Haunted Auckland’s Aimee does a solo vigil at the Lake House Art Centre – July 23rd, 2022

July 23rd, 2022, Haunted Auckland returned to one of their favourite local research locations, the Lake House Art Centre in Takapuna. A location that has given the team generous ongoing access to carry on with their paranormal work.

Mark, Aimee, and Natasha spent a good five hours together monitoring, observing, and recording video and atmospheric data. Just after midnight, Mark and Natasha headed home, leaving Aimee behind to spend the rest of the night doing her first solo vigil, whilst the data-gathering gadgets and cameras continued to roll into the early hours.

This is a short selection of Aimee’s video journal, a walkthrough, and some of the more intriguing camera footage from Aimee’s time there.

We are not making any claims of paranormal activity.

We present this short film as a way of archiving the footage, as well as making the material publicly available to anyone that might be interested in the work we do. Enjoy!


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