New Zealand Urban Legends

Every area has its own Urban Legends. Stories of haunted bridges, ghost lights, phantom hitch-hikers and strange solitary creatures. Haunted Auckland checks out some of the locations in New Zealand which have gained notoriety as being the stuff of legends. Got your own New Zealand Urban Legends to share? Send us a message, we’re always on the look out for new locations to investigate.

Myers Park - Central Auckland
The Three Witches revisit - Auckland Domain
Bastion Point Generator Room revisit
The Lyttelton ghost girl
The House on Cressy Terrace - Lyttelton
Old Watties Building - Gisborne
Caversham Railway Tunnel - Dunedin
Tooting in the tunnels. Why?
Video: Allegedly haunted WW2 underground generator room and tunnels. Auckland, New Zealand
The Ghosts of Meola Reef
Wharariki Beach - Portal of the dead
Puhi Puhi / Hapuku River Bridge ghosts - South Island
Sarita, is that you? The intriguing Puhinui Homestead.
YMCA Hostel - Pitt St, Auckland City
Gef The Talking Mongoose Grafitti Art by Bruce Mahalski - Dunedin
Omakau's Mysterious Newly-wed Corpse
Mysterious Occurrences in Butchers Gully
The Huntly Ghost Bride
North Shore ''Hanging man''
Whatipu Caves exploration and investigation - Session 1
The Dunedin Dog boy
Hatupatu and the Birdwoman
The Newton Ghost
St Stephens House - 9 St Stephens Avenue & 1A Brighton Road, Parnell [To be Demolished]
The Phantom Canoe on Lake Tarawera
The Crying Boy Paintings
Otira Tunnel Ghost
St Stephens Houses, Parnell - Auckland
Matukutureia (or McLaughlin's Mountain), Clendon, Auckland
Camp Adair
The Cromwell Kilwinning Lodge ghost
Jubilee Pavilion Shadow Person, Marton
Harbour Bridge Ghost
The Three Witches, Auckland Domain
The Mason Road Tree
The Sandringham Spectre
Glen Eden Railway Station
The North Head Tunnels