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Kingseat Nurses Hostel / Spookers

Kingseat Nurses Hostel / Spookers

The Haunted Auckland team investigates the Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital, reputedly one of New Zealand’s most haunted locations. In this, our first of three investigations, we explore the former Nurses’ Hostel, now occupied by the Spookers Haunted Attraction.

Renovations stir activity in Mangere

Renovations stir activity in Mangere

We currently have tenants living in the upstairs while we renovate upstairs. The things which come to mind are, the toilet flushing for no apparent reason, the stereo going on and off without anyone touching. My husband parked in the driveway at Easter and was upstairs in the house when

The Prince’s Gate Hotel – Rotorua

The Prince’s Gate Hotel – Rotorua

On Feb 27th 2021, Mark, Sam, Aimee, Barbara and Natasha, piled themselves and a heap of equipment into two cars and made their way to beautiful Rotorua to spend a fun day & night taking in the sights, eating Mexican food, visiting the thermal areas and investigating the allegedly haunted

Can Electromagnetic Fields Create Ghosts?

Can Electromagnetic Fields Create Ghosts?

  Q: I recently read your book Scientific Paranormal Investigation: How to Solve Unexplained Mysteries about the mistakes that ghost hunters make using EMF detectors during investigations and how they are not productive. However, I always understood that EMF meters/readers were used to measure EMF levels because high levels of

Lord Combermere’s ghost photo

Lord Combermere’s ghost photo

Tell us what you really think This week another classic… Lord Combermere’s ghost photo The 2nd Viscount Combermere became a posthumous celebrity in connection with “Lord Combermere’s Ghost Photo”, taken in 1891 by Sybell Corbet. She was Lady Combermere’s sister and staying at Combermere Abbey at that time. She set

Life comes to an end – West Auckland

Life comes to an end – West Auckland

Hidden up a suburban driveway, this old abode sits rotting, long empty and pretty much beyond the point of repair; awaiting an eventual land sale. Nice to see this one hasn’t been vandalised or stripped of anything of value by the parasites that prey on locations like this. Thanks to  Aotearoa Abandoned for the

The Car Collector

The Car Collector

These finds make me sad. I stumbled upon this burnt out farm house whilst stopping to knock on the door of another very empty and overgrown looking house in the front. It sits, shrouded in trees and foliage, invisible to the main road. It looks like the previous owner was an avid model car collector.

Elusive ‘panther’ may be on the move

Elusive ‘panther’ may be on the move

As reported in: NZHerald – 22 October 2013. Mid-Canterbury’s elusive black panther may have moved south. Last week a delivery driver spotted what he described as a large cat-like animal feeding on road kill just outside the Fairlie township in the early hours of the morning. The description was remarkably similar

Puhinui Homestead EVP Capture – ”……Pumps”

Puhinui Homestead EVP Capture – ”……Pumps”

April 2nd 2016
During one of the team’s many investigation sessions at the PuhiNui Homestead at the Howick Historical Village, a voice was recorded that we found intriguing.
There were only two women investigating in the building at the time, yet the voice sounds distinctly male. No men were investigating that night. The voice was not heard at the time.
The voice sounds closer to the audio recorder than the two women. They were downstairs in the living room/lounge, whilst the audio recorder was positioned upstairs.
It sounds like someone is saying something about ”the pumps”.
Further research showed that the previous owner, William McLaughlin had installed a new filtration system (pump?) on the property. The first of its kind and something he was very proud of. Interesting!
What do you hear?

