The Huntly Ghost Bride

There are stories that tell of a mysterious alleged ghost ”bride”, that is witnessed from time to time standing , or wandering along the railway tracks adjacent to the Huntly Cemetery located along State Highway one; about an hour south from Auckland. She has been described as wearing a long, all white dress or gown, similar to a wedding dress. Details are vague, as she is usually only seen in glimpses,when driving along that strip of road at an open road speed.  However, those that have mentioned her all state that they thought it was very strange she woud be standing out there so late at night on such a dangerous piece of road, dressed as she was, without any car, no light or anybody with her. Rumours are that she was in a car accident in that area, or possibly she died on the tracks, but no one knows for sure and the stories are pure speculation at this stage. When travelling past the Huntly Cemetery on SH1, keep an eye out. You might just catch a glimpse of the wandering bride in white.

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