Team visit to Larnach Castle – Dunedin

Hey all, We thought we’d share a few photos of our weekend visit to Larnach Castle, in Dunedin. This was our third time exploring and documenting this stunning location, though this one was a rather time-restricted visit and not as focussed and detailed as the previous sessions, as we had other locations that we had to spend time in.
There have been many reports of ghostly sightings in the castle through the years.
Most commonly mentioned is an apparition of a woman seen at times in the Ballroom. It is thought that the mysterious lady might be the daughter, Katie, for whom the Ballroom was built.
Also witnessed is the apparent ghostly image of a woman in the very room that Eliza Larnach died in. Is it possible that Eliza’s spirit still lingers in the castle?
There is also the belief that William Larnach himself haunts his beautiful castle, after his tragic ending.
Some claimed to have been touched by an unseen force or pushed aside in hallways, whilst visiting the house. Strange feelings of bewilderment, moving objects, and voices have been reported in and around the castle grounds.
Enjoy the pics!

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