Editor's Choice
“A doll named Sue” PART 1: The Introduction, An experiment into haunted items.
“A doll named Sue” PART 1: The Introduction, An experiment into haunted items.13/07/2014Ghost Hunting / Hauntings / Opinions and TheoriesMid July we got a call from a woman explaining that her 91 yr old grandmother was having problems in her apartment and needed assistance. As always we were happy to oblige! Getting a distress call from someone in their 90’s is not a typical call for us. Most service calls we get are from people who seem to range anywhere from their teens to maybe their 50’s. I imagine this maybe because of how generations view the paranormal. Most 90 yr olds are not influenced by popular television, as the newer generations are. So to get this call, we immediately were fascinated in finding out the details. To keep this from being a long drug out blog I will break this down into a couple segements. Click here for Part 2. On this investigation are Scott Wolf, Anna Hill, Faye Navarro, and Roxi Rodriguez. Client History and Impression: The client is a very sharp 91 yr old female who resides by herself. No noted signs of any cognitive issues, no history of mental deterioration. Her health only includes some aches and pains due to her age, but is otherwise healthy. During conversation, she never repeats herself and stays on point with all conversation. She has lived in her one story apartment for 12 years. She has never had a paranormal experience in her life, up until 7 weeks prior. She is tearful when speaking of her current experiences. We can see that she is worried that people will not believe her, and has not received much support from anyone except her granddaughter who has called us. She is very convinced that whatever is in her home IS in fact of paranormal nature. She has called a psychic which has done a remote reading via telephone. The client reluctantly has paid the psychic for their service, but feels that they are “full of it” The fact that the client is in tears and visibly shaken by these events, makes us feel that she is genuine in her experiences and is not fabricating any details. Claims: – Client is kept awake by music like old gospel, and Johnny Cash. She hears this music low but audibly. It keeps her awake. She only hears this music when she is in bed. If she gets up to look for the music it stops as soon as her feet hit the ground. – The clients name was said out loud on a few occasions, she also heard the sentence “I’m so tired help me help me help me help me!” she says it sounds distressed. Once again audibly. – Phantom touching. Client is touched and pushed while in her bed. –  TVs being turned on and off . – Very loud bangs through out the home. This has the client most frightened. – A remote that was disassembled being reassembled. The client’s remote had stopped working, she opened the back, put new batteries in and was having a hard time putting it back together. Knowing her granddaughter would return the next day, she left the remote sitting batteries exposed facing up with the compartment door sitting beside the remote. The next morning she awoke and found the remote sitting with the compartment closed and the remote was sitting upright. Interventions by others (not associated with ALPS): A psychic was called they charged the client a consult fee. The client was told that this is possibly a male Indian in the home. – We got an EVP of what maybe a male protesting this claim. A couple from the Catholic church, came in to do a blessing on the home. Before leaving the wife turns to a doll in the living room and says “AND YOU BEHAVE!” she then turns to the client and tells her, “that doll is no good, I would not have it”. – Doll impression. It immediately catches the attention of a couple of team members, Anna and Faye, upon entering the location. It’s easy to be drawn to it, although it isn’t necessarily creepy in nature. Even when you are not looking at the doll, or it is out of your peripheral vision, its easy to feel hyper aware of it. Not sure what to make of this doll as this point. (During this observation we have yet to be made aware of the blessing done by the previous) Client feels uneasy about the doll. So upon putting together pieces of the puzzle, we have to ask ourselves a few questions: 1) What would this woman of 91 years have to gain by fabricating a story? We’ve concluded, absolutely nothing. This has gained her no positive attention. Anyone she attempts to talk to immediately disregards her story, and tells her it is impossible. “Ghosts do no exist”. This makes her feel sad and isolated. 2) At 91 years old can she cognitively be going through some sort of medical condition that is causing her experiences? Possibly, but we see no outward signs of mental deterioration, whatsoever. I have personally been in the skilled nursing facility field for most of my life and have worked with the high-100’s of senior citizen. Our client here is by far one of the most mentally intact 91 yr olds I have had the pleasure of working with. Although she seems stressed, I believe her claims. 