Two new ”haunted” additions

It’s odd sometimes how life goes, and the things that come your way.

For me, it’s haunted and creepy possessed things. People give me items that scare the heebies out of them, to the point they don’t want them in their home.

While I do like the concept of possessed dolls and have watched every movie featuring one; I wouldn’t say I’m a subscriber of it actually being a reality. Well, not yet anyway.
I’ve had many allegedly haunted things passed on to me through the years, but have yet to experience, or document anything from them. Aside from a couple of incidents of scuffling and sounds of movement coming from the locked and monitored (temperature and video) room I securely house them in for my research.
What started with a 120-year-old Ouija board given to me by a desperate and frightened mum back in the 80s, has grown into quite the collection of adopted ”haunted” family members and accessorising spooky items also thought to be possessed or having some sort of attachment that causes discomfort and ill feelings within the household.

I sometimes do feel a bit weird. Me, a 51-year-old guy, collecting dolls.
I mean, they aren’t really my ”thing”; but being obsessed with everything paranormal or weird, I just can’t help myself. It just feels wrong for me to turn down a doll when offered. Maybe it’s because of their resemblance to an actual human that gives in an instant connection, somehow? I don’t know, but I kinda feel like it’s my obligation or responsibility to take care of these little people. Give them a home to save them from being turfed out in the rubbish, as so many items have been destined to, had I not accepted the offer.

I never pay for haunted objects. If someone offers me an item and expects nothing in return, it does go a long way in giving a little validation and credibility to their story and that they aren’t just trying to cash in, take the piss or gain something from it.

These two joined the family today. I was contacted recently by a woman in Mt Wellington, that was desperate to get rid of them. She couldn’t look at or even touch them, explaining that they made her feel physically sick. She couldn’t tell me why they had such an affect on her, but I could tell by her tone and mannerisms that she was very relieved to see them go.
The bigger one is quite exquisite in her detail.

Etched on her neck are the words

J. Cave 93
Catherine Mother

The smaller one has no etchings, but is a bisque hand painted head / bust with a possibly kapock-type stuffed body.
I’ll introduce them to the rest of the family and continue monitoring.

Do any of our readers / followers have a similar doll?



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