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Ewelme Cottage – Auckland

Ewelme Cottage – Auckland

One of Auckland’s most famously haunted locations, the historic home of the Lush family for several generations. Location History: The kauri-constructed Ewelme Cottage has a link with the Anglican community in Auckland, the dwelling designed and built by the Reverend Vicesimus Lush (1817-1882) and his wife Blanche in 1863/64. Ewelme,

Evidence of Life after death?

Evidence of Life after death?

One of life’s biggest mysteries is the existence of life after death. It’s a controversial subject for many and a huge challenge for researchers and scientists alike. Why is proof of life after death so difficult to obtain? And what qualifies as proof? The idea that a part of us

Quick catch-up-update during Lock-down 2020

Quick catch-up-update during Lock-down 2020

Hey everyone, just thought I’d jump in here and touch base, as I know it’s been a trying and testing time for many out there. Please stay strong, connected and safe through all this and most importantly, try and stay positive. There’s always light at the end of that dark

Paddy Freaney, Moa Man, is dead

Paddy Freaney, Moa Man, is dead

Paddy Freaney, who claimed to have spotted the massive, but long-extinct, Moa in the Craigieburn Range, has died. A publican in the high country he loved and climbed, Freaney’s claim that he and two hiking buddies spotted a 6-foot Moa – evidence he tried to support with a photograph –

Rotorua UFO ‘sighting’ goes viral on YouTube

Rotorua UFO ‘sighting’ goes viral on YouTube

Sightings of unidentified flying objects in Rotorua skies have sparked an online discussion about paranormal activity in the Bay of Plenty. A video uploaded to YouTube claims to have images of UFOs above Rotorua. It has had more than 131,500 hits since being uploaded by someone with the username Horsefarmer1000.

Puhoi Centennial Hall

Puhoi Centennial Hall

The team investigates the Puhoi Centennial Hall, nestled in the quiet riverside town of Puhoi. Is the spirit of local Arthur Dun watching over the hall?

The 1868 “UFO vision” of Frederick William Birmingham

The 1868 “UFO vision” of Frederick William Birmingham

Did a UFO buzz New South Wales, Australia, in 1868? was a local surveyor invited to board this incredible flying machine by its strange pilot, Or was it a dream? Here is the 2002 recreation of the 1868 “UFO vision” of Frederick William Birmingham in Parramatta which was part of

Mystery of lights in sky lingers [Hawkes Bay Today]

Mystery of lights in sky lingers [Hawkes Bay Today]

The mystery of moving coloured lights in the night skies over Hawke’s Bay continues to deepen with a third sighting since early last month. Last Saturday night it was Onekawa resident Stephen Carr’s turn to be perplexed by unexpected lights overhead after going outside just after 9pm. And, as he

Exposing online fakes and frauds of the Cryptozoological kind – A Shukernature Top Ten listing

Exposing online fakes and frauds of the Cryptozoological kind – A Shukernature Top Ten listing

The internet is the natural home of some very unnatural creatures – fakes, frauds, and the falsely identified. Many of them attract only fleeting, transient attention before being soundly exposed and permanently discredited. However, there is also a hardcore set whose members simply refuse to die – being revived time

Waipukurau Cemetery

Waipukurau Cemetery

The Waipukurau Cemetery, which was situated on what was called Cemetery Road and is now on the corner of Porangahau Road and Lake View Road, was constructed in the late 1880’s, with the first recorded burial dated 1887. At this time, the public cemetery was situated out in the country,

