The Globe Theatre – Dunedin

During the Queens Birthday long weekend, we finally managed a trip down to the South Island to investigate the local, 1961-built Globe Theatre.
We’ve been waiting on this one for quite a while.
The investigation has been in discussion for over two years but kept having to be put off due to the continual lockdowns and general uncertainty at the time.
Dunedin is a fascinating city; full of history, and mystery.
We meet up with Brian, the resident Lighting/Sound Tech; a wealth of knowledge with many years of experience within the theatre.
Also joining us for this session was Bruce Mahalski, a local paranormalist from Dunedin Strange Occurrences Society, and owner of The Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery Museum
We had a nice pre-investigation dinner together at our previous location, The Leviathan Hotel, before making our way to the theatre.
While there are allegedly a couple of other spirits, picked up on by a visiting paranormalist back in the early 2000’s, (one Robert Blackadder and a ghostly little girl, though no one else has yet encountered them), the most talked-about resident spook at The Globe is that of Frank Grayson, the theatre’s former live-in caretaker.
Frank, a caretaker, actor, artist and set builder, resided in the theatre during the 70s to early 80s.
Is Frank still taking care of the place?
He apparently hasn’t made his presence known there for a while, though one possible sighting may have occurred in recent years, when an old man, very closely resembling the man featured in a portrait that hangs in the foyer, was noticed sitting in the audience at the end of a show.
The portrait is of Frank Grayson.
So maybe, just maybe he’ll show up tonight for a chat. We are forever hopeful.
Here are a few photos taken throughout the chilly, somewhat quiet, but fun Saturday night’s investigation.
A huge thank you to The Globe Theatre management and our good mate Brian Byas for being a superb host and arranging our access.

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