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The Echoes of Carlile House

The Echoes of Carlile House

After the death of my mother and seeing her spirit, I felt like something opened up within myself making me a sensitive and seeing things that were not to my understanding at first. One of my stories is from a year or two ago when I asked two of my

Getting Hairy with Rex Gilroy

Getting Hairy with Rex Gilroy

I first heard about Rex Gilroy as a child. Perhaps about 1980, or thereabouts. I was a budding young cryptozoologist / paranormal researcher that would spend my time reading up every book or article I could find on the subjects. I also collected newspaper clippings. In my collection I have

UFO was not debris, says local [Hawkes Bay Today]

UFO was not debris, says local [Hawkes Bay Today]

Taradale man Colvin Steel may have seen something the military chiefs of either the US or Russia might have been hoping to flick our way without too many people noticing. The “military satellite” theory is one explanation for the sighting of a large, glowing ball in the sky on Tuesday

Paranormality: The Science of the Supernatural by Richard Wiseman

Paranormality: The Science of the Supernatural by Richard Wiseman

I set a New Years resolution to read more books related to the paranormal and parapsychology and I’m keeping it! Based upon a recommendation from Sarah Chumacero in her LLIFS – Paranormal Blog, I purchased this book and love it! He covers the science behind why people believe in paranormal phenomena

Abandoned farm house – North Shore, Auckland

Abandoned farm house – North Shore, Auckland

Tucked away in Auckland’s North Shore, smothered in dense, overgrown bush native bush and weeds and almost invisible, is this old decaying farm house, sitting abandoned and derelict and typically trashed inside. Thanks to Daniel at Aotearoa Abandoned for the heads up on this fascinating location.  

Return to Rookwood Cemetery & Necropolis, Sydney

Return to Rookwood Cemetery & Necropolis, Sydney

The largest cemetery in the Southern Hemisphere, Rookwood Cemetery (also called Rookwood Necropolis) is the final resting place for approximately over one million people. For more details on this amazing cemetery, check out our original post from our first visit.

Return to the Howick Historical Village

Return to the Howick Historical Village

See the intriguing evidence the team captured on our follow-up investigation among the fascinating echoes of Auckland’s colonial past. Background For location history and other background information, see the investigation report from our previous visit in December 2011. The Return After the interest in our previous investigation from followers on our Facebook page and

Clevedon Cemetery

Clevedon Cemetery

Haunted Auckland pays a visit to the Clevedon Cemetery, located adjacent to All Souls’ Church at 49 North Rd, Clevedon. All Souls Church is set on a slight rise in the village of Clevedon, and was built by Mr. A. Cochrane on two acres of land donated by Mr. J. Thorp, and

Beyond UFO Abductions

Beyond UFO Abductions

The UFO phenomenon is extraordinarily complex, however the main focus is undeniably face-to-face encounters or the onboard UFO experience. Still, when people think of these types of close encounters, they often assume that the experience is a terrifying event during which the unwilling victim is laid out on a table

Torpedo Bay Navy Museum – Devonport, Auckland

Torpedo Bay Navy Museum – Devonport, Auckland

Housed in a 19th Century submarine mining station looking over the Waitemata Harbour, the Torpedo Bay Navy Museum showcases the rich history of the Royal New Zealand Navy.

