Lake House Art Centre – Recent information – A possible early encounter with Patty?

The Lake House on its original site overlooking Takapuna Beach

We had an interesting new piece of information come our way today which we found eerie, but fascinating to hear.
It’s interesting how, the more time you spend at a research location and the more digging and networking you do with those familiar with a location, the more data surfaces, potentially slotting yet another piece in the elusive paranormal jigsaw puzzle.
The Lake House Art Centre in Takapuna is one such location.
The team has been the resident research entity at the Lake House since 2019 and in that time has had some intriguing experiences and unearthed some interesting history.
A stunning piece of historic real estate, built in the 1890s as a family home and in 1997, relocated in seven pieces from its original place on Hurstmere Road, at the Northern end of Takapuna Beach.
A fascinating place with a somewhat eclectic and unusual back-story.
Its early beginnings saw it go from a house to a hospital, a boarding home, and even utilized by a local “cult”, holding some questionable semi-regular social gatherings.



The recent information received was sent to me from Lake House management today.
They stated that they had met a lady today who, as a child, used to come and play with a family who lived at Lake House on the beach in the 1960s. She vividly recalls a birthday party for one of the boys who lived there.
At this party, she and her sister met a little girl, maybe 8 or 9, sitting in the middle of the stairway.
The girl was strange, and would not speak, had long dark hair, and would not come down the stairs.
She remembers being told not to play with the girl, but can’t remember who told her that.
She doesn’t think the girl lived upstairs because she thought the boys’ bedrooms were up there.
She was recounting this memory to her sister recently, and her sister said she had no recollection of any girl on the stairs.
A faded memory, or could this have been an early encounter with the playful but shy ”Patty”, whom we have become quite familiar with over the years during our visits?
Well, we don’t truly know if her name is Patty. That was just a name that came up during a communication attempt. It seemed right at the time, but we have no way of gauging any accuracy as yet. Still, it’s a name and seems to fit, so we’ll run with it to see if it leads anywhere
It’s interesting, that tales of a young girl seen sitting or standing on the big stairwell and upstairs have been passed around for quite some time. Way before we started our work there and started having our own apparent interactions with what really does feel like those of a young child.
Guest investigators who have joined us in our sessions have experienced things of a child-like nature as well.
Interestingly, there have also been multiple reports of small child-sized shadows moving around the building. These shadows have been witnessed by numerous investigators and guests during the team’s sessions.
Child-like voices have been heard, the pitter-patter of running on the wooden floorboards, and the ”clear as day” sounds of rhythmic thudding, like someone running around upstairs are quite common during our visits. The team has also had possible interactions with equipment and trigger lights being manipulated.

One day we hope to meet this mysterious girl on the stairs.
I think we have alot to talk about.

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