Playhouse Theatre – Glen Eden – Investigation Session 2

Sunday evening the team headed West to Glen Eden to re-visit the much loved, Playhouse Theatre, a location we had spent time investigating in back in 2013.
Again with the hopes of some interaction with the alleged resident ghost ”Ernie”, who some say, has been residing there since World War 2.
Ernie is often blamed for any theatre mishaps within the theatre and is comfortably known by most that have worked there through the years.
He has been witnessed on occasions up in the lighting booth, whilst some have claimed to have been ‘pushed’ by an unseen force whilst heading down the stairs from the booth. footsteps have been heard walking across the empty stage . Nothing is really known about the mysterious Ernie. It is thought that he used to work in the upper-level lighting/sound booth.
It was blowing quite the gale that night, which ”livened up” the building a notch, with much non-paranormal creaking, knocks and taps as the building shifted with the weather and atmospheric changes. However, it was rather a quiet one with nothing much (yet) to report. Until we’ve reviewed the many hours of audio and video from the night we wont know if our mysterious friend made an appearance, or not.
Perhaps whatever, or whoever ‘Ernie’ is, has now vacated the premises?
We look forward to heading back to the Playhouse Theatre in coming months for a further research session.

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