Natasha Kristoffersen-Tuck

Paranormal Investigator Natasha Kristoffersen-Tuck
Natasha Kristoffersen-Tuck

Born in Auckland, I have always had a keen interest in the paranormal. I try to look at things from the scientific side, to try and explain what/why something unexplainable is happening. Sometimes I am at a loss and can’t explain what or why something has happened.

I have had a few possible interactions with shadow people and even astral projection. I have been described as “sensitive” to some entities/energies. It may lead back to my ancestors who were Norse healers.

I am a chemical and materials engineer and am interested in experimenting with and understanding new technologies. This also goes hand in hand with researching the paranormal and the many awesome gadgets we can use to try to document and trigger possibly unexplainable events!

I also like visiting museums and reflecting on the past. Artefacts are not only interesting but also a gateway to the past and I try to figure out what these were used for before looking at the information supplied.

I enjoyed watching such classics as Unsolved Mysteries and the X-Files growing up, which, fuelled my paranormal interest even more. I love the myths and legends of the X-Files as well as the government conspiracies; these closely match true events and covert government experiments. Robert Stack was an awesome host and Unsolved Mysteries had a wide variety of interesting and paranormal stories.

I joined the team to look into the history of these places we are privileged to investigate and to determine if any paranormal activity exists.