shared my room with a little girl who never spoke, just stood by the window a majority of the time. I remember my mum getting pinned to her bed up there several times, and up until about a year ago, a good 10 years later, I was adamant there was a couple who lived in the garage, I always used to wave and say hello and they would do the same, until I asked my mum about them and  where they ended up. She said the garage had been locked and never used, an animal couldn’t live there let alone a human.

The main house is just downright creepy. The best way i can describe it is it always felt full and sounded very lived in, which felt very weird in such a big house. Even now I don’t know who in that house was dead or alive, I honestly just thought my parents had lots of friends. Id be super interested if you do end up here, to be able to validate that, no, I’m not crazy! Good luck with your future endeavours and adventures :)

Story Contributed by: Tash

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