3) What’s changed in the past 7 weeks to cause this woman who has lived in her home for 12 yrs to suddenly have paranormal occurrences? We asked the client to think hard about anything that has changed during the onset of these experiences. After being asked, she perks up and points to some records, and then the doll. These items were given to her by a friend, a pastor, who’s wife (a friend of the client 50 years) had passed away. The husband himself is terminally ill and is clearing belongings out. The doll nearly meets a dumpster, but the client asks to keep it. Immediately strange things begin to happen in the house. Investigation time: We conduct a very short 2 part investigation of the clients home. Because of her age we are unable to conduct long sessions. She is very leery of the doll. Next question, if this doll is removed, will occurrences still occur? The client has asked us to please remove the doll from her home. We are reluctant because this is not something we typically do, and we DO NOT advise teams to remove anything from a clients home unless specifically asked to do so. Never claim an item haunted and remove it, this in our opinion is unethical. We do not have the right to deem any item haunted without proper investigation and research into such item. A Doll Named Sue So the question we are left with is, is it possible for items to hold and retain spiritual energy? The only way we feel our team feels we can know for sure whether this item is attached by anything otherworldly, is to conduct a series of experiments, record results, and to basically “keep an eye on it”. Our team has agreed to do an ongoing research project into this item to see if we can validate our clients claims. (Part 2 of this blog will detail the journal we keep for “Sue”, as well as more information about her)     “Sue” at our team meeting. Everyone getting acquainted. Since “Sue” has been removed many of the claims have stopped. Some still went on. The client has decided to move from her apartment to another to escape her fear she has associated with her current home, and has since thrown away the records obtained during the same time as this doll. We met with her yesterday (July 12th) and she says all activity has stopped. We will continually meet with her until we have a consistent record of no activity. *** this case remains open and inconclusive. We make no claims that this doll is haunted…..yet……  Click here for Part 2 [...] Read more...
PUBLIC GHOST HUNT: The Pumphouse Theatre – Sept 7th 2014
PUBLIC GHOST HUNT: The Pumphouse Theatre – Sept 7th 201407/09/2014Haunted Auckland Events / Investigations / The PumpHouse Theatre Read more...
Whatipu Caves
Whatipu Caves09/04/2016Locations of Interest  [...]
Sarita, is that you? The intriguing Puhinui Homestead.
Sarita, is that you? The intriguing Puhinui Homestead.21/08/2021Hauntings / Paranormal New Zealand / True Ghost Stories / Urban LegendsIn 2010, we began our research and investigation into the almost regular unusual occurrences that have been reported through the years at the grand, and much loved, Puhinui Homestead; nestled in the beautiful surrounds of the Howick Historical Village. ‘’Puhi’’ are the decorative plumes used on Maori war canoes; ‘’Nui’’ meaning large – Apparently relating to an incident in which a concealed canoe was discovered when someone caught sight of the distinctive plumes on its prow. There are claims the discoverers were soundly defeated in a following skirmish. Puhinui Homestead was originally built on Thomas Morris McLaughlin’s 1152-hectare farm in Wiri, which he bought in 1845. In 1861, Thomas’ second son William built this fine piece of real estate lovingly named Puhinui, also called the McLaughlin Homestead. The family retained the house and land for many years, but after the industrialisation of that area, in 1980, the house was offered to the Howick Historical Society and moved to the village on February 12, 1982. The 160-year-old house was cut into five pieces and shifted to the village in 1982. It was carried from its Manukau home on five trailers and, with the help of two large cranes, reassembled. Through the years, there have been sightings of a woman, ascending the stairs. Nothing else, just climbing, from the bottom to the top. The same women (well, it’s surmised it’s the same woman) has also been seen in the master bedroom at the top of the stairs. It is thought that the mystery woman could be William McLaughlin’s Daughter, Sarita. An obituary in the Auckland Star, Volume LXXI, Issue 243, 12 October 1940, Page 12 reads; Many Auckland people, and particularly those connected with the older generations, will regret to learn of the death of Miss Sarita McLaughlin, which occurred at her residence in Remuera last evening. Miss McLaughlin was born on the Puhinui estate in 1870. It was while she was young that her father, the late Mr. William McLaughlin, founded the Pakuranga Hunt Club and was its master for many years. Miss McLaughlin was a fine horsewoman and hunted regularly with the hounds. A large circle of friends will always remember Miss McLaughlin’s many kindnesses. Her generosity was distributed to all classes and without thought for herself. She visited England and the Continent several times and a few years ago spent some months in South America. Sarita Niccol McLaughlin passed away at seventy years of age. So far, the team have conducted six investigation visits of the village, as well as two public ”ghost hunt” events, a presentation evening, as well as being regular helpers at their annual Halloween events. You might say we have a loving lifelong connection with the village. During an investigation of the house, back in 2010, the building was in the process of some renovation and a repaint. Scaffolding surrounding most of the exterior. Earlier in the day, prior to the team’s arrival, a ghostly encounter was reported by a painter who was working on renovations to one of the buildings on site. The painter reported seeing