The Crying Child

We used to live in a house in Titirangi that was haunted and we had some very interesting experiences while there.

Crying Child

It was my habit to start my day by getting up early and enjoying a peaceful early morning cuppa before the rest of the household arose and my busy day would begin. One morning I was sitting having my morning coffee at about 6am. It was a beautiful summer morning and the sun was shining brightly through the dining room windows as I sat at the table and enjoyed the quiet of the still sleeping house.

I then heard light footsteps on the carpet in the adjoining lounge and assumed that my young daughter had also got up early and was coming through the house to the dining room to see me. I looked towards the entrance of the room expecting her to come around the corner at any moment. When she didn’t appear I was puzzled, as I knew I had heard the unmistakeable sound of a child walk through the lounge and to the dining room!

I then heard a wail of “No”. It was not my daughter and sounded like a toddler. The wail became a distraught cry! It sounded as if there was a young child standing in front of me crying and screaming “No” but I couldn’t see anything! I was really upset and confused by this and went into the lounge to see if maybe one of the children I provided daycare for had been dropped off early and had come in by themselves and become perplexed at not finding the house as they would normally see it. There was also nothing to be seen in the lounge and it sounded like a distressed toddler was crying in the dining room. Then, as I stood wondering what on earth was going on and what to do about it the sound slowly started moving away. It just got fainter and fainter and the screams more frantic until there was silence again. The whole episode had lasted maybe about a minute!.

It was an extremely surreal and eerie feeling as the quiet descended once again and the sun still shone brightly through the windows…

Story contributed by: Barbara C.


    1. yeah i agree with you there it is so sad freaky in christchurch i live nz hoofbeats was haunted i went there you can not go up stairs in 1933 a child 7 in a room died and the owner frasier and his wife was shot with a double barrle shotgun in the toilets boys and girls there are the news papers i read them i am 9 and i felt so sad and all lights flicker off upstairs and taps turn on so creepy i have seen so many videos and herd so much about it this history is intersting omg the freaky thing is the little girl in that photo and in hoof beats see you later

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