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Chillingham Castle – Northumberland, UK
Chillingham Castle – Northumberland, UK16/02/2020Haunted Locations / United KingdomLocated in the heart of Northumberland, Chillingham Castle is known as one of Britain’s most haunted historic castles. This 13th century castle has a rich history of bloody battles, many of which continue to haunt its premises. From children walled up whilst still alive, to a vast array of tortured souls, many spirits haunt the halls of this ancient castle. The most well-known ghosts of Chillingham Castle include the ‘Blue Boy’ who haunts the Pink Room of the castle, Lady Mary Berkeley who wanders the halls searching for her husband, and John Sage who is known as the castle’s torturer. We stayed a night in the Guards Room, and I spent a good few hours roaming the halls and sitting in darkness talking and listening to the chilly air, in the hopes of capturing a response. Aside from some weird ‘’footstep’’ type sounds and shuffling from darkened corners of the huge courtyard, it was a quiet night. No ”shadow people”, no cups or glasses flying across the room, no touching or scratches, no slamming doors, moving chairs or distant screams that I’ve been hearing about happening so often. Funny that. Perhaps the amazing activity only occurs during paid Ghost Tour events and documentary filming? Note that on this night, we were the only people staying in the rooms aside from the couple that run the place. A very cool castle that’d I’d certainly like to spend more time in. It has an amazing atmosphere, but I’m guessing i’ll have to pay to experience any ”real” paranormal activity’. I’ll be sure to check back on this intriguing place in a few years. – Mark [...] Read more...
Private Residence – Edinburgh, Scotland
Private Residence – Edinburgh, Scotland16/02/2020InvestigationsOur last spooky place of dwelling for a night before we head off to the airport tomorrow morning. Can’t say I’m very pleased about all that! Oh well, at least our last destination in Scotland is another spacious stunner. This one’s a private residence in Edinburgh that was offered to us ….and it’s huge. Also, there’s no one else here, so we’ve got the whole dang place to ourselves. Shadows seen in corridors and on the stairs, the sound of creaking floorboards as if someone was coming down the stairs and clattering and movement heard in the kitchen. Sounds like the elements of a good night to me! Here’s a few pics – Mark   [...] Read more...
Haunted Auckland book – Voices in the walls
Haunted Auckland book – Voices in the walls03/09/2015Haunted Auckland Updates / Paranormal New Zealand / Supernatural NewsDo ghosts exist? What was I thinking, beginning a book with probably the most asked question ever (alongside, “why are we here?” and “what does it all mean?”)? Rational thinking would’ve told me to start off simple, to ease the reader into the pages ahead. A question that involved needs a big answer, one of great thought, analysis and conclusion. “Do ghosts exist?” is the question I am most often asked, yet still cannot answer. Even after 30-odd years of field research, reading books, scouring the vast internet and networking with other like-minded people around the planet, the answer to this question still eludes me. It’s a question that no one really knows the answer to, even though time and human ego have dictated the minds of the many who dare to delve into this enigma in all its frustrating mystery. Another question I am often confronted with at almost every media interrogation is, “How did you get into all this?” This is one question I can answer; yet, very much like the paranormal itself, it’s a confusing, multi layered labyrinth of life decisions, thought processes and personal evolution. (Or as some of the sceptics I’ve encountered through the years might prefer, de-evolution.) In this, my first attempt at writing a book, I will endeavour to demystify the paranormal field a tad. With the help of my team, as well as a few roped-in friends and research acquaintances from around the country and abroad, we will unravel some of the mystery, answer a few how’s, what’s and whys, offer some personal opinions, investigation tips, and probably piss someone off or rile a sceptical mind in the whole process. We might possibly even debunk the odd myth along the way. We also want to show you, the reader, that we are just like you. We are everyday, ordinary folk with day jobs, bills to pay, families, the usual problems and life issues. We take you right back to our childhoods, where the journey began for those in the team. Much purging has been done in the name of honesty and transparency. We hope you will enjoy and appreciate the team’s life stories. Anyone can do what we do. All it takes is the right frame of mind, a sense of adventure, curiosity and a drive to look for answers yourself instead of blindly following what others might tell you in books, on TV and online. The main agenda of this book is to encourage discussion and, dare I say it, open-minded thought. We don’t claim to have all the answers. We certainly aren’t experts; we do what we can with the skills, theories, knowledge and gear we have to work with. It ain’t much to go on, but hey, at least we’re giving it a go and learning things as we advance. In fact I have more questions now than I did when I first started back exploring the paranormal as a kid! It’s a true blast of a road trip though, and I’m loving every minute of it. Get your copy now, direct from Haunted Auckland …. or via Amazon HERE “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein   [...] Read more...
Project Puhinui: Session one – Puhinui House, Howick Historical Village
Project Puhinui: Session one – Puhinui House, Howick Historical Village19/03/2016Historic Buildings / Investigations / Project PuhinuiSession One: March 19th 2016 – Solo overnight vigil by Mark Wallbank Feb 2016, I began working on a plan to investigate further, the almost regular unusual occurrences that have been reported through the years at the grand, and much loved, Puhinui house. puhi are the decorative plumes used on Maori war canoes; nui meaning large – Apparently relating to an incident in which a concealed canoe was discovered when someone caught sight of the distinctive plumes on its prow. There are claims the discoverers were soundly defeated in a following skirmish. Puhinui Homestead was originally built on Thomas Morris McLaughlin’s 1152 hectare farm in Wiri, which he bought in 1845. In 1861, Thomas’ second son William built this fine piece of real estate lovingly named Puhinui, also called the McLaughlin Homestead. The family retained the house and land for many years, but after the industrialisation of that area, in 1980, the house was offered to the Howick Historical Society and moved to the village on February 12, 1982. The 160-year-old house was cut into five pieces and shifted to the village in 1982. It was carried from its Manukau home on five trailers