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Mahurangi Cement Works – Warkworth
Mahurangi Cement Works – Warkworth12/01/2014Haunted Locations / Historic Buildings / InvestigationsHistory The Mahurangi Cement Works (near Warkworth) saw New Zealand’s first manufacturing of Portland cement in the 1880s. The founder of New Zealand’s cement industry, Nathaniel Wilson (1836-1919), emigrated from Glasgow with his family when he was 6 years old. Nathaniel initially trained as a shoemaker, but in 1864 he purchased a small piece of land adjacent to his parents block south of Warkworth village. John Southgate had been making lime since 1851 by burning local limestone in a kiln. The cement was used in the Queen Street sewer and other Auckland construction projects. But it was not until manufacturers could produce high-quality cement (known as Portland cement) in 1865 that they could compete with imports. The cement was shipped to Auckland from a wharf on the Mahurangi River. Construction & Use After overcoming some initial local opposition to his cement, Wilson’s business expanded and in 1903 it employed 180 workmen with an output of 20,320 tonnes per annum. It was in this year that the large unreinforced concrete building which forms the most important part of the ruin was erected. Despite its dilapidated state this structure is still an impressive sight with walls 228mm thick, 12m high and 18.3m in length. Although Wilson’s invested heavily in new machinery and processes, by 1918 the company was voluntarily wound up and amalgamated with the New Zealand Portland Cement Company, whose works were at Limestone Island. It was there that most of the cement was then produced, while the Mahurangi works focused on hydrated lime. By 1926 the closure of the works was imminent and machinery was transferred to Portland (near Whangarei) before the Mahurangi works were closed in 1929. Today the whole complex makes a picturesque ruin next to the lake formed by the flooded quarry alongside. As the remains of the first Portland cement works in the southern hemisphere, the ruin is of undoubted historical significance and in terms of industrial archaeology being a testament to the pioneering efforts of Nathaniel Wilson in this field. Paranormal Claims There have been many reports of mysterious shadow apparitions moving amongst the stones. Odd lights, screams and the sound of a something like a generator coming from deep within the crumbling ruins. [...] Read more...
Big Bird’s Last Stand
Big Bird’s Last Stand12/01/2014Kiwi CryptidsCryptozoology can be separated into three classifications: Out of place animals – Alien Big Cats in Britain for example. Previously unknown species – for example Bigfoot and the Mongolian Death Worm. Paleocryptids – those species that once existed but though extinct still make appearances and leave evidence of their continued existence. Creatures like the Tasmanian wolf, the Marsupial Cat and the New Zealand Moa. No animal has had more speculation heaped upon it than the Moa. These birds evolved around 85 million years ago on the southern Super-continent called Gondwanaland. They belonged to a group known as Ratites; the family includes Ostriches, Emus and the extinct Elephant Bird of Madagascar. Once New Zealand separated from Gondwanaland and became isolated it enabled the Moa to survive in a relatively predator free environment, filled with avian fauna, the only mammals present were three species of small bats.   Recently discovered fossil evidence further seems to indicate there was a species of both Python and Crocodile which may have included Moa on the menu.This isolation enabled these birds to obtain a wide variety of sizes, from small Turkey sized species such as Euryapteryx curtus to the gigantic Dinoris giganteus which stood 4 meters tall and weighed in at 250 kilograms. All Moa species were herbivorous browsers. They ranged in habitat from the alpine regions to the coastal areas. The main mysteries surrounding this bird is when did it become extinct, or if it is in fact extinct. It has been implied the Moa was already on the decline before the human colonization commenced; evidence from Maori butchering and cooking sites show there must have been an abundance of birds, judging by the wasteful practices engaged in the butchering process. Meat from the thighs were primarily used, the remainder of the carcass was left to perish.This is rather surprising, Maori of old were very conservation conscious to ensure resources were not overtaxed. This was accomplished by oral tradition and folklore; seasons set out for hunting different species guaranteed a recovery period.Even the name Moa is somewhat of a conundrum, it does not appear among the oral traditional legends of the Maori, the term used to widely make reference to this bird was Tarepo.It seems generally accepted that the large species were supposed to have been extinct by the early 1800’s, and if not already extinct by then, they had become extremely scarce. However if is plausible that some of the smaller species, neglected as a food source because of their bigger relatives may have persisted longer.The mid to late 1800’s produced many reports of large birds witnessed in isolated areas of bush; this was an era of exploration, regions were being opened up for settlement. Many reports focused on the South Island, as gold prospectors and surveyors pushed into the isolated interior areas.One of the most curious reports of this period includes a confrontation between a sheep dog and a Moa, the Moa turned on the dog after being harassed, once the dog backed off, the Moa was witnessed to bob its head up and down in the direction of the dog in what seemed to be a possible threat posture. 1931 and 1960 saw further reports of large birds in the bush of the South Island, in 1989 a pair of birds were observed by trampers, once more in the South Island.All accounts seemed to involve the large species of Moa.In 1990 there were several sightings of large Birds, in the Arthur’s Pass district, and tracks were found on two occasions.The most recent sighting caught World Media attention. On January 20th 1993 three companions were tramping the Craigieburn Rangearea, Paddy Freaney, Sam Waby and Rochelle Rafferty. Mr. Waby paused at a secluded stream for a drink; Paddy Freaney’s attention was drawn to a large bird which was nearby watching them. Freaney drew the attention of his associates to the bird, which then panicked and fled. Freaney chased the bird, with camera in hand, and at an approximated 35 meters got the now famous photo of the bird; he further discovered and photographed, after loosing sight of it, wet bird footprints on a rock.These pictures were shown to a Department of Conservation Officer who expressed the opinion that the bird seemed very much like Megapteryxdidinus, a sub-alpine species of moa known to have populated the South Island. Computer analysis was performed on the photo by Canterbury University,specialists at the University expressed the view that the photograph was of a genuine large bird and not some prop stage to look like one. Deer and other four footed animals were further ruled out. To add to the weight of evidence in support of the photograph being genuine,in the following year, 1994, a physician was tramping in exactly the same area the snapshot was taken; he came across browsing damage that was consistent with what is known of Moa feeding habits. In light of the corroborating evidence the Department of Conservation made no attempt to follow up on what certainly would have been the find of the century. Is the Moa extinct? Perhaps in some of New Zealand’s remote areas, and there are still a few,the species may still hold a tenuous grasp on existence. The sad fact is if it were to be discovered how simple it would be to conclude what was started in those Maori middens hundreds of years ago. Article Copyright© Tony Lucas – reproduced with permission. [...] Read more...
Project Puhinui: Session Four – Puhinui House, Howick Historical Village
Project Puhinui: Session Four – Puhinui House, Howick Historical Village30/04/2016Historic Buildings / Investigations / Project PuhinuiSession Four: 30th April 2016 – Solo Overnight vigil by Lisa Ward. I thought it was a nice old house, very representative of the 1800s. I loved the Veranda. I went in treating it as an ordinary ‘un-haunted’ house and thought that I would just see if anything happened to convince me otherwise. The house was fairly big. Downstairs consisted of a large living area, a dinning room with small office in an alcove. At the back of the house were modern toilets, the kitchen and parlour and a small porch area leading to the back door. If you continued to walk down the corridor this narrowed and ended in the small maid’s bed room. A big staircase led to the upstairs hall way. Off the hallway were the main bedroom, a child’s bedroom, a more modern looking sewing room, a room full of pictured and other junk, a small room with mannequins and a room full of filing cabinets. The house didn’t feel uncomfortable in anyway when I first arrived. The only room that I thought seemed a bit creepy was the maid’s room. I think this may just have been related to the fact that the room was at the end of a dark narrow corridor. The bed was arranged as if someone had been sleeping in it. The master bed room also made me feel a little bit uncomfortable, but again I think this may have been related to hearing reports that the mirror had swung on its own accord. I arrived for my solo vigil at Puhinui house at around 7 pm. It was still night, calm and cloudy with a temperature of around 16ºC. Mark met me by the house. I was impressed with the beautiful façade of the 19th century house. I’ve always loved verandas and this house had a large veranda at the front. The inside of the house was no less impressive. A beautiful staircase and stained glass window confronted you as you walked through the door. Mark took the time show me around the rooms explaining some of the history of the place and some of the stories from previous investigations. The house was sizeable and I imagined back in the day (mid 1800s) it must have been a beautiful house