a woman in colonial attire, walking up the stairs as he was painting a window frame and happened to look in. The homestead was locked up at the time and no one had gone in. Unfortunately, the team were not able to interview this individual directly, so further specifics of the encounter could not be obtained. As the building was undergoing re-painting of the exteriors, it is believed within the some within the paranormal communities, that construction or renovations can be a trigger which can potentially stir up ghostly activity. During that investigation, one of the team placed a coin on a sheet of paper in the children’s bedroom and traced a circle around the edge with a pen. Then, any ‘children’ present, were asked to please come forward and move the coin. The coin was then left while the team investigated elsewhere in the house. Upon returning, the coin had indeed moved outside the confines of the tracing. In addition, one team member reported seeing the movement of one of the curtains in the main parlour of the house. The curtain was large, at least three metres tall and made from a heavy velvet material. While it was a windy day, and the window behind the curtain had been removed for renovation (the gap left covered in tarpaulin), the movement seen appeared to be a deliberate tug, rather than movement caused by the wind. Multiple incidents of clear, loud sounding Footsteps being heard were reported by the team. Walking ‘’with purpose’’ down the length of the downstairs hallway, as well as upstairs in the various rooms. A team member was ‘’poked’’ awake during a solo overnight stay. The most physical occurrence being a flat, heavy torch that was somehow ‘’thrown’’ down a spiralling stairwell in the early hours of a solo overnight vigil. This was captured on film. As was a full 12 minutes of clear audio recording of movement, scraping, clunking, footsteps and furniture shifting.  Other interesting audio collected, were various snippets of EVP, (Electronic Voice Phenomena) spoken word phrases, captured on audio recorders during communication attempts. An intriguing and beautiful old homestead. Is Sarita still residing there? If you get the time to go visit the wonderful Howick Historical Village, spend a little time in the Homestead. You just never know; Sarita might just pop the kettle on and want to chat a while! [...] Read more...
Park Island Cemetery – Napier
Park Island Cemetery – Napier02/11/2013Cemeteries / InvestigationsNapier (Park Island) Cemetery contains the official war graves of 15 men who served in the New Zealand forces during the First World War and who died before 1 September 1921. Gates open at 8.00am and close at sunset. Toilets open 8.00am to sunset. Only existing family-owned plots are available for full-size earth plot burials. For information regarding memorials for these areas contact the Sexton or Administration Clerk. Park Island Cemetery was purchased in 1910 and the first burials were recorded in 1917. At the time the cemetery opened, its location was well beyond the town boundary. Access was by a road formed across the tidal Ahuriri Lagoon and surrounding marshes to Taradale. The cemetery provided burial plots until just after the Second World War. Many victims of the 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake were interred in a common grave, which is surmounted by a memorial. The cenotaph and memorial surrounds were designed by Louis Hay, a well-known Napier architect who designed many of the city’s Art Deco period buildings. Since at least the late Bronze Age, Western European cultures have used evergreen trees to symbolise everlasting life. Continuing this tradition, a magnificent stand of 23 Italian cypress trees lines one side of the Catholic section of the cemetery.     [...] Read more...
Glasgow Royal Infirmary – Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow Royal Infirmary – Glasgow, Scotland21/09/2017Haunted Locations / Hauntings / United KingdomThe hospital was first built in 1794, when leeches were still seen as a legitimate way to treat illnesses. The hospital underwent major renovations at the beginning of the 1900s and then again in the 1970s. With centuries of both physical and mental suffering, as well as frequent remodelling, it is no surprise that there has been so much paranormal activity recorded at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. The most infamous of the many ghosts at the hospital is that of The Grey Lady. Some extremely rational people, including respected doctors and nurses, have been unable to explain the things they have seen there. So she might not be the ramblings of some drug-addled patient. Many doctors who have worked at the hospital have reported seeing a woman draped in grey travelling unaccompanied through the hospital corridors. Most who have seen the woman recall pursuing her, assuming she was a patient and being fearful of her attempting to escape the hospital. However, the story always ends in the same way; the woman disappears before she is captured and a scan of the rooms turns up no missing patients. There’s also the stories coming from those that have witnessed the floating sister, who at first glance like a normal member of staff making her way around the hospital – that is until you look down and see that she is only visible from the knees up. A well-respected nurse who worked at the Royal Infirmary in the late 20th century spoke to the apparition as she passed before realising the bottom part of her legs were not visible. [...] Read more...

