Mother in the Mirror

As with most of the items in my decades long collection, I do tend to approach certain items with a somewhat sceptical, even cynical stance sometimes.

When the stories seem too good be true and I’m left with so many unanswered questions I have to wonder if there’s either a lot of good liars and many deluded people out there; or people are genuinely having some sort of actual experience with these items, be it emotionally, spiritually, physically or psychologically, that they can’t explain or even comprehend.

The mirror in question has travelled up from southern Seddon, a small town in Marlborough, located 25 kilometres south of Blenheim. Population, 507. It had been handed down though the generations, originally purchased by the grandmother. It hung from a wall in her bedroom beside the bed.

Every day she would sit at the mirror and brush her hair. For many years the morning hair brushing ritual continued. On her passing at age 90, the mirror was taken by her daughter, who, as her mother once did, hung it from the wall beside the bed. One evening she was in her room and passed by the mirror. Something caught her eye, making her stop and take a second glance. She thought she’d seen something move. Of course there was nothing there on inspection. A while later, whilst arranging some flowers in a vase beside the bed, she glanced up at the mirror. Jumping back she swore she saw her mother looking back! Discarding it as just a symptom of her tired eyes, it was soon forgotten.

A few months later, on passing, she looked in the mirror and for a split second again swore her mother was looking straight back at her; this time smiling! It was also at that very moment that it registered to the daughter that the face in the mirror had it’s hair down, whist her hair was tied back in a ponytail at the time. It soon became a conversation starter within family and friends, though most that heard the stories didn’t believe them and it was typically sniggered and simply shrugged off. The sightings occurred a few times more in the coming years , but were random and fleeting. Only witnessed by the daughter.

Whether it was simply a misinterpreted illusion of reflection, light and her eyes….or perhaps a recorded image somehow replaying itself on the mirror surface (termed in Paranormal research circles as The Stone Tape theory and in other cases, Scrying) or even the mirror as being some sort of portal to a spirit dwelling realm we have yet to discover?

Time will tell.

The Mirror was given to me back in 2005; the result of a conversation the woman and I had on an online discussion forum. We have not kept in contact, but if she happens to see this, I’d like her to know I’m still taking good care of the mirror and it sits in a room with many other items with interesting pasts.

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