to live in and not so large that it wasn’t homely. The house felt fairly normal on arrival. I didn’t feel any change of emotion as I walked around. We spent some time setting up the DVR cameras. These were placed at the bottom of the staircase, looking up the stairwell, in the hallway at the top of the stairs, in the room containing filing cabinets and a metal bin and in the main living room. At the top of the stairs I also placed a toy stuffed dog on a chair as a trigger object but this hadn’t moved by the morning. Mark left me around 8.30 pm and I was alone to soak up the atmosphere. I wandered around the house again getting a feel for the place. I’d planned first to go around taking photographs to document the house. After this, I planned to set up the voice recorders. Footsteps Around 9 pm, I started taking photos around the living room, trying to capture some of the memorabilia. I was busy taking photographs of a badly taxidermied tiger when I suddenly heard loud footsteps walking down the corridor outside of the living room. I would describe them as low heels on a hard or wooden floor, someone walking quite quickly or with a purpose. There were around 6 to 8 footsteps. The footsteps sounded like they were going down the corridor past the toilets and away from the living room. As I was stood by the door by this corridor I moved quickly to see if I could see someone, but there was no-one there. I took a photo to see if I could capture anything, but nothing was captured. The incident freaked me out a bit, I think I was even shaking a bit and couldn’t believe what I’d just heard. At the same time it was exciting as this is what investigation is about, having these experiences. I knew no-one was in the house; I’d previously walked right through the house with Mark and we’d even checked the back door was locked. Mark had long gone about 15 to 20 minutes before. As I moved around the house, I felt a little nervous. The areas where I felt most uneasy were upstairs, particularly the master bedroom. I found I didn’t want to really go into the room. Downstairs, walking through the kitchen made me really shudder and I didn’t want to be in there. I felt an overwhelming feeling of being watched and intruding. I even felt this in the kitchen in the morning when it was lighter, so it wasn’t just the darkness that was making me feel uncomfortable. I didn’t really like the maid’s room, but this was at the end of a creepy looking corridor, so I don’t think that helped. At around 4.30 am I woke up and felt like someone was pressing a single finger hard on the top of my head, it was quite painful. I also suddenly felt like someone had lifted and pulled my duvet back, and I knew I hadn’t moved! I sat up quickly but didn’t see anything. I felt like I just wanted to get out of the house at that point. DVR cameras were placed at the bottom of the staircase, looking up the stairwell, in the hallway at the top of the stairs, in the room containing filing cabinets and a metal bin and in the main living room. At the top of the stairs I also placed a toy stuffed dog on a chair as a trigger object but this hadn’t moved by the morning. The living room the video did capture me reacting to the footstep noise, although I’m only just in the shot. Voice recorders were placed on first step of the staircase and on the table in the upstairs hallway.   Following the footstep event, I set up voice recorders, one on the bottom of the stairs and the other on a table in the hallway upstairs. I then took some pictures around the house. At 9.30, still feeling a little nervous, I decided to have some quiet time in the living room. I sat on my make shift bed and did a bit of meditation to calm my nerves, but as the evening progressed on, I couldn’t easily shake the feeling of unease. As I moved around the house, I felt a little nervous. The areas where I felt most uneasy were upstairs, particularly the master bedroom. I found I didn’t want to really go into the room. Downstairs, walking through the kitchen made me really shudder and I didn’t want to be in there. I felt an overwhelming feeling of being watched and intruding. I even felt this in the kitchen in the morning when it was lighter, so it wasn’t just the darkness that was making me feel uncomfortable. I didn’t really like the maid’s room, but this was at the end of a creepy looking corridor, so I don’t think that helped.   At 9.45 pm I decided to do a communication session. I sat on the lower stairs. I asked if Serita was there. I asked lots of questions about the house and who was there, whether they owned the house or had worked there. I asked for names. I asked whether they minded all the people who had stayed overnight recently. I picked up what sounded like male and female voices. I hear what I think sounds like the following: Male voice saying “yes” Male voice saying something like “Bullshit” A female voice shouting “Aunt” (however this was picked up while I was still in the living room before I even started the EVP session) Female voice saying ‘tomorrow’ A female voice that replies “yes” when I ask “perhaps you like the company” referring to people staying overnight in the house. Two loud bangs which don’t sound like normal house noises, these are very distinct and clear, but I couldn’t work out the direction they were coming from as I had my headphones on. At around 10.00 pm I moved upstairs and sat in the hallway and did a second EVP session. I’ve still to go through this file in more detail. At around 10.15 pm I decided to turn off all the upstairs and then downstairs lights so that I didn’t draw the attention of anyone outside that there was someone in the house. Loud bang around 3 am. Male voice (English accent) at 6 am (ish0) saying what sounds like “in front” I then went back to the living area and tried a ghost box session. I asked some more questions and during the session I said my name and asked whoever was there to repeat it. I thought I heard my name. I also asked whoever was there to tell me what colour jumper I was wearing. I thought I heard a clear ‘pink’ and this was repeated a second time (as I was wearing a pinkish jumper), but I accept it was probably voice pareidolia and my mind wanting to hear those responses. It would be interesting to ask someone else in the team who didn’t know what I was wearing as to whether they hear a colour after I ask the question. Other than that, the ghost box didn’t yield anything exciting. From 10.30 pm onwards I decided to have more quiet time and leave the voice recorders to do their work. I sat reading, looking at Facebook, sending a few messages and trying to read a scientific paper I’d been asked to review. I did find the silence a little oppressive. I couldn’t shake the sense of unease and just felt like I wasn’t alone or I was being watched. I put the feeling down to my own imagination and kept telling myself to keep a calm mind and that fear is all in the mind. At 11.45 I decided to check that the voice recorders were still running. I changed the batteries on the voice recorder on the stairs. Around midnight I decided to pack in and get some sleep. I woke several times during the night and lay there listening for any sounds. It was quiet each time. At around 4.30 am I woke up and felt like someone was pressing a single finger hard on the top of my head, it was quite painful. I also suddenly felt like someone had lifted and pulled my duvet back, and I knew I hadn’t moved! I sat up quickly but didn’t see anything. I felt like I just wanted to get out of the house at that point. I managed to eventually get back to sleep and my alarm went off at 6.00 am. It was still dark outside, but I decided to get up and start packing up so I could leave by 7.00 am. I started to take my stuff out to the car and it was nice to be outside of the house. I spent a few minutes looking at the house and found that I just really didn’t want to go back in. I braced myself and went back. I worked my way around disconnecting the DVR cameras and switching off voice recorders and packing away all the equipment. Once, I’d got everything back in the car I decided to take more pictures inside as the light was coming in. I also walked around the back of the house and took more pictures. At around 7.00 am, I was out of there! I’ve listened to the voice recordings left running over night. There are a couple of loud bangs around 3 am, other than that it was quiet until around 6 am. I can hear myself downstairs starting to pack up, but I hear what sounds like a male voice close to the upstairs voice recorder saying what sounds like “In front” It sounds like an English accent to me. Although I found it hard at times to be in the house, I’m pleased I had the experience to do the solo vigil. It does make it a lot easier to interpret sounds on the voice recorder and during the EVPs. You can be more certain it’s not noise contamination from someone else. Is the house haunted? I think there is something there but as to what it is I’m not sure. With the footsteps and voices picked up on EVP, some of it could be put down to residual energy, if there even is such a thing. Mark had also heard similar footsteps to me and comparing notes in the same area of the house. I seemed to get a clear “yes” in answer to a question during an EVP session, so perhaps there is intelligent energy there. This could also be concluded from the torch throwing event during Mark’s vigil. The EVP words captured are generally quite random rather than responses to questions, making it seem like there are energies still living in the house carrying out their lives; with male and female voices captured, it seems as if there is more than one energy there. I’ve wondered if it’s some kind of time loop replaying over. I never felt like I was in any danger in the house, but as mentioned I often felt uneasy and nervous at times. It was unbelievably quiet at times and the darkness of the house seemed quite brooding particularly in the wee small hours. As described above, there were some areas of the house which made me feel more uncomfortable than others. It’s certainly and interesting house from a paranormal perspective. I think we could do a lot more research there and I don’t think it will disappoint. Audio Anomalies These are two loud bangs heard during an EVP session around 10 pm. They came from within the house, but I wasn’t sure of the direction as I had headphones on. I caught what sounds like a male voice saying ‘in front’ or ‘it’s Francis’ early in the morning around 6 am. You can also hear me downstairs moving around as I was starting to pack away my gear This is a voice caught while the voice recorder was on the steps just prior to me starting an EVP session around 10 pm. I was in the living room at the time. It sounds like a ladies voice shouting “aunt” This was a ladies voice captured during my EVP session around 10 pm. I asked perhaps you like the company referring to the recent HA people staying overnight… I can hear a faint but clear “yes” to my question [...] Read more...
