The Dunedin Dog boy

If you ever find yourself around the Halfway Bush area of Dunedin, you might just be unfortunate enough to stumble across a short but menacing, upright standing dog creature; with ”glowing animal eyes”, scurrying and making a hissing sound through the bush and watching passers by. The Dunedin Dog Boy has been known to leap out of the bushes and chase people down the street, biting at their heels, as would an over protective (or just plain savage) dog.

Some have said it has the facial features of a cat, but also somewhat human-like in its appearance. Some that have seen it say it stands on it’s two hind legs, whilst others have reported it as being on all fours.

This urban legend is quite rare and only cautiously whispered about in hushed tones in local circles of the area. Local youths play games of ”dare” to see who can spend the longest time in the bush without fleeing.  If you have encountered this mysterious creature, or have heard stories of the Dunedin Dog Boy, we would be interested to hear about it as the information we have thus far is limited and vague.

Dunedin Dog Boy
Artist’s rendition of the Dunedin Dog Boy – Haunted Auckland


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