Carrington Hospital / Unitec visit

Went back to document the current decay status of the old Carrington Psychiatric Asylum/Hospital. A beautiful historic location we’ve visited for our research many times through the years when it was a Unitech. Now it sits empty and unmaintained.
Large chunks of the old hospital complex are under the developer’s knife. A few sections of the majestic Building One will be torn down to make room for road/housing developments, in the name of ”progress”.
Very sad that these historic buildings can’t be saved.
Old trees, as old as the buildings have already been cut down and lay in piles.
Are the owners just waiting for it to just decay beyond saveable levels, so they can make some big money by selling up to redevelop? Hope not, but it’s certainly looking that way.
They stand architecturally strong and are very much loved in the community.
It’s amazing, every time I revisit Building One, I find more inscriptions etched into the old brickwork of the formerly secured outside area, by former patients, that I hadn’t noticed before.
I’m sure a few might just be from Unitech students, but some of them show real age and depth and don’t really fit the random noodlings of a bored student. I’ve documented all the inscriptions I’ve found through the years.
In this post, I’ve included a few new finds that I hadn’t seen before. Building One has been a source of surprises since the first time I visited over 30 years ago; be it historical, or paranormal. – Mark

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  1. Jacob

    Very sad. I did night security there for 7 years from 2009-2016 and had a great time patrolling those amazing historic pieces of Victorian architecture. It was a unique place to work at, with so much creative energy present in B-01 from the architecture & design students, countered with the always eerie strong presence of supernatural energy around in B-01 & B-06 (art and theatre building).
    “All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain” -Blade Runner

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