Video: Allegedly haunted WW2 underground generator room and tunnels. Auckland, New Zealand

Every year or two, Haunted Auckland’s Mark Wallbank has climbed the central Auckland cliff-face to further document an old decommissioned WW2 Generator Room which powered the sea-facing search light which would scan the coast looking for intruders.
From 1885 until the end of WWII, Bastion Point was used on and off as a coastal defence post. Much of the original fort was used to build the Savage Memorial and little remains of the gun battery site.
After WWII, Bastion Point was no longer needed for defence purposes.
Much of the tunnel has since been filled in but the entrance tunnel, main Generator Room and a back area with a solid steel-doored room are still accessible.
The structure is known by locals and is often used as a party hangout for youths seeking a ”different” kind of venue.
There are stories of encounters with shadow figures, voices heard, footsteps, banging and knocking sounds as well as a ”feeling of unease’‘ or ”dizziness”, which was described in one account.
In this visit to the Generator Room, Mark reports hearing what he thought was possibly a ”woman’s voice’‘, as well as ‘‘footsteps, as though someone was there with me”.

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