Lake House Art Centre – Session June 11th 2022 – Guest Martyn Brewer

Thought I’d jump on and post a handful of pics from last night’s investigation session.
I went back to one of our fav’ local haunts, the Lake House Art Centre, joined by an ex-NZer paranormalist, now living in Los Angeles, Martyn Brewer, who is over for a wee holiday.
A nice relaxed one this time, just the two of us with some gadgets and cameras.
A few interesting occurrences. The loud and clear sound of running feet down the hallway, as I entered the building was certainly a good start to the night! No recording gear running (typically!) as I’d just walked in the door, but I honestly thought there was someone in the building who had heard me enter and was running to hide or get out. Running footsteps were heard yet again later in the night by both of us. Also seen in an area upstairs that the team has noted the same thing numerous times in the bathroom doorway, was a moving shadow. The team has tried to debunk this numerous times during our sessions there and has so far been unable to.
So there it was again…. just for a moment, but quite visible.
Also in the same area, a sudden flash of light we couldn’t find any source or any way it could’ve happened in that area or situation. During a past session, an interesting EVP was captured in this same area.
Possibly the most intriguing toilet we’ve investigated since our time a few years back doing the old Girls School building sessions.
Thanks for joining me, Martyn.
Always nice to spend time investigating with like-minded people with a genuine interest and passion for the paranormal.
Here are a few photos while I’m uploading from the cameras. – Mark

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