Willard Street Will-o’-the-wisp

Willard Street Will-o'-the-wisp


I was reading the account of the person who lived in Selwyn Street with interest as many years ago I lived in a small old workers cottage on Willard Street, around the corner from Selwyn Street. I think it’s still there. I often used to hear footsteps walking on the concrete path outside my bedroom, which led to the outside toilet, I rented the house and had a keen interest in gardening, so attempted to make a vege patch in what was very sandy soil. My boyfriend and I dug up a great many old bottles, including methylated spirits bottles, there were loads of them. One day we dug up what looked to have been shoes, a man’s, a woman’s, and a child’s. The leather was very rotten but on the ladies smaller one, there was a heel. I started to feel a little uneasy at this point, as the footsteps were a regular occurrence.

A few months later, in summer, I was in the house alone and drifting off to sleep in the front room when I noticed a tiny, round, very bright light zinging around the room in the dark. I tracked it with my eyes, it came very near to my face, I noticed it was making a fizzing sound, then it went pop! near my right ear. I didn’t know then, the existence of orbs, and although I wondered what it was. I wasn’t too upset, I felt that I was living in a haunted house by then and although it had a very odd feel, it didn’t bother me unduly. My friend stayed in that room one night, and I hadn’t ever mentioned to her that it had happened to me, but the same thing happened to her, right down to the orby thing fizzing by her head and popping near her ear.


Story contributed by: Yvonne

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