New Haunted family member from the UK!

I found her in a small charity store in a little town called Edwinstowe, a little village in Nottinghamshire. She was locked in a glass cabinet, at floor level, almost completely hidden behind random old junk, due to staff not liking it.
Something about this doll grabbed my attention. Sure, she’s a bit creepy looking; but it was the eyes that drew me in. I asked the old lady at the counter if she knew anything about the doll. Like some weird but perfect sychcronicity, she goes on to tell me that the doll is thought to be haunted. She was donated in a deceased estate lot a few years back and has sat there ever since. She belonged to a young girl with cancer. Like the girl, the doll also has no hair. The two were inseperable apparently. The parents bought the doll different wigs for the girl to play with, which I also now have. Eventually, the girl sadly passed away and the doll was put into storage by the family, who didnt really like it, didnt want to throw it due to sentimental reasons, but wanted it hidden away due to its ugliness and the uneasy feeling it gave them. Her head is solid and painted and the body, stuffed fabric. She wears a dress, socks and shoes and under garments. I told the lady in the store what I did back home and feeling sorry for the doll, she decided I should have her. No one else had offered to take her home and most commented on her ugliness. They had considered just putting her out in the rubbish to make space. Im glad I came along when I did.
Haunted or not, she resonated with me and she’ll be welcome in our home with the rest of my spooky family / collection. I dont have a name for her. Any ideas? – Mark

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