and, with the help of two large cranes, reassembled. Hauntings Through the years, there has been witnessed the figure of a woman, ascending the stairs. Nothing else, just climbing, from the bottom to the top. The same women (well, its surmised its the same woman) has also been seen in the master bedroom at the top of the stairs. It is thought that the mystery woman could be William McLaughlin’s Daughter, Sarita. An obituary in the Auckland Star, Volume LXXI, Issue 243, 12 October 1940, Page 12 reads; Many Auckland people, and particularly those connected with the older generations, will regret to learn of the death of Miss Sarita McLaughlin, which occurred at her residence in Remuera last evening. Miss McLaughlin was born on the Puhinui estate in 1870. It was while she was young that her father, the late Mr. William McLaughlin, founded the Pakuranga Hunt Club and was its master for many years. Miss McLaughlin was a fine horsewoman and hunted regularly with the hounds. A large circle of friends will always remember Miss McLaughlin’s many kindnesses. Her generosity was distributed to all classes and without thought for herself. She visited England and the Continent several times and a few years ago spent some months in South America. So far the team have conducted two investigations of the village, always making time for this old gem. But this time I wanted to focus it all on just this one house. I wanted to keep it simple. No other team members, minimal equipment and no one knowing I’m there. I wanted to avoid any possible contamination or distractions. No random whispering, coughing, footsteps, sound or movement from anyone but myself. Just me, and the house. During a previous investigation of the house, back in 2010, the building was in the process of some renovation and a repaint. Scaffolding surrounding most of the exterior. One team member reporting feeling a non-specific presence within the Homestead. As the building was undergoing re-painting of the exteriors, it is believed within the paranormal communities, that construction or renovations can be a trigger which can potentially stir up ghostly activity. Earlier in the day, prior to the team’s investigation, a ghostly encounter was reported by a painter who was working on renovations to one of the buildings on site. The painter reported seeing an apparition out of the corner of their eye when working at the Puhinui Farm Homestead building. Unfortunately the team were not able to interview this individual directly, so further specifics of the encounter could not be obtained. During that investigation, one of the team placed a coin on a sheet of paper in the children’s bedroom and traced a circle around the edge with a pen. Then, any ‘children’ present, were asked to please come forward and move the coin. The coin was then left while the team investigated elsewhere in the house. Upon returning, the coin had indeed moved outside the confines of the tracing. In addition, one team member reported seeing the movement of one of the curtains in the main parlour of the house. The curtain was large, at least three metres tall and made from a heavy velvet material. While it was a windy day, and the window behind the curtain had been removed for renovation (the gap left covered in tarpaulin), the movement seen appeared to be a deliberate tug, rather than movement caused by the wind. ——————————————————————— I decided that I would sit and write a live journal for inclusion in this book, during my night long vigil. I would also log onto Facebook and give a live account to anyone that might be up at that time paying attention. During that time a couple of mediums came online and started trying to channel in to where I was. I had time on my hands so offered to do whatever they might like me to do, if they were picking up on anything. They had no idea where I was. Typically, and as I had expected, they both were far off the mark. One telling me to look for a pit in on the floor which was the old cellar and that a barmaid had died there; even though I explained to one of the mediums that the building had never been a bar and had no cellar. However, they seemed adamant they were correct. I was in no space for a debate, so just let it be. Both mediums soon realised that were getting nowhere so left the discussion. If anything it gave me a smug quiet giggle to pass the time. My journal below is as I wrote it at on the night. Nothing has been added. Please excuse my semi-train of thought and attempted semi-poetic ramblings. JOURNAL Well, here I am again, thirty something years on and I’m again sitting in the dark in the lounge room of Puhinui house, at the Howick historical village, looking for ghosts. I did this at ten years old and I’m still doing it. I love this shit, I really do. It’s something that not many truly understand, until they give it a go themselves. Just sitting in a quiet old room, no distractions. Minimal lighting and no noise. Just you and the old house. Soaking each other up and talking to one another in a weird, two-way conversation consisting of two differing languages. House, and human. It’s dark, around 9pm and I’ve just finished setting up some equipment for tonight’s solo vigil at Puhinui. I’m using a four camera IR DVR system. Small and compact. There’s a camera aimed out into the lounge room watching me sleep, one aimed into the dining room, one up in the master bedroom aimed towards the bed and one at the bottom of the stairs looking up. Plus two video cams on tripods. One in lounge aimed down hallway, one in study. Motion and vibration sensors will hopefully alert me to anything roaming the halls or stairwell, outside of my vision. Motion and vibration sensors on the stairs. A motion sensor in hallway outside kitchen. Whilst doing this, I am continually aware of movement around me. Fleeting shadows on the peripheral. Also sounds. Not the typical house shifting type sounds. These are more than just the dull old creaks and pops of an old house as the night rolls on. Scuffing, movement. But down low. 9.45pm: Someone’s just let off some fireworks nearby. 