The Cromwell Kilwinning Lodge ghost

The Cromwell Kilwinning Lodge No. 98 was founded in 1869 for the Freemasons of Cromwell, with the Lodge building constructed in 1900. The Lodge is a small but impressive building, constructed of local stone set in the old part of Cromwell, immediately adjoining ‘Old Cromwell Town’ which is the surviving section of the largely flooded historic Cromwell business district.
The Lodge has provided a meeting place for its members for over 105 years.
A mysterious, shrouded black figure is seen from time to time, standing beside the lodge.
The figure has been sighted mainly during dusk hours; however one story describes the black cloaked mystery figure standing at the front door of the lodge, in the afternoon.
No one seems to know who this mysterious person is.

Mark from Haunted Auckland visited the Lodge in November 2015.













Update Photo – In the start of 2021, Mark travelled back down South and made a second visit to the lodge.

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