The Leviathan Hotel – Dunedin. Investigation 2 – June 4th 2022

When the Leviathan Railway Temperance Hotel was built in 1884 it was situated beside the harbour, beside the original railway station, on land, which had been reclaimed from the harbour, with rock dumped during the flattening of Bell Hill. With 150 bedrooms, the Leviathan was then reputed to be the largest hotel in Australasia. The name Leviathan originates from the book of Revelations in the Bible and is used to describe a huge creature usually of the sea.
There were big changes in the 1950s around the time when the Queen came to Dunedin soon after her coronation. The Leviathan Hotel was extensively ”modernised” with most of the original ornate exterior being removed, and the dining room renovated. The 150 rooms were reduced to 75 rooms by making each alternate room into an ensuite.
There are thought to be numerous ghosts residing in this labyrinth-like beast of a landmark.
On the third floor of the hotel it is reputed that a ghost of an unknown lady lives. Many staff that have worked here acknowledge its existence. Their experiences range from a cool and spooky feeling, to glasses of water appearing and disappearing, doors opening and closing, floors squeaking from footsteps or your name being called but with nobody there. She is a nice ghost, and the general view is that it is Mrs Antiss Silk, forever watchful of her charge. Mrs Silk was the second owner of the leviathan.
Antiss ruled the Leviathan with an iron. hand. All staff had daily uniform inspections and woe betide anyone who was caught misbehaving. It is as though she is still there, running the hotel and keeping everyone in line.
Other alleged ghosts there, are a former Chambermaid, and a young girl that is sometimes seen and heard running along the various long corridors and playing on the stairs
Haunted Auckland was last granted access back in 2015, so it was great to get back there again to spend more time.

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