“Pioneers in the field…. Leading the way with Paranormal Research in New Zealand” – Connor Biddle, Paranormal Encounters.

“I have much respect for the level of study Mark and his team have put into the paranormal phenomenon through the years. His work is interesting and very well researched.” – Murray Bott, U.F.O Researcher & NZ’s MUFON representative.

”Refreshing to see solid and innovative investigation work, done with passion and honesty. Haunted Auckland stand out in the crowd and dont fit any typical mould. This is a very good thing”. – Paranormal Review newsletter


Paranormal New Zealand is the home of Haunted Auckland, a Paranormal Investigation and Research group.

Whether you’ve been aware of Mark Wallbank’s research work since the 1980s, attended his early 90s discussion events, received the quarterly newsletters, subscribed to his popular mid-2000s online blog BizarreNZ, followed the Haunted Auckland team since 2010, or just recently discovered us; WELCOME and thanks for joining in the fun, learning, and adventures.

We are a dedicated group of paranormal researchers, all having one thing in common – a passion and drive to find out as much as humanly possible about the mysterious and unknown field that is the Paranormal, as well as documenting New Zealand’s historical buildings and landmarks in their current state.

Paranormal (păr′ə-nôr′məl) adjective.
Paranormal events are purported phenomena described in popular culture, folk, and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described as beyond normal experience or scientific explanation. The term “paranormal” has existed in the English language since at least 1920. The word consists of two parts: “para” and “normal”. The definition implies that the scientific explanation of the world around us is “normal” and anything that is above, beyond, or contrary to that is “para”.

We’re always learning new things, so hope to pass that knowledge on to you all so that you might learn as we do, in this crazy but fascinating world of the paranormal.

Our primary reason for existing as a team is to experience first-hand and document any perceived paranormal activity so that we may learn to better understand the phenomena and the misconceptions surrounding it. Our aim as a research team is to study these phenomena as closely as possible to form more educated opinions via experimentation, documentation, and simply being present at the moment to record and respond accordingly to it and wherever it may lead us.

Firstly a few things you should know about Haunted Auckland. We’re a small Auckland based team of friendly, dedicated, well seasoned and enthusiastic researchers with differing levels of experience, knowledge, skills and expertise.  Our investigators are intelligent, honest, compassionate and possess critically thinking (yet wide open) minds. We’re also very good listeners.

We work closely with Property Managers, local Councils and Historical organisations to help preserve local histories, bring further awareness and raise funds by running public events.

We are also very proud to have worked alongside both the NZ Police and NZ Fire Services with our work.

Haunted Auckland has it’s roots deep and strong. Going back to 1984, with a team (Auckland Ghost Hunting Group) formed by H.A founder, Mark Wallbank; making them NZ’s longest running Paranormal field-research entity.

What we aren’t:

We aren’t Ghost Busters, Ghost Hunters, Exorcists, Mediums, Clairvoyants or Psychics and we don’t do clearings, blessings or the ridding homes of alleged demons. We don’t do prayers, rituals, or bring in any religious elements to our work. We aren’t mental health experts or sleep disorder professionals, though we do work closely with mental health professionals.

We travel that spooky road, between sceptic and believer. We are happy to sit right in amongst it all and take the research wherever it may lead us.

While we are sceptical and doubtful of certain cases and ideas, we have seen and experienced enough in our time to realise that dedication to the research is definitely a worthwhile cause. Instead of blindly believing (or disbelieving), or just accepting what we are told is true and real, we prefer to seek out the answers ourselves through first-hand, “boots on the ground” investigation. Experimentation, observation and documentation. We don’t have all the answers and we don’t consider ourselves experts.

The team prides itself in being quite a bit different from other paranormal investigation teams out there. We tend to stay away from the mainstream gadget fads.

Research time in locations is valuable and a privilege, so wasting it on pointless flashy boxes that offer no accurate data in return or are vague and open to interpretation (as well as mis-interpretation) is counter-productive and a poorly used opportunity. Thinking outside of the ‘’box’’ confinements of the popular T.V and social media- lead mainstream is something, the team sees as important if the field is to move forward and gain any serious credibility or traction within scientific or academic circles.

The team utilises a combination of old-school thinking and techniques, coupled with a modern way of thinking. Simple and stripped back yet embracing current technology to work though theories and ideas that may find their way into our research. We don’t make claims we can’t back up with evidence or reliable data.

We pride ourselves in keeping it real. No faking evidence or embellishing of facts. If nothing happened, nothing happened.

Why we don’t offer Clearings and Banishings

We decided many years ago to stop offering clearings and cleansings, as the more we learned, the more unethical (even damaging) we could see it was on a few levels.
We wanted to experience and observe these ”beings” and learn about them. Learn from them directly, if such a thing is possible.
To hopefully interact and document as much as we could of it to advance the study of the paranormal.

