Stanmore Bay Spirits

Stanmore Bay Spirits

I lived in a house in Stanmore Bay a couple of years ago. When we first moved in everything was okay, nothing weird had happened. About 2 months into living there felt like there was someone watching all the time and we didn’t really know why but we shook it off like nothing. My room was on the other side of the house and my room was always really cold because it was like a little storage room (I chose to have a smaller room because it was always cosier).

One day I was babysitting my little cousins and they were jumping on my bed and instead of a curtain we had a velvet sheet up against the window, anyway the sun was shining through and I looked over and saw a little boy figure standing in the shadow of the window holding up what looks like a newspaper (we always use to throw away all the unwanted newspapers around the back of the house) anyway I had a look and no one was there, then a couple of night later my dad was just about to have a shower and my mum was sitting having her cuppa tea, and my dad thought my mum was being cheeky and running down the hallway toward the shower trying to take his towel off, he ran into the bathroom and locked the door and then felt the handle trying to be turned, when it stopped he went out to see my mum and she was still sitting in the exact same spot and she asked him why he is standing there staring with his towel off, that night my little brother wouldn’t stop crying so my mum being religious and all did a little prayer and said that whatever is trying to attach itself to him be gone and as soon as she said that he stopped crying almost instantly.

We decided we needed someone to pray over the house so people from this church came into our house to make all the spirits go away, and anyway they walked into my room and saw the shadow of a little girl inside my wardrobe so they just ignored it and pretended they didn’t see it walking around so they prayed over it and as soon as they did the temperature in my room increased rapidly and 2 weeks after we moved out… right next door.


Story contributed by: Cheryl


  1. Antonia

    Hello Haunted Community,
    Firstly I like too acknowledge you all as totally motivated with couriosity into The Paranormal Universe. You Guys are Awesome and I take my hat off too You!
    I’m no stranger in this Phenomenon also,
    In fact My Mum told me that I am a Host too the Spirits, Energies, or Ghost, I have had encounters with Good and only One bad Spirit wanderer. Some would have passed away not realising their dead and keep replaying the last few minutes of their life ,where ever that may be, those ones are lost confused and need a Host not to be afraid, but full understanding of what is happening too our body when you realise , yes, someones Spirit, I like to call them Energies has taken over . It is a deep, power within, like a 80 kg women with the weight of a 400 or 500 kg Huge Man inside and obviously you can’t move, or speak , you are solid still and can only move your eyes, I saw the person he was, because I had just used the bathroom and for some thought, I saw a huge Man sitting on the toilet, I had just used, I think it was his home before my parents and possibly died on the toilet, because , I was a very different person when I came out, frozen still for hours, cut a long story short, my friends picked me up, my mum tells them I’m not well, I can speak now but I’m shivering as if in a block of Ice, I’m not making sense too them so they take me too Middlemore hospital, I still have this person or …. with me, I’m not scared, I’m bloody freezing cold. I pass through the A and E unit and have no idea what I’m gona say too the Doctor… When, not even 10 mins at Hospital , I am starting too feel warm , light, like I’m at peace, I’m ok , I’m back too me again and we Gap it or we leave the hospital. I think this spirit was stuck in his house and did not want to be there, so he decides too hitch a ride in Me and I remove him from his home and take him too Middlemore where I’m sure he would have seen a lot of wandering Souls and left me peacefully. I’d wish they hitch a ride with parents next time. That’s only one of a few encounters. Yes I was scared shitless at first but I knew what to do take them too the hospital and get them checked out, this stuff is whacked, lol take them where others have passed on.

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