Ngatea Mystery Circle – Terrestrial or Extraterrestrial?
Ngatea Mystery Circle – Terrestrial or Extraterrestrial?21/08/2014Paranormal New Zealand / UFO SightingsFrom the original script by the late Harold H. Fulton It began quietly enough early in September 1969, but before two months were up, New Zealand’s biggest space scare had boomed to the greatest public UFO awareness on record in this far southern land’s experience. For a period commencing mid-September for the following four to five weeks there was hardly a day when the press, radio or TV (in that order) failed to mention new ‘circle’ discoveries, and particularly conflicting findings and opinions of investigators as to the cause of the ‘Ngatea Mystery Circle’. The enigmatic trail-blazer came when the press and radio in Hamilton learned details of farmer B.G. O’Neil’s discovery. On September 4 Mr Bert O’Neil had discovered a strangely affected patch of manuka (known locally as ti-tree or scrub-weed) on a run-off section of his farm. This seldom-visited place was covered with the plant. He had first noticed, from afar, a very bleached patch among the taller ti-tree growths that bound the area. This was three weeks earlier, but on September 4, he made an on-the-spot investigation in company with a local ‘scrub’ contractor and made a major discovery. Before his startled eyes, Mr O’Neil saw a circular patch of dead and silvery-white manuka in the midst of otherwise green and lush growth. Within the circle, an even more interesting find was made. An inspection revealed, near the centre of the circle, three very unusual ground indentations, positioned so as to form the inside points of a triangle. Off to one side of this (scorched?) circle was the taller stand of ti-tree, also bleached and dead. This was the spot that Mr O’Neil had sighted earlier and which had aroused his curiosity. He noted too that the dead scrub-weed within the circle was all still standing and undisturbed. As to what had killed the flora, that was quite a poser. Mr O’Neil knew there had been no spraying of weed-killer from the air or ground on either his or nearby farms. In fact, he had not even visited this part of the property for some six months. He was certain too, in his own mind that the general appearance of the dead scrub was totally unlike the expected effects of weed-killer, which causes a twisting of the stems. As to the strange ground indentations, they were very different from those made by rooting pigs and anyway, there were no wild pigs on the farm. As he stood to survey the whole strange scene, it looked to Mr O’Neil as if some large object had come down from the sky and landed on three long stilts. Its footpads could have made the evenly spaced earth indentations. Somehow the scrub-weed within the circle and the nearby taller stand of 15 feet could have been killed by the object. He had read a little about UFO sightings and recalled how a mysterious circle of dead flora had been discovered in Australia in 1968. Although Mr O’Neil at first only discussed his strange find within the family, the news quickly leaked to the local radio and press. Then the rush to see and to collect souvenirs began in earnest. Luckily a handful of regular UFO investigators were on the scene by Sunday, September 7, but already the area was much trampled; a lot of scrub-weed within the circle had been removed and the ground markings disturbed. The condition of the site was very different from its original appearance when, nearly five weeks later, scientists from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) and Victoria University of Wellington arrived at Ngatea. Among the researchers from private organizations were four members of the Auckland University UFO Research Group (formed by Tony Brunt and fellow students in December 1968), Tauranga representatives of the Auckland-based New Zealand Scientific Space Research (begun by Henk and Brenda Hinfelaar in 1959), and the Timaru-based Scientific Approach to Cosmic Understanding. The University team described (in part) the area. Quoting from their September Newsletter: “The ti-tree in the 56ft circle was dead and still standing. It was dry and white in colour. The burn was uniform down the stem and was obviously not a heat burn. It did not appear to be the work of a weed-killer or any normal defoliant. The burns were reminiscent of radiation burns. Not quite in the middle of the burnt circle were three depressions which looked equidistant. The measurement showed that the three sides of the imaginary triangle were, in fact, 10ft, 10ft, and 9ft. The vague depressions were about two feet across and about eight inches deep. From two of the depressions, two furrows forming a v-shape radiated out a few feet. None of the surrounding ti-tree had been crushed. A crude radiography test for radioactivity was carried out in one depression and in the middle of the triangle, but this proved negative. Soil and scrub samples were taken. A piece of ti-tree was subjected to a gamma spectrum test; this proved negative.” Press feature on Ngatea Mystery Circle widens interest With the publication of a five-column-width feature story syndicated on the Ngatea incident by several newspapers throughout New Zealand, public interest caught on and caused the first stirs within official confines. The story was headlined: IS MARS NOW TAKING A LOOK AT US? The Wellington Evening Post of September 10 carried the feature; Wellington Victoria University staff had noted it; but when a leading horticulturalist, Mr Stuart-Menzies of Te Puna (near Tauranga) released to the press the results of his examinations of samples taken from the Ngatea Mystery Circle, things really began to pop. According to Mr Stuart-Menzies, the scrub-weed within the affected area had been killed by high-frequency short-wave radiation. Mr Stuart-Menzies had been called in to examine samples by Mr Harvey Cooke of Tauranga. The horticulturalist elaborated: “Manuka from the circle was radio-active and had been cooked instantaneously from the inside outward. Every ounce of moisture in the plants had been instantly vaporized; they are bone dry and brittle. The energy received has reduced the pith to black carbon without the outsides showing any signs of burning.” Mr Stuart-Menzies added that he knew, “no earthly source of energy which could produce these effects; some outside object appears to have landed on the spot, and in taking off, emitted the energy which cooked the plants.” It was now early October and ‘mystery circles’ were being reported from other areas in the North Island, but more notable was the fact that real interest had penetrated official enclaves. First off the mark was an authorized team of four from Wellington’s Victoria University, led by Dr N. F. Barber, Professor of Theoretical Physics. These gentlemen were closely followed by members of the DSIR, sent into the arena by the Minister of Science, Mr Brian E. Talboys. Wellington’s provincial morning paper, The Dominion, has given a day-by-day, blow-by-blow discourse on the Ngatea incident on its front page commencing early October. The Minister of Science apparently was unable to avoid the issue. Wellington is the seat of government and a major election platform was just swinging into real action. The election date was November 29. The moment official interest became directly involved, simple and rational explanations for all mysteries were rapidly forthcoming. It was almost as though an order had gone out to kill off the UFO landing theory as quickly as possible. The official explanations ranged from the possible to the unlikely to the utterly ridiculous. They came in a fast flow from TV., radio, and press, now in the reverse order of priority to that given at the beginning of this account. Some examples of the official explanations: the scrub-weed had been sprayed by aircraft, from a tractor, by duck-shooters; the ground indentations had been made by rooting pigs, by rabbits, and removed fallen ti-tree stems pulled from the soft peat soil. Mr Bert G. O’Neil, a seasoned farmer and owner of the property, had eliminated the above explanations on his first examination and he had been quoted accordingly in the nationally syndicated article of September 10. All non-official investigators and visiting farm friends were inclined to agree with Mr O’Neil.   