Myers Park – Central Auckland

Myers Park, opened in 1915, is a narrow park hidden amongst towering concrete and steel in central Auckland. Unknown to many living outside of the area, as it is not easily visible from the major close by roads, even Queen Street to which Myers Park runs parallel.
The park is rather unique in its layout and is characterised by steep, grassy slopes with a looming canopy ‘alley’ of stunningly large palm trees. A playground and various artworks including a marble copy of Michelangelo’s ‘Sitting Moses’ statue are displayed around this quirky hideaway reserve.
However, Myers Park has long been known as an area of dark repute. Not a place you’d walk through alone at night and feel safe. It was worse a century ago though and was considered a pit of human wickedness and corruption, with prostitutes and drug dealers running rife. The park was a filth-laden dumping ground, plagued by rats and lived in by the homeless.
Suicides and murders were a frequent occurrence and more recently there was even the police shooting in 2015 of an unarmed man, on the run for his recent crimes.
Through the years there have been reports of apparitions seen wandering the pathways before disappearing. The alarming sound of a woman screaming and choking was heard, yet no one was there. I’ve heard of numerous people claiming to be ”pushed” while walking down the steep stairs into the park.
One woman I spoke to won’t venture anywhere near Myers Park anymore after she was ”shouted at” at close range as she was heading through the park after work. ”A man screamed into my ear. I couldn’t make out what he said but it was loud, angry, and right into my ear like he was right beside me. I was the only one there. I now go the long way, down Queen St instead.”

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