Do you want to meet my Mum?

My ghost story involves me, but told to me from my Mum’s experience.

Forest ChildI was about 4 or 5 and wasn’t very well (nothing terrible), so my Mum set me up on a mattress on the floor at the end of her bed for a few nights so she was nearby. She woke up in the middle of the night to see me up and playing with a little Indian boy. She asked him what he was doing here and that he should be at home and I was supposed to be sleeping as I was sick.

“Where are your parents” she asks him.
He turned to her and said “Don’t worry, she’s still sleeping” while pointing down to me still sleeping on the floor, “I was just keeping her company, do you want to meet me Mum?”
My mum looks down, sees me there sleeping but can also an Indian boy standing there, she moves to get up to get dressed to meet his mother when he tells her to lie back down.

She does so bewildered, but asking “Aren’t we going to go and find your mum?” She suddenly finds herself sitting at the dining room table (physically or not, who knows?) with an Indian woman, who she assumes to be the boy’s Mum.

She remembers trying to talk frantically worried about how the boy got in her house and if he’s okay etc,  when the woman stops her, tells her everything is okay and, while my mum can’t remember the details of the conversation now, she remembers pieces about the connectedness of the Universe and everyone and that we needed to be looked after. I wish I remembered this moment myself but have had a few strange encounters in my time, this is just one of the more unique ones I think.

Story contributed by: Destine C

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