Investigations by various research bodies in New Zealand Following a letter to Professor N. F. Barber, Department of Physics, Victoria University of Wellington, I received a copy of the report made on the Ngatea Mystery Circle by his team which included Dr R. McQueen (botanist) and Mr V. Neall (soil geologist). Their conclusions were as follows: “The manuka was killed about the month of December by 245T weed-killer compound. The weed-killer was probably dropped from an aircraft at the time of a south-westerly wind. The pattern of the ground disturbance seen on October 10 did not have the symmetry that one might expect of marks made by a machine. Since the party did not see the disturbance of the ground as it was originally found, they are not able to express any positive opinion to its origin.” I also wrote to Mr L. J. Mathews, a scientist at Ruakura Soil Research Station, Hamilton, who had assisted in the above investigation. In reply, he quoted from his memo to Mr Vance Neall. “I have examined specimens forwarded by you and they agree fully with the effects of herbicide application, namely, colouring, slight curvature of the branches, branchlets and leaves, fruiting capsules still present and the brittle nature of the material. Also, most of the leaves have fallen off and this is more typical of a chemical effect than fungal attack. Also sprayed manuka is usually not attacked by fungi as readily as plants destroyed by fire or other means. The results are completely consistent with the area being sprayed with 245T at the rate of 31 lb plus per acre either with the soil miscible concentrate or the emulsifiable ester. Defoliation would occur in 7-10 days or earlier if a desiccant such as diquat and sodium chlorate type of material were added and the plants would be completely dead within 3-6 months.” The Ministry of Science Statement A letter to Mr Brian E. Talboys, Minister of Science, produced a brief reply and a copy of his press release on October 10, based on the report submitted by the DSIR. The Minister wrote: “Plant pathologists who examined the site during this week found that the symptoms are consistent with death from fungus attack. The manuka around the area is ‘stag-headed’, quite typical of plants attacked by fungi and there are many other dead and dying patches in the vicinity. The area was drained about nine years ago and there is a thin mineral topsoil over the peat. The drainage has lowered the water table and the plant cover is adapting to the new conditions. The manuka is undoubtedly affected by a root rot complex of organisms, and there are other pathogens present, including manuka blight. The dark colour of the interior of the dead stems is due to the normal saprophytic fungus which is living on dead tissue. Samples of peat and manuka which were sent to the Institute of Nuclear Sciences were examined for unusual radioactivity. Though highly sensitive methods were used, no radioactivity above normal background was detected in peat or manuka samples from within or outside the circle of dead manuka.” Mr Talboys concluded there was nothing abnormal about the dead patch of manuka, and that normal causes of death should be considered before worrying about possible extraterrestrial phenomena. He said he did not consider that the matter warranted further investigation. The opposition The report was immediately challenged by private investigating groups and their expert consultants, among them, Mr Stuart-Menzies and Mr R. Chidnall (leading horticulturalists), and the Editors of a number of newspapers. In defence, Dr E.G. Bollard of the DSIR plant diseases division pointed out that the report to the Minister stated that saprophytic fungi were found on the manuka, but this was not given as the cause of death. He said he believed the Minister’s statement provided an adequate explanation. By this time, samples were being sent in by zealous citizens from other circle mystery finds, but the DSIR now released a press statement that they were refusing to carry out any further tests. In a press release dated October 14, Mr R.Chidnall joined Mr Stuart-Menzies in repudiating the Minister’s findings. Mr Chidnall said he agreed that saprophytic fungus was present, but this was a secondary state following death and did not explain how the plants died. When he examined the material he found “a set of states” which he could not fit into any ordinary pattern. Under the microscope, considerable differences were found in the dead wood from the affected area to that found in other areas. He also found that the soil from the circle would not support growth. “I sowed seeds in the soil which I collected from the affected area, and they sprouted and died within 48 hours 0- they just keeled over and died!” Seeds from the same packet planted in soil from outside the circle were still growing naturally, he said. Mr Stuart-Menzies agreed that he could see no evidence that the manuka was killed by spray or fungus. Saprophytic fungus lived only on dead material and did not kill. He added that Geiger counter readings taken within a week of the circle being discovered registered radiation in the thicker pieces of manuka. Summing up I have not mentioned the number of interesting UFO sightings made by the time the mystery circles were discovered. However, with at least nine different sites recorded there was not one instance of a UFO being seen to leave the roost, as was at Tully, Australia. On September 4, the day that Mr O’Neil discovered the circle, a UFO was tracked by radar for 100 miles and confirmed by two pilots aloft. The evidence, however, from both private and official sources, is that the circle at Ngatea is most likely to have been caused 3-6 months earlier. Whatever the real cause of the Ngatea and other circles, they must surely have broken all records of coverage of a suspected UFO incident on press, radio and TV. [...] Read more...
Private Residence, Titirangi
Private Residence, Titirangi24/08/2012Private ResidencesHaunted Auckland receives an urgent call for assistance at a Titirangi home where the owners report shadows, loud noises and doors which move on their own. Background We were asked to investigate a private residence in Titirangi which seemed to be having a few on-going disruptive incidents that needed looking into. We could not find any handy information about this house prior to the investigation, only that it is located close to Glen Eden Intermediate School and that the street had once been a bale fill site. The family was experiencing many disturbances at night which was causing stress and discomfort. Alleged Activity Moving shadows Unusual unexplained odours The kids get the ‘heebie jeebies’ and run out of their rooms screaming in the middle of the night The children refuse to sleep in the room with the lights off Strange stains in the paintwork that won’t wash out The owner reported feeling pressure on the bed, like a heavy cat or small; child crawling up beside her, while she was laying face down resting one afternoon. It stopped at her pillow, right by her head. When she looked up, there was nothing there Loud noises at night like bangs, crashes and scraping sounds The children have the most trouble in the daughter’s room at the back end of the house. The room is always much colder than the rest of the house and a lingering smell has permeated the air since their arrival there A 15-year-old baby sitter was upset one night with the feeling she wasn’t alone and was frightened by the door opening and closing by itself We arrived at the house at 7.30pm.   First Impressions Barbara – “Modest family home with nice people. House was clean and tidy and was obviously a place where children lived. I didn’t get a sense of any spirits or ghosts being present. The house was a typical small, three bedroom, mass-produced ‘universal’ type house. I estimate that it was perhaps 15 years old. The front door (ranch slider I think) opened into an open-plan lounge/dining room with an open kitchen off the dining section of the room. This large room had a hall way at the end of it which lead to laundry and bathroom (to left), and three bedrooms (two on right and one at end).” Mark – “The home has a nice warm and cosy, welcoming feeling. I know the owners well so it was good to catch up with them again. It’s an oldish house, but still clean, tidy, uncluttered and obviously cared for by the current occupants. No initial ‘feelings’ on first entrance.” Kris – “I would say the house is a 1970-1980 faux character house. On entering the house, at first there was this ‘this is nice’ impression at making the entrance to the house as appealing as possible to live in. Walking down the hallway was a different story, with E.M.Fs going from the static 600 milligauss to 1509 milligauss, which was rather high. This was also at the location of the meter box. In the boy’s room I kept getting the feeling that this room was the room of a ‘dirty old man’ kind of creepy feeling. This was the last room that I was in, so later in the night, and when the EMF levels were stuck at 745 or 754.”   Feelings and Sensations Mark – “The room I felt the most ‘vibe’ in would’ve been the boy’s room. Usual story, don’t know why, just a ‘feeling’.” Kris – “When first entering the property, half way down the hall I started to get a big headache. It felt like I was being pulled upwards, from the top of my eye sockets. I kind of had the feeling that if we were talking about the place being ‘haunted’, we were looking at a dual thing. A sad woman and an angry man. Maybe a murder suicide situation or multiple deaths in the vicinity. I definitely got the feeling of ‘Maternal’ and ‘Predatorial’.” The owners mentioned they hear sounds of movement, like scratching, shuffling and banging at night. Mark heard a definite and clear shuffling sound coming from up in the boys closet whilst in there, so climbed up into the ceiling hole with an I.R video camera to try to film inside the ceiling / roof. The footage showed there was a lot of shredded Pink Batts insulation everywhere. On opening the small panel that went up into the roof, Mark heard another scuttling sound. He felt he had possibly disturbed something and guessed it might have been rats, so suggested they toss a few rat poison tablets up in there to see if the noises eventually cease.   EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Readings Base Level of E.M.F inside was 600, rather high, and outside was about the same. E.M.Fs peaked at 1509 in hall at beginning of night. On listening to the recordings, it did seem that this high point would move from spot to spot. When it wasn’t peaking, the area round the meter box was in the 900s, still high, but not 1500. E.M.Fs under the house, near meter box peaked at 2901, but only for a few seconds. E.M.Fs in kids bedrooms peaked at 1200. After going under house, the E.M.F meter malfunctioned and was stuck at 745 or 754 for the rest of the night. It deserves to be mentioned, that at first, I thought that the meter was malfunctioning, however, it was still operating as it was still saving these figures to the data file. The beds, being steel bunk beds, gave off a massive E.M.F reading; however the high point in the room seemed to change. Range was from 600mg – 1800mg. (or.6-1.8 gauss). Kris – “I experienced battery drain, and my EMF meter getting jammed on .724, even after a few shutdowns and reloads.”   