20 degrees Celsius outside and 21.6 inside where I’m sitting. Feeling relaxed and comfortable. There’s kinda that weird, ‘being watched’ feeling. But it doesn’t worry me at all. 10pm and the old chiming clock is dead on time! Tells me the hour, on the hour. Things sure were built to last back then. Watching a few You Tube clips on the tablet to pass the time. I keep spinning around. So many noises behind and to the left of me that don’t sound like house creaks. These are more like movement scuffs and swishes, not cracks and creaks. Coming from behind me and to my left and loud enough to cause me to spin around in my chair to look. I’ve already gotten up to check, but there’s nothing there. Its like there’s something just around that corner. Hiding or doing something. I’m thinking a rat, but cant see one. Went and sat on the stairwell for a while. This is where the grey lady is often seen; always ascending. It’s weird. If you stare at a bunch of shadows long enough, they start to merge together and move. I’m looking at the shadows cast onto the stairwell wall. The spaces, if you stare for a while, seem to fill in and open again. I know it’s my eyes playing optical trickery and perhaps I’m a bit tired into the mix. But when you’re in a place like this, alone, with bugger all lights on, this kind of shit can really mess with you! 11pm: On to my second Moro Bar and second bottle of water. There’s coffee in the kitchen, but I don’t really want to get too wired. Prefer to keep it natural and let my body do what it needs to do. If I get tired, I’ll sleep. Then again, perhaps a little sleep deprivation might add a little ‘zing’ to the night? Still hearing sounds. Just light, random scuffles. Like the sound when wind blows a tree’s branch swiftly across a window. Yet there are no trees nearby and none touching the house anywhere. Also, the sounds are down low; floor level. By the front door and at the bottom of the stairs. Perhaps even in the dining room. Hard to tell at this point. Its those bloody invisible rats again! 12am / Midnight: It’s 19 degrees outside and 21.6 inside. So quite comfy. There’s a lonely Pukeko somewhere out front of the house calling for his / her mate. A sad crying sound with a desperate, yet melancholic tone. OK, that was interesting. Got up to go to the toilet. Mid stream, I hear what sounds like footsteps on the wooden floor following after me. I hold, listen. It stops, I carry on urinating. There would’ve been about five steps. In succession and in a convincing walking rhythm. Getting harder to think rationally, when things are sounding like what they sound like. 1am: 18 degrees outside, 20 in here. Temperatures slowly crawling down with each passing hour. Can’t stop yawning. It’s been a long day! Just tried a communication session on the stairwell. After asking a few questions, I heard that shuffling sound again. This time coming from upstairs. I called out “Is someone there?”and went up to have a look. Couldn’t see anything out of place. Was hoping whom ever might be there would attempt some wall tapping, or come sit beside me for a chat. Nothing this time round. Then again, I haven’t yet reviewed any of my footage, so who knows what might turn up. Maybe they did find a way to make themselves known. The wind is picking up outside. I’m expecting the frequency of creaks and clicks to rise now. Oddly enough they aren’t. 2am: The noises seemed to have stopped now. I figured the wind outside would cause more than what I was hearing. If indeed the sounds were being caused by external natural forces, onto the house, then surely I’d hear more wooden creaking and clicks as the house was blown. Even revisited the toilet for a follow up pee. (on to the third water bottle now) This time no one appeared interested in my bladder release. Have to say, one of my less satisfying urinations. Is it weird to be hoping that someone will be watching you doing it? Lets just quietly say, on this occasions I was kind of hoping it would go that way. 2.30am: Decided I need sleep. Eyes are starting to water. I’ve been staring at this damn laptop too long tonight and its been a long day. Will leave everything running and get comfy on the floor. Have to be up and out by 8am as there’s a ‘live day’ at the village. Would be rather embarrassing to wake to find a group of kids milling around me thinking I was some bizarre historical recreation. 3 am: Ok, its just after 3am and something just happened. I heard a bang, which woke me up. Wasn’t sure what it was. Just a bang like something had fallen or been knocked over. Thought it might have been a poorly balanced camera and tripod falling over. It’s a torch I had upstairs sitting on a chair. It’s now down the stairs. Not sure how. Can’t get my head around this. —————————————————————————————– The journal logging ended there, as I needed sleep and was dazed and confused like the walking dead. I didn’t know what I had captured, or experienced, until I got home and replayed the video. I knew when the incident happened so just skipped through to that very moment. It was then I realised that the activity had happened 25 minutes after my head had hit my pillow and played out for around 12 minutes. What follows is a series of noises that suggest a heavy cabinet being dragged across a wooden floor, perhaps draws being slid open, scuffing and sliding sounds, what could possibly be footsteps and a couple of loud clunks very similar to that made by a metal bucket. Then there’s the physical and visual action. A small, unknown moving ‘object’ is seen casting a shadow, through the stair railings onto the stairs. It appeared to be blocking the light behind it. Then the grand finale; my torch flying sharply down onto the stairs, seemingly with some force behind it. At a first and second watch, the footage looks pretty impressive, however I find myself in two minds about it. I know I should be very excited about this capture, but something just doesn’t feel right. Nothing seems to make sense. The building layout, the distance the torch moved, the angles, the force, the types of noises then there’s the fact; to which I’ll probably spend eternity kicking myself for. That there’s no camera aimed at the torch to capture that money shot! I’m not yet saying I’ve been pranked. Even that could’ve been a far stretch for someone to pull off. Too many variables. Too much risk for them, and again, everything didn’t make any sense or fit any probable scenario. I really don’t think it was someone in the house with me. Every footstep and every move I made in that house was amplified loud and clear by floor board creaks. You just couldn’t move a step without causing a commotion. Anyone upstairs would’ve had to have been levitating to get around. The noise I made just going up the stairs to look, was ridiculous! The team has spent a few weeks now analysing and discussing the footage in an attempt to break down the incident as much as possible, to try and shed some much needed light onto it. So far we are reaching dead ends.           In the next few months we will endeavour two further overnight solo vigils. I want to experiment with variation of people in these situations. Three Haunted Auckland team members, with differing skills, beliefs, strengths, personalities, ethics and preferred investigation equipment. I’m interested to see what similarities might occur. Any patterns in activity or personal emotion. I also want to see how team members cope in these conditions. Not everyone can endure this type of environment. Would the imagination take over leading to paranoia and fear? Or would a strong thinking mind stay firm and work it through to the end? In the end though, there isn’t really any right or wrong way of doing this. But it sure is one hell of a crazy roadtrip finding out! The video clip of session one of The Puhinui Project, can be found on You Tube here. [...] Read more...
