Omakau’s Mysterious Newly-wed Corpse

On our way to St Bathans to investigate the notoriously haunted Vulcan Hotel, we stopped in at the Muddy Creek Cafe in Omakau, for a fish and chip break about midday. Waiting for our order of blue cod and chips (some of the best blue cod I have ever tasted, by the way), I walked… Continue reading Omakau’s Mysterious Newly-wed Corpse

Mysterious Occurrences in Butchers Gully

A few kilometers south of Alexandra, deep in the Central Otago region of the lower South Island, while travelling along Highway 8, (or Alexandra-Fruitlands Road as it is otherwise known), there is a place you will pass by called Butchers Gully. An isolated area that was used mainly for goldmining, until the diggings were swamped… Continue reading Mysterious Occurrences in Butchers Gully

The Cryptid in the Sky

  On several occasions while walking and driving through thick native and isolated bush around New Zealand, my partner (Kel) and I have encountered a massive bird or bat like creature, swoop down and fly off very quickly. The first encounter was in an isolated reserve on the North Shore around 10pm. Kel, our friend… Continue reading The Cryptid in the Sky

Happy Birthday – Love, Grandma.

It is never easy losing a loved one. Grief hits us all in different ways, but for most of us the concept of continuing life without that person and achieving milestones in your life that they will not be there to witness if often the hardest pill to swallow. None of us would be alone… Continue reading Happy Birthday – Love, Grandma.

The ghost with no name

When my daughter turned one, we moved into a deceased estate, complete with a wildly overgrown garden, multiple extensions and the smell of a year of emptiness. Despite that, the house felt warm and welcoming and we continued to smile and say that we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have such an amazing… Continue reading The ghost with no name

The Huntly Ghost Bride

There are stories that tell of a mysterious alleged ghost ”bride”, that is witnessed from time to time standing , or wandering along the railway tracks adjacent to the Huntly Cemetery located along State Highway one; about an hour south from Auckland. She has been described as wearing a long, all white dress or gown,… Continue reading The Huntly Ghost Bride

My first Experience – by Mark Wallbank

For those that havent yet read our first book attempt, Voices in the Walls, I thought I’d reproduce and share here my first experience entry. I was about age 10. Enjoy. The one time that really shook me up and got me more emotionally and physically focused, was during a visit to an old lady… Continue reading My first Experience – by Mark Wallbank

Haunted by Shadows

These intriguing NZ shadow experiences were sent in by one of our wonderful followers…. I’d like to document An experience, here’s one out of a few in my life,all experienced in the same house. I’m not a person who is easily scared and I’ll always looks for the logic in situations but there are just… Continue reading Haunted by Shadows

At Night at the Vulcan Hotel

I thought I’d share this here. It’s a chapter from my Haunted New Zealand Roadtrip book on an intriguing old histoical Pub / Hotel down in the stunning Central Otago region. We slowly crawled along the gravel road that passes through this “sprawling metropolis” – about five small historical houses, a post office and a… Continue reading At Night at the Vulcan Hotel

The House from Hell

The following true story was shared with us by Sean Muir on our NZ Paranormal Research group. Part One – An evil house OK, I don’t talk about this much. It’s kind of long and still sends a cold shiver up and down my spine whenever I think about it. It was in the early… Continue reading The House from Hell

Sophie & the Boy without a face – A True Story by Sophie Collier, Age 8.

I’ve seen him more than once. A few times in some of the houses that we’ve lived in before, but the time I remember most clearly was when we moved into the house that we live in at the moment. I usually see him around the same week or so that we move into a… Continue reading Sophie & the Boy without a face – A True Story by Sophie Collier, Age 8.

Otira Tunnel Ghost

The railway station at Cass painted by Rita Angus in 1936

I heard an intriguing story while doing the Transalpine Rail trip between Christchurch and Greymouth recently. The onboard commentary tells of a ghost who is sometimes seen on the Old Coach Road. Apparently the male ghost walks with his swag along the road beside the tracks. It is considered that the man was a Scotsman… Continue reading Otira Tunnel Ghost

The love of Tabby

I had a cat, Tabby, who was my best friend and had an amazing bond with him when I was 6. He went missing one day at a time when cats around the street were dying, due to someone not liking cats and putting rat poison out for them to drink and die. We assumed he had went… Continue reading The love of Tabby

The Soldiers of Selwyn Street

When I was about six, our family lived in Christchurch in an old rented three bedroom house on Selwyn Street in Spreydon. Sometimes I would wake up and there was a war on my bed with little people dressed like the King, soldiers, horses and canons, other times a tall soldier would walk out of… Continue reading The Soldiers of Selwyn Street


My experience happened a few years back. We had a friend by the name of Salvador. We have known Salvador for years until suddenly he stopped coming around. Then out of the blue he would show up in the mornings to drink coffee and chit-chat with me and my Mom. He would do this for… Continue reading Salvador