Lake House Art Centre – Investigation session July 23rd 2022

On Saturday night Natasha, Aimee, and Mark returned to the Lake House Art Centre in Takapuna, one of our regular research locations that give us generous ongoing access to carry out our work.
It’s a fascinating building with an interesting history and, since our visits started, very interesting occurrences experienced by numerous team members as well as other researchers who have joined us on investigation sessions there in the past.
It was a stormy night, outside. Inside, the level of possible activity certainly seemed to have ramped up.
From knocks, tapping, bangs, footsteps, shadows, and mystery lights in areas that we (and others) had experienced a few times during previous visits. We also had unusual reactions from various gadgets and trigger objects that we hadn’t yet experienced before.
It seems every time we go there, something new happens.
As with every session, we are continually filming and photographing as we go. Mainly to document the session, and hopefully, anything that may occur, but also to document the moment. Who was there, and what we did do during that time. (oh, and the odd selfie ) We have a few interesting moments captured on camera, so when we’ve gone through and reviewed it all, we’ll edit something up to share with you all.
For now, here’s the usual obligatory post-investigation pic post from us! – Enjoy.

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