Lake House Art Centre session

Out investigating again this weekend. Keeping busy and staying active as usual, on this chilly Friday night. We returned to one of our fav’ local haunts for some further experiments and another five or so hours sitting in the dark talking to the air (and each other, of course).
The beautiful and historic Lake House Art Centre in Takapuna, has been welcoming and generous to us in many ways. There’s always a friendly ”someone” there to greet us when we visit and we look forward to spending time there when we can.
Natasha stayed on after we left around half twelve, to spend the rest of the morning going it solo. It was her turn to take the challenge and we think she took it rather well. Past and present Haunted Auckland team members that have spent nights alone doing this manner of research will agree, that it’s not always easy to do when the building is making sounds all around you that really make you feel you aren’t completely alone!
Here’s our usual selection of random investigation session photos (and a few spooky team selfies), taken by us through the night. Enjoy!

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