Return to Herne Bay Residence
Return to Herne Bay Residence29/12/2013Private ResidencesThe team returned for another visit to this Herne Bay home about a year after the initial investigation, to further document the apparently paranormal events that seem to be occurring from time to time. The current owners have recently had architects and engineers in as they are about to start major renovations. It seems this new decorating activity might be stirring up some spirits in the process. Since our last visit, it seems the paranormal activity is still ongoing. Following a ‘clearing’ after the previous two investigations of this location, activity had ceased and the home had a nicer feel to it, according to the family living here. However, towards Christmas 2013 they again started hearing footsteps in the hallway and appliances were again turning themselves on. Reported activity: Just after our last visit (the morning after they had got home after our investigation) both adults of the house were awoken at the same time, 5.30am by the sound of ‘one of the children walking down the hallway’ to the entrance of their bedroom. Both adults sat up and looked, expecting to see one of the children standing there, but there was no-one there and upon further checking they found all the children asleep. The Mother was sitting at the table recently. Suddenly the heaters turn on (switch is in the hallway). When she got up from the table to go to turn the heater off, the TV turned itself on! Recently there have been lots of noises heard by all the adults in the home (including Barbara who works there as a Nanny) The daughter has become very fearful at night and has bad dreams. Footsteps are being heard walking down the hallway. As the family were going to be away for a few days, it was decided that Haunted Auckland would place a DVR system into the home to monitor any possible activity that may occur while no-one was there and with the permission of the family, the group would hold another investigation while the family were absent. Investigation Team members for the night – Mark, Barbara, Kel (Medium) and Pam Weather Conditions – Fine and warm Following a sweep of the Herne Bay home for temperature and EMF readings we proceeded to set up cameras, video and audio recorders. Communication sessions were held in the upstairs hallway, in two of the upstairs bedrooms and in the downstairs bedroom in order to attempt to gain EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). A spirit box was also experimented with in an attempt to make communications. Medium During these sessions our team medium, Kel, stated that she felt the presence of at least one spirit, but the team were unable to corroborate this with our equipment. Kel – The entity’s name is Adam Flonder he is 14 nearly 15 he and his family died in a fire he had an uncle called Gary. He also has a sister. Thoughts and Feelings Pam – On entering the building I found the atmosphere warm and inviting. It’s always strange going into a house when the owner isn’t home, especially one you haven’t visited before. I felt no sense of any kind of abnormality and felt it was a house well lived in and well loved. A great sense of family. At no time did I feel afraid, stressed, tense or unwelcome. In fact on the many occasions I sat alone in rooms, ie the upstairs bedrooms, they seemed calm to me.   Barbara – I actually had no feelings or emotions going into the house today (which is unusual as I like going into the house). It usually feels welcoming even when there is no-one there but for this investigation the house just felt empty and very still. The little girl’s room had an interesting feel to it. Also at one stage during the investigation it felt and sounded as though someone was in the entrance foyer.   Kel – I first walked in and felt fine standing in the corridor of the house. I have to say I did not feel any personal change of my emotion or mood, or any negative vibes. When I started walking around the house I felt a lot of presence watching and following me. While Pam and I were down stairs in one of the lounges where the fireplace was, I felt a male presence. We heard a few odd noises, and temperature anomalies throughout the night that we couldn’t explain at the time. Upon hearing a sudden loud ‘crack’ sound downstairs, Mark went to investigate and reported that a children’s hanging play tent, attached to the ceiling in the downstairs bedroom was seen swinging as he entered the room. There were no windows open or draughts that might have caused the tent to swing as if being pushed. We could not find any reason for this movement at the time. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”100″ iframe=”false” /] The team did full periodic photographic, audio, EMF, ambient and surface temperature sweeps of every room throughout the night. Three Electromagnetic Field Generators (E.M pumps) custom-built by Haunted Auckland were utilised during a communication session. These pumps, when turned on, emit a wide magnetic energy field around them.  It is theorised that spirits can draw on this energy to manifest, making it easier for them to be in contact. Another sound that was recorded and unable to be explained at the time was a ‘breathy / swishing’ sound that occurred twice and was heard by Pam and Mark whilst everyone was sitting around in a circle on the upstairs landing / hallway attempting communications. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”100″ iframe=”false” /] Communication sessions Communication sessions were held in the upstairs hallway, in two of the upstairs bedrooms and in the downstairs bedroom in order to attempt to gain evps.  During these sessions our team medium stated that she felt the presence of at least one spirit but the team were unable to corroborate this with our equipment. Medium interaction As a research team we endeavour to try all angles and test all theories in the name of open-mindedness. Because the paranormal is an elusive and unknown field, we feel it appropriate to experiment with all or any options given to us. During a lengthy communication attempt utilising our team medium, Kel. Kel – When I asked for the entities to come upstairs where we were sitting, there were about seven entities. I had to ask one to come forward and speak. The entity ‘Adam‘ came forward. Question – How old are you? Answer – 14 going on 15 Barbara questioned who they were. The ‘reply’ was they were the family of Adam. Question  – Family name? Answer –  (spelt out) Flonder. Question – Are you from New Zealand or overseas? Answer – New Zealand. Question – Why are you here? Answer – This is we’re we live. Question – could you repeat your surname? (this was to confirm the spelling as it didnt seem right) Answer – Adam spelt the same name he had before, Flonder. Question – Asked if the family were born here… Answer – Yes. Question – Did something happened to the house? Answer – Yes, burnt down. Kel then apparently had an image in her mind that the roof had collapsed. Question – Did the roof collapse? Answer – The bloody house wasn’t built properly! Question – Did your family all die in the fire? Answer – Yes. Question – Are you the one that turns on the T.V ? Answer – Yes. Question – Who walks down the Hallway? Answer – My brother and he is taller than me.  