Mark also experienced much sudden battery drainage on both his cameras and audio recorders. We noticed many plastered-over holes in the ceilings, walls and doors, leading us to hypothesise that the house had seen much disturbance, violence and anger in its history. It was thought that a concentration of excessive residual negative energy, may have left some sort of impression on the house. Further investigation would be needed to try to confirm or refute this and our other theories. Barbara – “I got a sense of a woman being in the two back bedrooms. I am wondering if she had passed away there and is still visits from time to time. While sitting in the little girls room (the end bedroom) and doing an E.V.P session, I felt like I was being pushed upwards from the bed (like someone was trying to get me off it). Also while sitting in that same place I noticed the head of a nodding dog toy (or cat as there was some discussion as to what it actually was) was nodding slightly. This was so slight I only noticed it due to it having a patterned object behind it and I could see that the pattern was changing slightly.”   Boy’s Bedroom Kris – “I found the boys bedroom to be the more active, however that may be due to the lateness of being there. I found it very interesting that the son of the household always wanted his large toy dog in front of and facing the window. To me that indicates that he thinks that whatever it is that upsets him comes from outside. I went outside and must admit to feeling uneasy while being out there (as if something not pleasant was watching).” Under the House Both Mark and Kris did separate searches under the house. Kris – “The door to the basement is unlockable from memory, and the house is built high off the ground. Any chance in breeze opening it, and the suction created adding to the noise of the already creepy house?” Mark – Lots of cobwebs. One thing I noticed which seemed unusual, was that every single spider on the webs, was dead, dried up and coated in a white substance. It was thought to possibly be a type of fungus that affects spiders, or maybe it was due to chemicals as part of an insect extermination process, we were unsure at the time. Probably nothing worth getting excited about, but still interesting. Kris – “It was very damp under the house, so much so that there was a white coating of mould, over the spiders, and yet ONLY over the spiders. Research stated that this is a fungus that attaches itself to spiders, living and the deceased.”  “I think the spiders are relevant, as shows a picture of the dampness of the area. That and the fact that the E.M.F was so high, outside even, and the air being so damp, may add up to a way that may amplify or affect the way “spirits” may manifest themselves. Just a personal theory, that maybe moisture in the air may make things conduct better than none. While down, under the house, I heard the distinct sound of shuffling, and breathing over my shoulder. Whilst listening to my recordings, got plenty of banging noises that weren’t associated to footsteps, noticed as being odd, however didn’t include as my evidence, as I feel unless you listen to the whole thing, a bang is a bang is a bang.” In Conclusion The team members all seemed to have rather mixed reactions and opinions about the house and its alleged ‘supernatural visitors.’ Mark – “I can’t say I really felt too much in the house personally. It might be good to perhaps go visit again and stay a bit longer if possible. No anomalous photos. My Audio and video gear picked up nothing out of the ordinary. That doesn’t necessarily mean there is nothing there, just that we were not able to capture anything conclusive at this session. I’d really like to talk to the kids about it all and hear their own takes on the incidents.” Kris – “My general feel of the place, is that this place feels like it is on old ground. I think that the E.V.P session, mixed with the mixture of maternal and predatorial feelings, leads me to believe that this place is haunted, and one of the scariest feeling places I have been in recent years.” Barbara – “I have no evidence at all that this house is haunted. However my feeling is that there is something there. Possibly a woman about 55ish (not malicious but could accidentally scare the children and may have been seen as she walks around the house) but I also suspect that there is something that comes from outside into the house (not nice). I was mildly disappointed by this investigation. The activity which had been reported failed to manifest and despite taking over 100 photos, videos and several hours of audio I could find no evidence of any form of haunting or spirit activity. I had a sense that there may have been some sort of spirit present but that was it” Kris – “My general impression of the home… It was definitely a charged up place. The E.M.Fs went from 600mg – 1800mg. (or.6-1.8 gauss), and those high points would move around. The E.M.F outside was all rather high as well, but the beds seemed to amplify all this somehow. Maybe a combination of the high EMF, the dampness of the air could explain some of the ‘symptoms’. I do think there is definitely some kind of ‘haunting’ going on there, maybe amplified by these conditions, and the whole ‘feel’ of the place went ‘septic’ after the cleansing.” While haunted Auckland did not capture anything compelling and conclusive on this investigation, that of course doesn’t mean that this place isn’t haunted or experiencing paranormal activity. It just means we were unsuccessful this session. Perhaps in time, with further investigation, definitive evidence will be found to hopefully answer the family’s questions once and for all. We have however heard that since the investigation, the overall feeling of the house has gotten a lot better and the children are a little more at ease in their rooms at night these days. Perhaps the visit and cleansing was the needed remedy? Time will tell, but we will be staying in close contact with the home owners to keep track of any further activity, should it occur. We sincerely thank the owners for allowing us into their home. [...] Read more...
Haunted Marionettes
Haunted Marionettes11/01/2020Haunted Objects / InvestigationsIn my collection hang three tatty looking marionettes. Two that were gifted to me about 10 years ago. Two Kathputlis; Indian made puppets given to me by a work acquaintance who said they were no longer welcome in their home due to ‘‘their constant fighting” which was starting to frighten the family. According to them, the two puppets would start swinging and swaying when there was no breeze to be felt. They were hung together in a spare room which had only one small window that was never opened. Many a time, on entering the room, the puppets would often be found tangled and entwined in each other; legs and arms caught up in the strings like a couple of agile contortionists, without any obvious explanation. Kathputli is a combination of two Rajasthani words; ”Kath” meaning wood and ”Putli”, being a doll. Kathputli is a puppet which is made from wood, cotton cloth and metal wire. Being a string marionette, it is controlled by a single string that passes from the top of the puppet over the puppeteers. They are used for entertainment, with the puppeteers making them dance or enact a play. These dolls are generally in the form of a couple. Their attire resembles the dressage and costume of the village people, and kings and queens in those days. The Kathpulis are typically used in Rajasthani folk songs, ballads and sometimes even in folk tales. These folk tales convey the lifestyle of ancient Rajasthani tribal people with the kings, the queens and the magicians along with snake, horse, camel, and other props. Characteristic to this form are the shrill voices produced by the “Bhagavat”- lead puppeteer which are vocalized through a bamboo reed and gives plenty of atmosphere and dramatic effects. The other allegedly haunted marionette, is one passed on to me in 2013 by a woman that had wanted to throw it out and thought I might be interested in taking it instead. It is a handmade four – masked ”dancing” doll from Nepal known as Putali. Made around the 1980s, it too would sway and spin on its strings when there was no sign of a breeze or draft. The woman stated that sometimes it would spin very fast one way, then slow, then spin back the opposite way to unwind itself. While that in itself is quite a normal action, what unnerved the woman was that it would suddenly stop, mid spin as if grabbed by an unseen hand to stop it spinning. Putali are a type of marionette (string puppet) used by the Newars of the Kathmandu Valley. These puppets are made predominantly on the outskirts of the ancient city of Bhaktapur in the village of Thimi, where woodcarving and pottery are still lively arts. The putali are suspended from wooden manipulation slats by heavy thread secured through the headdress or crown, the back, and the hands. Each figure wears a long, colourful skirt of traditional fabric and, perhaps most interestingly, four masks. By turning the puppet one way, the audience sees one character; when that character turns its back to the audience, the face of another character is revealed, making it possible for one puppeteer to present multiple characters easily and quickly. The heads of the puppets are made out of papier-mâché or clay and are painted to look like the masks used in many theatrical rituals that also include iconic costumes and dance. This relates to the lively mask culture of the Newars that has been detailed by Toffin. The mask-like faces of the puppets are not human or realistic but are shaped and painted to represent familiar deities, such as the elephant god Ganesh, the tantric ferocious god Bhairab, the goddess Durga, and other characters from the Hindu or Buddhist pantheon. In their outstretched hands, the puppets hold emblematic props associated with the deity represented by the mask.   [...] Read more...

