Howick Historical Village weekend visit

On this gloomy, overcast, and wet Saturday afternoon, I decided to head back to possibly one of my favorite Auckland haunts, the Howick Historic Village.
A place that has a big meaning in my life and I’ve followed its ”life”, from its creation, till today.
I sat and watched it being built, as a young kid. I sat in the empty houses as a 10-year-old budding paranormalist, with my little flash-cube camera and cassette recorder.
I usually make one or two visits per year these days to spend time in the buildings and soak up the atmosphere.
Something I’ve always done in these houses since childhood is talking to the air. One-way conversations with whoever might still reside in those homes. I still hold the same fascination with the village as I did when I was 10. There’s something going on there, I just know it.
My team has spent a good few years researching the village and its many houses. Many late nights and overnight stays, and many public events to help raise funds for the village. It really is a special and unique place.
From the intriguing ”White dress” audio recording captured in the Eckford’s Homestead, a women’s voice recorded in Sergeant Ford’s Cottage, to the many occurrences documented in our most favored building on the land, the grand old Puhi Nui Homestead. A house with many stories. Where the team experienced everything from footsteps walking down the hallways on two occasions, some very interesting voice recordings, a candle being knocked off its holder, the sound of movement and furniture being dragged around upstairs, a team member’s back being poked a few times during the night, and the one that has kept us stumped all these years, a torch that was picked off a chair and moved around, before being thrown down the stairs with force.
The Howick Historical Village is one place I will never tire of.
If you haven’t yet been, add it to your things-to-do list and make it happen. It really is in a class of its own.
Oh yes, if you do happen to come across the mysterious ”Grey Lady”, often seen in Puhi Nui, say ”Hi” from us.
We’d love to chat with her again sometime over a cuppa!
Due to the moody, grey nature of today, I thought I’d put a few black and white photos together. Enjoy! – Mark
The first 13 or so are taken in Puhi Nui Homestead and the others are buildings we’ve experienced activity or captured interesting audio and video recordings in during our time there.
Ps – They also make a very nice Hot chocolate!

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