Various attempts at using an EMF meter to aid communication failed. In the past we seemed to have had some odd success in getting responses by using the Cell Meter.  Barbara – I did sense ‘someone’ in the downstairs entrance foyer and I heard creaking (which is unusual for that area) and thought I could hear movement. I was downstairs by myself at the time, as everyone else had just gone upstairs. It felt like someone was in the foyer with me. I could also hear slight movements. It was as if someone was there and was standing still but sometimes moving just slightly so therefore making very quiet sounds and creaks. Temperature fluctuations The ambient and surface temperatures within the home stayed rather constant and even throughout the home for the entire night, dropping only a degree as it became later and cooler as time went by. Coolest room was the lounge room downstairs which has full length glass windows / doors along an entire wall looking out into the front yard / entrance. Mark felt a fleeting cold spot while the team were doing a communication session in the daughters bedroom. Mark – We were in the daughter’s room sitting on the floor attempting a communication session. I was lying on my stomach with my feet (shoes off, bare feet) at the wall and body pointing into the center of the room. For a second I felt an icy cold ‘swish’ rush over both my feet. It went from right to left. There were no drafts, open windows or any other reasons that we could locate at the time. Barbara also felt cold spots beside her a couple of times during the investigation but this was not supported by any change in the thermometer readings. Trigger tests After Barbara had sensed someone in the downstairs area she decided to set up a simple trigger test to see if any movement could be captured. A couple of playing cards were positioned, leaning up against each other on the bench and a video running beside them to monitor. Before leaving, Barbara invited whatever entity might be there to knock the cards over as a sign of them being there. The cards remained standing all night. A further experiment that was tried on this investigation, a 5m length of tinfoil was laid on the carpet along the upstairs hallway in an effort to hear and record movement on the tinfoil and possibly witness footsteps appearing on the foil if something did walk down the hallway. (Unfortunately the only footsteps captured were Kel’s as she demonstrated to the ‘spirits’ she claimed she was ‘in contact with’, how to walk down the foil hallway) A traced coin and small bell on a piece of paper in the middle of the downstairs hall as trigger objects. Neither items were moved during the investigation. Conclusion Many hundreds of photos, around 20 hours of audio, five hours of video camera footage and over 80 hours of digital video footage were recorded and carefully reviewed by the team. Barbara – I was incredibly disappointed with this investigation. It was very quiet with no real activity. Going solely by what happened on this investigation I would have to say that I saw no evidence of any type of haunting during our visit. However as I am at the house most days I know how the house usually feels and have witnessed and heard quite a few odd occurrences. Based on what I have seen and heard I do think the home is intelligently haunted. I am looking forward to the very major renovations beginning at the house.   Kel – it is my opinion that there is residual energy remaining in the house or on the property/ land. I personally felt that the house possibly could be haunted, as the source who initiated the enquiry has experienced certain unexplained events.   Pam –  Previous investigation reports said that the storage room (off the garage) and the laundry felt cold and unwelcoming and look spooky, but I spent time alone in these rooms and felt that due to them being unlined and uninsulated, this meant they were cooler than the rest of the house and also slightly dusty and musty in odour. I imagine these things lend themselves to unusual feelings. I felt nothing odd in either room. Overall I thought the investigation went well as a learning experience as I got to see how things run and how the equipment works. I felt comfortable in the house during the investigation; it’s a warm, welcoming house full of family energy. Unfortunately I didn’t hear or see anything to indicate that there is anything abnormal going on, but even those people living in supposedly haunted houses only experience things very irregularly so to be in the right place at the right time I should imagine is extremely difficult. I felt we covered all bases with the tools we had and gave trying to capture something the best shot we could.  Unfortunately nothing happened of note.   Mark – This was my third time in this home. At one of the previous sessions I heard and felt things that intrigued me. This time round I didn’t see, feel or hear anything that would to lead me to believe that the home might be haunted. It doesn’t take much for the building to creak as was demonstrated this night. There was some wind coming up. As the sound of the wind was heard, I could then hear the house starting to move. Creaks on cue. At this point I’m leaning towards imagination expanded natural noises and the power of suggestion growing in the minds of those living there, as the idea of ‘ghosts’ being there is being mentioned more often due to us visiting the place. Once the ‘seed’ of a ‘ghost being in the home’ is planted in the sub conscious, everything will be that ghost. Every sound, every corner-of-eye cornea distortion – everything. I too have found myself jumping at every sound, as the thought of a ghost haunting the place becomes more appealing and desirable with every visit and my impatience at capturing a real paranormal phenomenon grows. If you want something to be there, it’ll be there. So for now, I remain sceptical.  Post Investigation A four camera infra-red Digital Video Recording system was set up and left running for a further three days after the team had left.  Cameras were positioned in the daughter and sons rooms, master bedroom and hallway. After reviewing the three days of footage, nothing evidence of any paranormal activity was found. A historical search showed that there was no one with the last name “Flonder” listed on the NZ Electoral Rolls at all, at least not up until 1981. Historical records describe a fire in 1924 which destroyed a Herne Bay home in the same street as the residence we investigated, however no deaths were reported in connection to that fire. [...] Read more...
Queenstown Cemetery
Queenstown Cemetery17/12/2021Cemeteries / Paranormal New Zealand