“Pioneers in the field…. Leading the way with Paranormal Research in New Zealand” – Connor Biddle, Paranormal Encounters.

“I have much respect for the level of study Mark and his team have put into the paranormal phenomenon through the years. His work is interesting and very well researched.” – Murray Bott, U.F.O Researcher & NZ’s MUFON representative.

”Refreshing to see solid and innovative investigation work, done with passion and honesty. Haunted Auckland stand out in the crowd and dont fit any typical mould. This is a very good thing”. – Paranormal Review newsletter


Paranormal New Zealand is the home of Haunted Auckland, a Paranormal Investigation and Research group.

Whether you’ve been aware of Mark Wallbank’s research work since the 1980s, attended his early 90s discussion events, received the quarterly newsletters, subscribed to his popular mid-2000s online blog BizarreNZ, followed the Haunted Auckland team since 2010, or just recently discovered us; WELCOME and thanks for joining in the fun, learning, and adventures.

We are a dedicated group of paranormal researchers, all having one thing in common – a passion and drive to find out as much as humanly possible about the mysterious and unknown field that is the Paranormal, as well as documenting New Zealand’s historical buildings and landmarks in their current state.

Paranormal (păr′ə-nôr′məl) adjective.
Paranormal events are purported phenomena described in popular culture, folk, and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described as beyond normal experience or scientific explanation. The term “paranormal” has existed in the English language since at least 1920. The word consists of two parts: “para” and “normal”. The definition implies that the scientific explanation of the world around us is “normal” and anything that is above, beyond, or contrary to that is “para”.

We’re always learning new things, so hope to pass that knowledge on to you all so that you might learn as we do, in this crazy but fascinating world of the paranormal.

Our primary reason for existing as a team is to experience first-hand and document any perceived paranormal activity so that we may learn to better understand the phenomena and the misconceptions surrounding it. Our aim as a research team is to study these phenomena as closely as possible to form more educated opinions via experimentation, documentation, and simply being present at the moment to record and respond accordingly to it and wherever it may lead us.

Firstly a few things you should know about Haunted Auckland. We’re a small Auckland based team of friendly, dedicated, well seasoned and enthusiastic researchers with differing levels of experience, knowledge, skills and expertise.  Our investigators are intelligent, honest, compassionate and possess critically thinking (yet wide open) minds. We’re also very good listeners.

We work closely with Property Managers, local Councils and Historical organisations to help preserve local histories, bring further awareness and raise funds by running public events.

In our time, the team has successfully raised many (much needed) thousands of  dollars, to assist with the upkeep and general running of these wonderful historic locations. Something we are very proud of.

We are also very proud to have worked alongside and assist both the NZ Police and NZ Fire Services with our work.

Haunted Auckland has it’s roots deep and strong. Going back to 1984, with a team (Auckland Ghost Hunting Group) formed by H.A founder, Mark Wallbank; making them NZ’s longest running Paranormal field-research entity.

