Barbara Armstrong

Barbara Armstrong
Barbara Armstrong
Hiya! My name is Barbara, but like to be called Barb.

Born and bred in Auckland, I’m a freshly turned 48year old and currently enjoying the country life out south in Pukekawa, on a farm block with sheep and cows. However, although they’re cute, they sure are noisy!

I’m a Mum of two and a Grandma to four, who are just as noisy as the farm pets.

As with many other people, I have always had a love of all things paranormal; but then who doesn’t right?

I have a passion for Photography, Horror, Mystery and basically anything macabre.

I’d describe myself as an open-minded sceptic and like to approach each investigation, trying first to find natural explanations, before jumping to any paranormal conclusions. (Although growing up as a child I have had some experiences that certainly challenged my beliefs) As a child I would often see a full body apparition at the end of my parent’s hallway. I never felt threatened and would often refer to it as a ‘’he’’. I’m sure ‘’he’’ used to love the fright I’d get thinking I was going to hit my head on something, which was always his hat.
My daughter would also often call out to her “grandad” that she could hear calling to her to come see her in the room. However, grandad was never home at the time she would hear him. He would still be at work. Yet my daughter would often yell out and talk to him from the room.

Outside of Haunted Auckland I work as an actor at one of New Zealand’s greatest workplaces; Spookers; a live-action Horror Attraction venue out in South Auckland. I love it. How many people can say as a job they can dress as a Zombie/Monster or Ghoul and chase people with chainsaws, knives and chains? I have been there over ten years and hope to be there another ten at least.
The investigations I have had the pleasure to attend so far with the team, have definitely been interesting. I might have also made a friend; possibly on the “other side”, at one of them!
Being part of the H.A team is like being with the closest part of a family. I enjoy our quirky talks and the fun we have together while investigating. I like to think I’m the fun one of the H.A team, but I’m most probably the awkward one; especially when in front of a camera. Why? I have no idea.

I certainly look forward to seeing where Haunted Auckland go next!