“Pioneers in the field…. Leading the way with Paranormal Research in New Zealand” – Connor Biddle, Paranormal Encounters.

“I have much respect for the level of study Mark and his team have put into the paranormal phenomenon through the years. His work is interesting and very well researched.” – Murray Bott, U.F.O Researcher & NZ’s MUFON representative.

”Refreshing to see solid and innovative investigation work, done with passion and honesty. Haunted Auckland stand out in the crowd and dont fit any typical mould. This is a very good thing”. – Paranormal Review newsletter


Paranormal New Zealand is the home of Haunted Auckland, a Paranormal Investigation and Research group.

Whether you’ve been aware of Mark Wallbank’s research work since the 1980s, attended his early 90s discussion events, received the quarterly newsletters, subscribed to his popular mid-2000s online blog BizarreNZ, followed the Haunted Auckland team since 2010, or just recently discovered us; WELCOME and thanks for joining in the fun, learning, and adventures.

We are a dedicated group of paranormal researchers, all having one thing in common – a passion and drive to find out as much as humanly possible about the mysterious and unknown field that is the Paranormal, as well as documenting New Zealand’s historical buildings and landmarks in their current state.

Paranormal (păr′ə-nôr′məl) adjective.
Paranormal events are purported phenomena described in popular culture, folk, and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described as beyond normal experience or scientific explanation. The term “paranormal” has existed in the English language since at least 1920. The word consists of two parts: “para” and “normal”. The definition implies that the scientific explanation of the world around us is “normal” and anything that is above, beyond, or contrary to that is “para”.

We’re always learning new things, so hope to pass that knowledge on to you all so that you might learn as we do, in this crazy but fascinating world of the paranormal.

Our primary reason for existing as a team is to experience first-hand and document any perceived paranormal activity so that we may learn to better understand the phenomena and the misconceptions surrounding it. Our aim as a research team is to study these phenomena as closely as possible to form more educated opinions via experimentation, documentation, and simply being present at the moment to record and respond accordingly to it and wherever it may lead us.

Firstly a few things you should know about Haunted Auckland. We’re a small Auckland based team of friendly, dedicated, well seasoned and enthusiastic researchers with differing levels of experience, knowledge, skills and expertise.  Our investigators are intelligent, honest, compassionate and possess critically thinking (yet wide open) minds. We’re also very good listeners.

We work closely with Property Managers, local Councils and Historical organisations to help preserve local histories, bring further awareness and raise funds by running public events.

In our time, the team has successfully raised many (much needed) thousands of  dollars, to assist with the upkeep and general running of these wonderful historic locations. Something we are very proud of.

We are also very proud to have worked alongside and assist both the NZ Police and NZ Fire Services with our work.

Haunted Auckland has it’s roots deep and strong. Going back to 1984, with a team (Auckland Ghost Hunting Group) formed by H.A founder, Mark Wallbank; making them NZ’s longest running Paranormal field-research entity.

What we aren’t:

We aren’t Ghost Busters, Ghost Hunters, Exorcists, Mediums, Clairvoyants or Psychics and we don’t do clearings, blessings or rid homes of alleged demons. We don’t do prayers, rituals, or bring in any religious elements to our work. We aren’t mental health experts or sleep disorder professionals, though we do work closely with mental health professionals.

We travel that spooky road, between sceptic and believer. We are happy to sit right in amongst it all and take the research wherever it may lead us.

While we are sceptical and doubtful of certain cases and ideas, we have seen and experienced enough in our time to realise that dedication to the research is definitely a worthwhile cause. Instead of blindly believing (or disbelieving), or just accepting what we are told is true and real, we prefer to seek out the answers ourselves through first-hand, “boots on the ground” investigation. Experimentation, observation and documentation. We don’t have all the answers and we don’t consider ourselves experts.

We don’t make bold claims we can’t back up with evidence or reliable data.

The team prides itself in being quite a bit different from other paranormal investigation teams out there. We tend to stay away from the mainstream gadget fads.

Research time in locations is valuable and a privilege, so wasting it on pointless flashy boxes that offer no accurate data in return or are vague and open to interpretation (as well as mis-interpretation) is counter-productive and a poorly used opportunity. Thinking outside of the ‘’box’’ confinements of the popular T.V and social media- lead mainstream is something, the team sees as important if the field is to move forward and gain any serious credibility or traction within scientific or academic circles.

The team utilises a combination of old-school thinking and techniques, coupled with a modern way of thinking. Simple and stripped back yet embracing current technology to work though theories and ideas that may find their way into our research. We don’t make claims we can’t back up with evidence or reliable data.

