My experience happened a few years back. We had a friend by the name of Salvador.

We have known Salvador for years until suddenly he stopped coming around. Then out of the blue he would show up in the mornings to drink coffee and chit-chat with me and my Mom. He would do this for about 2 weeks everyday.

Then he again stopped coming around.

We didn’t think much of it until my Mom’s ex boyfriend called and said that Salvador had been dead over a year.

We told him we just had just seen and spoke with him last week. We asked him how he knew he had died. He replied that he had seen his memorial in the paper. We did not believe him until we spoke to his Mom. Salvador had died of a self-inflicted gun shot and bled to death. It was not suicide. I later came to find out he had gone up to the mountains with a couple of his friends and had taken a gun to protect them from wild animals. They had stopped to rest and he started to play with the gun, shooting himself accidentally in the leg and bleeding out.

Story contributed by: Abraham F

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