Parnell School investigation recordings

While investigating this building we sometimes would hear what we thought was a woman speaking. While some team members (who were not in the room at the times these were recorded) insisted this was someone’s stomach, those who were there insisted that it was not. I find it interesting that the noise does seem to respond to our questions. – Barbara

And another at a different investigation (same room as the other voices)


Boarding School noises

This noise was captured during a communication session on the second floor of an old boarding school we were investigating. It was clearly heard by the investigators in the room at the time and the sounds seemed to start at one end of the building, move towards us and past us. This was heard on the second floor which was unused and empty with no furniture or anything heavy which could have possibly made that noise. Strangely the two investigators who were in the room directly below where the other investigators were heard nothing at all.