We pride ourselves in keeping it real. No faking evidence or embellishing of facts. If nothing happened, nothing happened.

Why we don’t offer Clearings and Banishings

We decided many years ago to stop offering clearings and cleansings, as the more we learned, the more unethical (even damaging) we could see it was on a few levels.
We wanted to experience and observe these ”beings” and learn about them. Learn from them directly, if such a thing is possible.
To hopefully interact and document as much as we could of it to advance the study of the paranormal.

If the theories on spirits are correct, then clearing, or ”banishing” becomes nothing more than a punishment, torture, an eviction from a home, or even a death. Death to a person (possibly living in an alternative dimension we are yet to even understand or comprehend), that has as much right to exist as ourselves.
Until ghosts, spirits, negative energies, and demons have been sufficiently verified to actually exist, (to which they as yet haven’t, outside of belief, possible misinterpretation, and superstition) it would be unethical to assume a position of knowledge and superiority enough to think we have rights that far outweigh theirs. That we may enter their home and try to evict or eradicate them as if they were cockroaches or some other household pest.

It’s about respect, understanding and compassion; on both sides.

What we are, is “real world” researchers. Learning by doing. If we don’t know something, we say so.

We don’t charge anything for what we do. The opportunity to investigate a location and hopefully further our research is its own great reward.

We follow the Scientific Method as closely as we are able to; though it’s not always easy to create a fully controlled environment and the fact that true paranormal activity is sporadic and very rare means we don’t always have a lot to go on. Still, we do our best with what we have to work with at the time and go wherever it takes us.

We go to where the stories come from in order to see for ourselves. We talk to the people involved to get their sides to the occurrences.

Our conclusions are never really final and we find multiple return visits yield the best results; so have built up trusting relationships with quite a few locations within the historical communities in this country.

Our clean and respected reputation within historical circles is something the team prides itself on, as it has grown over the last decade and is based on well over 200 investigation sessions within that time.

For a full listing of References & testimonials, please visit our TESTIMONIALS page on this website.

Exploration – Observation – Experimentation – Documentation … Ultimately leading to Interaction, Understanding and Conclusion.


Please check out our website and don’t hesitate to make contact if you have any queries or would like to know more about what we do.

We’re always happy to talk about spooks!

Through the years the team have investigated:




                                                                    Dargaville Central Hotel



Hawkes Bay

Central North Island

  •                                                                Chateau Tongariro Hotel                                                               Jubilee Pavillion – Marton


Northern South Island

                                                                                 Trout Hotel

West Coast and Central South Island

  • Seaview Asylum
  • Otira Stagecoach Hotel


  • The Old Shipping Office (Akaroa)


  • Cardrona Hotel
  • Vulcan Hotel (St Bathans)


United Kingdom

  • The Drovers Inn – Scotland
  • Traquair House – Innerleithen
  • Ancient Ram Inn – Wooton-Under-Edge
  • 30 East Drive – Pontefract
  • Boleskine House – Scotland
  • Ballachulish Hotel – Glencoe
  • Chillingham Castle
  • The Golden Fleece – York
  • Bunchrew House – Scotland
  • Oswald House – Kirkcaldy
  • The Skirrid Inn – Abergavenny
  • Halston Hall – Carlisle
  • Airth Castle
  • Dalhousie Castle
  • Barcaldine Castle – Oban
  • The Witchery – Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh Vaults – Scotland
  • Touchwood House – Scotland
  • Greyfriars Kirkyard – Scotland
  • The Hellfire Club – Ireland
  • Ostrich Inn – Slough
  • Caynton Caves –  Shropshire
  • Four Crosses Inn – Staffordshire
  • Torwood House – Scotland
  • Dalhousie Castle – Scotland
  • Windhouse – Yell, Shetland
  • Swan Hotel – Wooton-on-Edge
  • Weston Hall – Staffordshire
  • Clava Cairns – Inverness, Scotland
  • The Queen’s Head Hotel – Troutbeck
  • Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre – Hinkley


YHA [Katoomba]

Hartley Village [NSW]

Quarantine Station [Manly]

The Russell Hotel [Sydney]

Maitland Gaol [NSW]

Kilmore Gaol [Melbourne]

Aradale Lunatic Asylum [Melbourne]



Kaniakapupu Palace Ruins – Nuúanu Pali – Manoa – Oahu Cemetery [Oahu]

Norfolk Island

New Gaol – The Crank Mill – Bloody Bridge

Cryptozoological Field Research

YOWIE RESEARCH: Blue Mountains [ Australia] – Kanangra Ranges [Australia] – Blue Mountains Exploration: Research Area – Bullaburra [Australia]

MOEHAU RESEARCH: Coromandel Ranges [New Zealand] – Urerewa Ranges [New Zealand]



… as well as many private home visits around Auckland and surrounding towns and extensive investigation and exploration internationally.

Some of the services and experience we have on offer:

Research and Investigation of buildings, historical locations and businesses

Photo & video analysis

Photographic enhancements

General paranormal consultation

Historical Research

Conferences / Public speaking

Educational talks & fundraising for historical locations

Media interviews