If the theories on spirits are correct, then clearing, or ”banishing” becomes nothing more than a punishment, torture, an eviction from a home, or even a death. Death to a person (possibly living in an alternative dimension we are yet to even understand or comprehend), that has as much right to exist as ourselves.
Until ghosts, spirits, negative energies, and demons have been sufficiently verified to actually exist, (to which they as yet haven’t, outside of belief, possible misinterpretation, and superstition) it would be unethical to assume a position of knowledge and superiority enough to think we have rights that far outweigh theirs. That we may enter their home and try to evict or eradicate them as if they were cockroaches or some other household pest.

It’s about respect, understanding and compassion; on both sides.

What we are, is “real world” researchers. Learning by doing. If we don’t know something, we say so.

We don’t charge anything for what we do. The opportunity to investigate a location and hopefully further our research is its own great reward.

We follow the Scientific Method as closely as we are able to; though it’s not always easy to create a fully controlled environment and the fact that true paranormal activity is sporadic and very rare means we don’t always have a lot to go on. Still, we do our best with what we have to work with at the time and go wherever it takes us.

We go to where the stories come from in order to see for ourselves. We talk to the people involved to get their sides to the occurrences.

Our conclusions are never really final and we find multiple return visits yield the best results; so have built up trusting relationships with quite a few locations within the historical communities in this country.

Our clean and respected reputation within historical circles is something the team prides itself on, as it has grown over the last decade and is based on well over 200 investigation sessions within that time.

For a full listing of References & testimonials, please visit our TESTIMONIALS page on this website.

Exploration – Observation – Experimentation – Documentation … Ultimately leading to Interaction, Understanding and Conclusion.


Please check out our website and don’t hesitate to make contact if you have any queries or would like to know more about what we do.

We’re always happy to talk about spooks!

Through the years the team have investigated:




                                                                    Dargaville Central Hotel



Hawkes Bay

Central North Island

  •                                                                Chateau Tongariro Hotel                                                               Jubilee Pavillion – Marton


Northern South Island

                                                                                 Trout Hotel

West Coast and Central South Island

  • Seaview Asylum
  • Otira Stagecoach Hotel


  • The Old Shipping Office (Akaroa)


  • Cardrona Hotel
  • Vulcan Hotel (St Bathans)


United Kingdom

  • The Drovers Inn – Scotland
  • Traquair House – Innerleithen
  • Ancient Ram Inn – Wooton-Under-Edge
  • 30 East Drive – Pontefract
  • Boleskine House – Scotland
  • Ballachulish Hotel – Glencoe
  • Chillingham Castle
  • The Golden Fleece – York
  • Bunchrew House – Scotland
  • Oswald House – Kirkcaldy
  • The Skirrid Inn – Abergavenny
  • Halston Hall – Carlisle
  • Airth Castle
  • Dalhousie Castle
  • Barcaldine Castle – Oban
  • The Witchery – Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh Vaults – Scotland
  • Touchwood House – Scotland
  • Greyfriars Kirkyard – Scotland
  • The Hellfire Club – Ireland
  • Ostrich Inn – Slough
  • Caynton Caves –  Shropshire
  • Four Crosses Inn – Staffordshire
  • Torwood House – Scotland
  • Dalhousie Castle – Scotland
  • Windhouse – Yell, Shetland
  • Swan Hotel – Wooton-on-Edge
  • Weston Hall – Staffordshire
  • Clava Cairns – Inverness, Scotland
  • The Queen’s Head Hotel – Troutbeck
  • Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre – Hinkley


YHA [Katoomba]

Hartley Village [NSW]

Quarantine Station [Manly]

The Russell Hotel [Sydney]

Maitland Gaol [NSW]

Kilmore Gaol [Melbourne]

Aradale Lunatic Asylum [Melbourne]



Kaniakapupu Palace Ruins – Nuúanu Pali – Manoa – Oahu Cemetery [Oahu]

Norfolk Island

New Gaol – The Crank Mill – Bloody Bridge

Cryptozoological Field Research

YOWIE RESEARCH: Blue Mountains [ Australia] – Kanangra Ranges [Australia] – Blue Mountains Exploration: Research Area – Bullaburra [Australia]

MOEHAU RESEARCH: Coromandel Ranges [New Zealand] – Urerewa Ranges [New Zealand]



… as well as many private home visits around Auckland and surrounding towns and extensive investigation and exploration internationally.

Some of the services and experience we have on offer:

Research and Investigation of buildings, historical locations and businesses

Photo & video analysis

Photographic enhancements

General paranormal consultation

Historical Research

Conferences / Public speaking

Educational talks & fundraising for historical locations

Media interviews