A doll with a message

Interesting recent discovery! About 25 or so years ago (around 1995 I think) a woman came into the music store I was running at the time, situated in central Auckland’s cool and buzzing Karangahape Road. She had heard through word of mouth by mutual friends or musical acquaintances, that I was interested in the paranormal… Continue reading A doll with a message

Recent ”Adoption” – Feb 2021

I get given items often these days. Maybe a little too often. Items that have been either gifted, inherited from a deceased family member, or purchased from an antique store, weekend junk market or garage sale. The owners are always certain that the item is haunted or has some sort of attachment. Soon after receiving… Continue reading Recent ”Adoption” – Feb 2021

Haunted Mirror

I received a message from a concerned person that was in possession of a mirror; a mirror with something of a dark history that she needed to be rid of. An unassuming and quite cheaply made mirror that had come from The Warehouse, a New Zealand homewares dept store and had been used for many… Continue reading Haunted Mirror

Angry homesick doll yearns for the Highlands

I thought I’d share the story of this little girl that sits in my ‘’haunted items’’ room. I was hoping to return her back to her homeland of Scotland during a recent trip over, donating her to another researcher /haunted item collector over there, where she could hopefully be at peace being back in the… Continue reading Angry homesick doll yearns for the Highlands

The Toy Keyboard under the floor

This is one of the more intriguing of the allegedly haunted objects passed on to me through the years.  It’s a small plastic DSI electronic organ keyboard, given to me around 2007 via a work acquaintence that knew I had an interest in this kind of thing and thought I’d like it. Unfortunately I couldn’t… Continue reading The Toy Keyboard under the floor

Two recent ”Haunted” additions

A couple of recent additions to the haunted item research room (or the Hoarding / junk room, as the wife calls it!) Went around to collect these two mischievous girls, due to their inability to behave themselves, causing much grief and unease in this suburban One Tree Hill household. The story goes that the two… Continue reading Two recent ”Haunted” additions

New chatty haunted family member arrived!

A new addition to the ”haunted” family arrived today; this one travelling up by courier from Christchurch. Not too much of a back story on this one, really. Apparently the now deceased Mother used to talk to this little girl often when no one was around. During visits the family would hear their mother chatting… Continue reading New chatty haunted family member arrived!

New Haunted family member from the UK!

I’m bringing a new family member back with me. I found her in a small charity store in a little town called Edwinstowe, a little village in Nottinghamshire. She was locked in a glass cabinet, at floor level, almost completely hidden behind random old junk, due to staff not liking it. Something about this doll… Continue reading New Haunted family member from the UK!

The Blond Haired Boy

Hi all, looking for some help with information on this one. This week I received a framed picture. It belongs to someone, who’s grandmother no longer wants the picture in her home and believes it to be haunted and gotten rid of. It was going to be dumped, but I said I’d take it. She… Continue reading The Blond Haired Boy