What we aren’t:

We aren’t Ghost Busters, Ghost Hunters, Exorcists, Mediums, Clairvoyants or Psychics and we don’t do clearings, blessings or rid homes of alleged demons. We don’t do prayers, rituals, or bring in any religious elements to our work. We aren’t mental health experts or sleep disorder professionals, though we do work closely with mental health professionals.

We travel that spooky road, between sceptic and believer. We are happy to sit right in amongst it all and take the research wherever it may lead us.

While we are sceptical and doubtful of certain cases and ideas, we have seen and experienced enough in our time to realise that dedication to the research is definitely a worthwhile cause. Instead of blindly believing (or disbelieving), or just accepting what we are told is true and real, we prefer to seek out the answers ourselves through first-hand, “boots on the ground” investigation. Experimentation, observation and documentation. We don’t have all the answers and we don’t consider ourselves experts.

We don’t make bold claims we can’t back up with evidence or reliable data.

The team prides itself in being quite a bit different from other paranormal investigation teams out there. We tend to stay away from the mainstream gadget fads.

Research time in locations is valuable and a privilege, so wasting it on pointless flashy boxes that offer no accurate data in return or are vague and open to interpretation (as well as mis-interpretation) is counter-productive and a poorly used opportunity. Thinking outside of the ‘’box’’ confinements of the popular T.V and social media- lead mainstream is something, the team sees as important if the field is to move forward and gain any serious credibility or traction within scientific or academic circles.

The team utilises a combination of old-school thinking and techniques, coupled with a modern way of thinking. Simple and stripped back yet embracing current technology to work though theories and ideas that may find their way into our research. We don’t make claims we can’t back up with evidence or reliable data.

We pride ourselves in keeping it real. No faking evidence or embellishing of facts. If nothing happened, nothing happened.

Why we don’t offer Clearings and Banishings

We decided many years ago to stop offering clearings and cleansings, as the more we learned, the more unethical (even damaging) we could see it was on a few levels.
We wanted to experience and observe these ”beings” and learn about them. Learn from them directly, if such a thing is possible.
To hopefully interact and document as much as we could of it to advance the study of the paranormal.

If the theories on spirits are correct, then clearing, or ”banishing” becomes nothing more than a punishment, torture, an eviction from a home, or even a death. Death to a person (possibly living in an alternative dimension we are yet to even understand or comprehend), that has as much right to exist as ourselves.
Until ghosts, spirits, negative energies, and demons have been sufficiently verified to actually exist, (to which they as yet haven’t, outside of belief, possible misinterpretation, and superstition) it would be unethical to assume a position of knowledge and superiority enough to think we have rights that far outweigh theirs. That we may enter their home and try to evict or eradicate them as if they were cockroaches or some other household pest.

It’s about respect, understanding and compassion; on both sides.

What we are, is “real world” researchers. Learning by doing. If we don’t know something, we say so.

We don’t charge anything for what we do. The opportunity to investigate a location and hopefully further our research is its own great reward.

We follow the Scientific Method as closely as we are able to; though it’s not always easy to create a fully controlled environment and the fact that true paranormal activity is sporadic and very rare means we don’t always have a lot to go on. Still, we do our best with what we have to work with at the time and go wherever it takes us.

We go to where the stories come from in order to see for ourselves. We talk to the people involved to get their sides to the occurrences.

Our conclusions are never really final and we find multiple return visits yield the best results; so have built up trusting relationships with quite a few locations within the historical communities in this country.

Our clean and respected reputation within historical circles is something the team prides itself on, as it has grown over the last decade and is based on well over 200 investigation sessions within that time.

For a full listing of References & testimonials, please visit our TESTIMONIALS page on this website.

Exploration – Observation – Experimentation – Documentation … Ultimately leading to Interaction, Understanding and Conclusion.


Please check out our website and don’t hesitate to make contact if you have any queries or would like to know more about what we do.

We’re always happy to talk about spooks!

Through the years the team have investigated:




                                                                    Dargaville Central Hotel



Hawkes Bay

Central North Island

  •                                                                Chateau Tongariro Hotel                                                               Jubilee Pavillion – Marton


Northern South Island

                                                                                 Trout Hotel

West Coast and Central South Island

  • Seaview Asylum
  • Otira Stagecoach Hotel


  • The Old Shipping Office (Akaroa)


  • Cardrona Hotel
  • Vulcan Hotel (St Bathans)


United Kingdom

  • The Drovers Inn – Scotland
  • Traquair House – Innerleithen
  • Ancient Ram Inn – Wooton-Under-Edge
  • 30 East Drive – Pontefract
  • Boleskine House – Scotland
  • Ballachulish Hotel – Glencoe
  • Chillingham Castle
  • The Golden Fleece – York
  • Bunchrew House – Scotland
  • Oswald House – Kirkcaldy
  • The Skirrid Inn – Abergavenny
  • Halston Hall – Carlisle
  • Airth Castle
  • Dalhousie Castle
  • Barcaldine Castle – Oban
  • The Witchery – Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh Vaults – Scotland
  • Touchwood House – Scotland
  • Greyfriars Kirkyard – Scotland
  • The Hellfire Club – Ireland
  • Ostrich Inn – Slough
  • Caynton Caves –  Shropshire
  • Four Crosses Inn – Staffordshire
  • Torwood House – Scotland
  • Dalhousie Castle – Scotland
  • Windhouse – Yell, Shetland
  • Swan Hotel – Wooton-on-Edge
  • Weston Hall – Staffordshire
  • Clava Cairns – Inverness, Scotland
  • The Queen’s Head Hotel – Troutbeck
  • Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre – Hinkley


YHA [Katoomba]

Hartley Village [NSW]

Quarantine Station [Manly]

The Russell Hotel [Sydney]

Maitland Gaol [NSW]

Kilmore Gaol [Melbourne]

Aradale Lunatic Asylum [Melbourne]



Kaniakapupu Palace Ruins – Nuúanu Pali – Manoa – Oahu Cemetery [Oahu]

Norfolk Island

New Gaol – The Crank Mill – Bloody Bridge

Cryptozoological Field Research

YOWIE RESEARCH: Blue Mountains [ Australia] – Kanangra Ranges [Australia] – Blue Mountains Exploration: Research Area – Bullaburra [Australia]

MOEHAU RESEARCH: Coromandel Ranges [New Zealand] – Urerewa Ranges [New Zealand]



… as well as many private home visits around Auckland and surrounding towns and extensive investigation and exploration internationally.

Some of the services and experience we have on offer:

Research and Investigation of buildings, historical locations and businesses

Photo & video analysis

Photographic enhancements

General paranormal consultation

Historical Research

Conferences / Public speaking

Educational talks & fundraising for historical locations

Media interviews